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Is Your Checklist Keeping You From Love? – Last First Date

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Your checklist for the perfect partner is probably keeping you from the love you want. Ditch the checklist and do this instead!

Is your checklist keeping you from love? If your list for your ideal partner includes height, hair color, salary, or musical taste, the answer is probably yes. In this video, I’ll be exploring why your checklist is usually blocking you from finding love, and how you can find your last first date.

Is Your Checklist Keeping You From Love?

If you’ve been dating with a long checklist and you can’t seem to find love, here’s why: you’re probably looking for a partner as if he was a product, or what’s known as “relationshopping”. If Amazon sold boyfriends, you could enter your checklist and find the perfect match. Unfortunately, love doesn’t work that way. 

The dating checklist is often based on many of the wrong things – your type (better known as a person who’s unhealthy for you or you’d be with them today), what society thinks makes for a good partner, what so-called experts say is right for you, and what your friends and family say you need.

When we date with a checklist, we date with our heads, not our hearts. And that keeps us from the people we’d be naturally drawn to, people who don’t necessarily have the wealth or beauty standards you thought you needed or wanted in a partner. We overlook potential partners who would be perfect for us.

How do we date beyond the checklist?

1. Identify the qualities you’re drawn to in your closest friends. Look for those traits in a partner instead of superficial qualities like wealth and beauty.

2. Date outside of your type. Date people who are younger, shorter, live further away, or make less money than you. 

3. Be open and present. Stay as present as possible when you’re dating. Every date has value if you see the good in each connection. You’ll stay open and eventually meet your match.

Over time, you’ll care less about the ethnicity or earning potential of potential partners and you’ll take the leap of faith needed to find and build love, sometimes in places you least expect. Because love often comes in a surprise package, not a checklist!

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