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Is Your Ass more Relevant than Your Brain? – Ouso Escrever

This question can be ridiculous for most of us, but is it that ridiculous? When talking about job opportunities or even the money some “stars” earn on the internet without any qualification, it’s easy to understand that in this present society, in some cases, the possession of university qualifications isn’t equal to receiving a decent salary. 

More ugly is the proliferation of Onlyfan and TikTok accounts, with thousands and millions of followers feeding impressive digital creators. Yes, the creator is the word they use to describe themselves. Is a porn Onlyfan account prestigious for the Professional Porn Industry? Why does showing breasts and asses earn thousands and millions of dollars/euros, but when the topic is brain usage seems to be a scary place to go? 

Unfortunately, the normalization of such erratic behaviors is affecting nowadays the possibility of actors/actresses, teachers, singers, and so many others professionals finding a job. Some recruiters search our social media platforms to see how many followers we have. Because remember many followers means “quality”. I wonder how Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Phill collins, Sophia Lauren, and many other artists expanded their careers and talent without digital platforms. 

  • The violinist Anna Murawaka after a career of 20 years saw her Australian visa application declined in 2020 because she didn’t have enough followers to validate her work.

Duygu Gulseren (2022) wrote an interesting article for Psychology Today, where she mentioned that social-media content creators are exposed to cyberaggression, giving the example of one youtube couple who paused their online work indefinitely because commentaries from others made them start to question their relationship. 

We all know that the Internet and social media platforms are amazing tools, but how far and fair is it? How can people with academic education and expertise in certain areas combat the proliferation of “online know-it-alls” individuals? 

Everyone seems to talk about mental health issues and the importance of preserving mental serenity in the XXI century, but few the ones who reach the nucleus of the question: Are we giving adequate opportunities for our children and adolescent to grow, allowing them to experience the equilibrium and integrity of being? Do we have a real existence or a charade where people are just numbers?

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Gulseren, B. D. (2022). Social-Media content creation and the threat of cyberaggression. Psychology Today. https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/workplace-health-and-wellness/202209/social-media-content-creation-and-the-threat-of

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