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Learn all About Sex education

All you need to know About Sexual education

It is necessary and important to treat this issue because that is actually where the hope of our success hangs. It is the seat of sexual morality in this modern age where every where smells sex and its related topics. Any person, who lacks proper knowledge of it sexual education in this age, is already in trouble and any person that has it, has got a band of treasure.  Bible sees it holistically when it says that we should train our children in GOD’s dictates so that when they grow up, they will not deviate from doing good. Sex education is very important to give to our children and our youths now so that they can be able to know how to manage their emotions instead of misusing sex. There are different between a girl that receive sex education and a girl who does not receive sex education.

Here are the sign that shows that a girl receives a well sex education:

  1. She will have an idea of what menstruation is, and how it comes and the possible pains that are associate with it so that she will not be embarrassed at the first sight of it.
  2. She is well taught at home what love is and it can never be same with sex.
  3. She is aware that there are many ways of showing and expressing love rather than self gratification.
  4. She appreciates that virginity is a laudable value to be nurtured is a laudable value to be nurtured and chaste relationship pays better.
  5. She abscond pornographic and immodest things because they expose one to danger.
  6. She enters marriage with clear expectation of what marriage should really be. In other words her marriage is not rushed.
  7. She is not a victim of anxiety and fear once STD’s are mentioned because she knows herself fine
  8. She ends up being a mother worthy of the name.
  9. She handles love gently and maturely.
  10. She is a veritable material for prayers.
  11. Above all, she is a loving and caring type everyone looks up to; she is the pride of her husband.

These and many more are the benefits of sex education; this is the basic primary function of parents and not government as such. Because it is the parents of the child that knows everything about the child’s environment, and also know when to do the teaching,

sex education and sexual education

Here are signs of a girl who lacks a well sex education:

  1. She is prone to prostitution and promiscuity.
  2. She can easily enter into lesbianism and masturbation because she does not know what love is .
  3. She quickly associates love with sex, kissing, romance and the likes.
  4. Her sexual relationship with people doesn’t last because she is a victim of flirting.
  5. She visits abortion and contraceptives clinics with ease without reasoning.
  6. She is a nice material for devil’s possession.
  7. Most times she struggles to be holy and chaste but it is harder for her because she does not possess them as values.
  8. She does not give nice parental care.

Having seeing all these, you can now understand the necessity of sex education in our life today especially the youths of today in our society. And you can understand that most of the mistakes our youths makes today is as a result of lack of well sex education. And it’s applicable to both boys and girls. Our girls and boys are misusing friendship with sex, thinking that sex is love without knowing the physical, mental and spiritual implication of sex due to lack of well sex education.

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