Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Letting Go of Disappointment – Susie & Otto Collins

Letting go of disappointment can be one of the hardest challenges we’re faced with in life.

It can be a disappointment over a relationship that didn’t work out, a job you didn’t get (or are stuck in), a diagnosis that looks grim and on and on.

In each of our lives, we face one or more of those disappointments–sometimes multiple times.

We are all aware that it’s in our best interest to let go of disappointments, know that “it is what it is” and move on…

But how do you do that when your thoughts and emotions are screaming that “it” isn’t fair?

One of the hardest parts of disappointment is accepting the situation as simply what is.

Without any story.
Without any denial of pain.
Without any resistance to the truth of what is.

Then one day (or one moment), it just kind of sneaks up on you…

You find yourself getting in touch with acceptance.

But how do you get to that acceptance?

One of the ways to letting go of disappointment is to open to considering the idea that you don’t really know if what you wanted to happen is for your highest good.

It may look like what you so desperately wanted is the best thing…but it may not be.

It may only be an illusion.

The two of us have been faced with big disappointments and as you may or may not know…

We do practice what we “preach.”

Here’s what we’ve learned about letting go of disappointment…

When you simply see a crack in your thinking that having “this” is the answer to your problems…

When a thought creeps in that maybe something better is for you that you may not have thought of…

Without denying the emotions that come up or the truth of what is…

There comes some peace and yes, acceptance.

We all face disappointments and it’s how we move through them that dictates our level of peace and love.

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