Monday, August 21, 2023

Interview of a Former OnlyFans Creator — THE LIAISON

What made you want to create an OnlyFans?

The straight up answer: I’ve been sexualized my whole life even when I was covered head to toe in corporate as a sales executive. I figured at least the control was in my hands to monetize that attention. 

What was your experience like?

At first, it was a breeze. I made about 5K in a couple days sending implied content (nothing nude). After the Bella Thorne scandal that changed all the rules/regulations for pay outs everything changed. Subs began to try to pressure me to do “more”. They expected full on porn videos for $3 and would constantly ask to meet up. 

Eventually I attempted to outsource the messaging by hiring an agency. However I quickly learned most agencies are shady. They also tried to pressure me into doing more explicit content. A photographer was caught using all the girls’ photos he took for his own profit without permission (the agency was aware and even encouraged it). 

What did and didn’t you like about OnlyFans?

DID: extra source of income.

DIDN’T: how tedious messaging can be (subs are so needy it’s actually annoying) not knowing who was subbed to me, the entitlement men get when they see I do OF they expect me to be sexy/flirtatious automatically, the actual site constantly changes and can be unreliable, pay out takes up to 10 days.

Did men in relationships subscribe/ engage with your content?

Absolutely. Some enjoyed disclosing and even got a kick out of telling me they were in a relationship.

Did it change your views on men/ relationships?

View on men: no I’ve always been disgusted with mens’ poor sexual discipline and their need to exploit women. 

Relationships: Yes. Even though I did OF I wouldn’t allow my S/O to sub to mine or someone else’s. Many guys I dated felt like they deserved to see my content or thought I would be sexual faster because of it. 

When you had an OnlyFans, how did it impact your personal and intimate relationships?

Family: I had a cousin leak my content to my family. They judged but idc family doesn’t pay my bills lol .

Intimate relationships: automatically get labeled a slut or not taken seriously.

Why did you decide to delete your OnlyFans?

The pressure to post more explicit content. Unprofessional photographers/editors. Untrustworthy writers. OF is a lot more sales oriented than people think. In order to be successful you have to spend a lot of time/money advertising/collaborating. Without a team and a support system it is draining. 

Is there anything else you would like to share about OnlyFans/ your experience?

Yes! I would like all the people who judge OF girls to remember that MEN are the ones who support/allow a platforms like this to exist.

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