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learn all about sexually transmitted diseases

learn all about sexually transmitted diseases


Sexual transmitted diseases

S.T.D. it is a thing that has left many people with bunch of regrets and even has sent many to their  early grave and many has also found no meaning in life again because of this dreaded monster. Some youths cannot undress in front of their friends today due to their erogenous zones are messed up by S.T.D.  Some questions are asked about the meaning of this S.T.D. and how it could be contacted.

What is STD? sexually transmitted diseases is a disease or a group of disease that is mostly and largely contacted through sexual intercourse and some sexual activity, and or through any blood contact in any form which can also not be through sexual intercourse. Both the Homosexual and Lesbianism are also liable victims of this. Bestializes are even the worst victims of this. Now let us analyses the key words one after the other.

  1. Sexual ( S): means that it has to do with sexual and other relate things like that.
  2. Transmitted (T): shows that it is highly sensitive to being contagious. It can easily pass to another person.
  3. Disease (D): shows that it is unwanted in the body. It is deadly and discomforting; it is a deformation of or a malfunction of the tissues of the body that will deprive someone from the normal activities of life.

Here is the list of some of the sexually transmitted diseases

  1. Gonorrhea
  2. Candidacies
  3. Genital warts
  4. AIDS\HIV- acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Other less common sexual transmitted diseases are:

  1. Herpes genitals
  2. Herpes vaginalis
  3. Lumphogranuloma veneum
  4. Pubiclus
  5. Granuiloma inguinal

How sexual transmitted diseases is being contacted

Sexual transmitted diseases are being contacted through sexual intercourse with an infected partner even when using condom, because some condom cannot guarantee you 100% safety. You can even contact it if there is a cut on the surface of your body, or even damage tissues inside your body. You can also contact it from public toilet or any other means where you come in contact with an infected person and the possibility of it depends on if you have a cut unknowingly or damage of some tissues in your body, by that you will have 100% chances of getting it.

Ways of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases

  1. Don’t forget to go to check up with your partner before marriage, and always regularize the check up at least every 6months.
  2. Always check yourself to know if there is a wound in order to cure it before coming in contact with any fluid.
  3. Control you urge for sex.
  4. Always be conscious of the toilet in your environment to avoid mess up
  5. Don’t be in a haste to have sex with any one, take your time, study and know everything you need to know about it and use a perfect condom if necessary. Or better still abstain from sex

Sexual transmitted diseases has being a monster that is depriving so many people from living their life the way it should be , and it has even killed a lot of people in the world today, although it can be controlled this time but it will definitely minimized your life spam . Condom cannot guarantee you 100% safety.

sexually transmitted diseases



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