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Is Friendship A Relationship? – Be Wise Professor

Is friendship a relationship
Is friendship a relationship

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The question is friendship a relationship is very interesting question which we will be writing on. Make sure to read carefully as we are going to throw more light on it. “Is Friendship A Relationship?”

Is friendship a relationship?

The answer to this question is YES.

Yes friendship is relationship and it’s even one of the major types of relationships.

• Friendship relationship are the relationship that one is bound to have no matter how stubborn or selfish you maybe.
There are people who will always stand for you as a friend. And it has no limit, you can have friends from the time you are little or from adult, it depends on the level you are.

• Friendship is a relationship that is neutral, it has no sexual attachment. It’s a relationship that is common in the world today.
It’s a free relationship that has no sexual feelings or unusual acts. It is relationship that exists with a free mind and thought. A non hidden relationship.

• Friendship is a relationship because it’s the only relationship that is capable of lasting for a long time apart from family relationship. It an easy relationship that one can be into.
Due to it’s a relationship that everyone is free to live his or her own life the way he or she wants provided that you are not hurting your fellow friends.

• Friendship is a combination of love, respect, loyalty and trust that someone will not hurt you. It the relationship that goes between two or more people, believing that they are right for one another and that no one will ever betray or hurt any of them.
It’s a relationship that you find unusual to disrespect the other. It’s a relationship that provide trust and loyalty to one another without sexual activities.

You can now tell that friendship is a relationship with what you have just read. Feel free to drop you comment if you have any.

“Is Friendship A Relationship?”

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