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List Of 100 Best Yo Mama Jokes 2023

List Of 100 Best Yo Mama Jokes

I remember being 12 and being squeezed into any seat available on the bus to home. I was seated next to an open-eyed boy with a tight-lipped mouth. We were both strangers and it was the first day of class. It was an awkward ride home. By the time we reached home, I don’t know who started it, but we had already begun to tell each other yo-mama jokes.

We wanted to be the first ones to tell the most outrageous, vulgar yo-mama jokes that would make us laugh. We were no longer strangers by the time we reached our bus stops.

The yo mama jokes of our childhood were always the most popular. They could be found in every joke book. They can also be used to lighten up a friendship. We’re older now and we think yo mama jokes are too crude, crass and insignificant for adults. Here is a collection of yo-mama jokes that will remind you of what it was like to be a kid. Even if you have developed a more sophisticated sense of humour, the nostalgia from yo-mama jokes may still make you smile.

List Of 100 Best Yo Mama Jokes

Best Yo Mama Jokes

  • When the doctor said she had coronavirus she bought a brand new laptop.
  • Yo mama, she’s so old. She was a server at the Last Supper.
  • Yo mama is so fat that she looks like Godzilla.
  • Yo mama, she’s stupid. She thought Fortnite was fork-night.
  • Yo mama is so ugly! She has a sign saying ‘Beware the dog’ in her garden.
  • Spain claimed the fat mama who was floating in an ocean.
  • Yo mama, so stupid. She put a clock in a piggy bank.
  • Yo mama is so fat that she uses Google Earth for a selfie.
  • Yo mama, she is so stupid that she thinks lightsabers have fewer calories.
  • McDonald’s doesn’t serve her a happy meal.
  • She went to the library and found Facebook.
  • Yo mama, so lazy. She has a home-based job but is still late for work.
  • Yo mama is so short that she can hide underneath the store when she plays Fortnite.
  • She puts lipstick on her face to change her mind.
  • Yo mama is so lazy that she got out of a coma to go to bed.
  • When I jumped into a puddle in front of her, she asked, “What’s the matter with you in my bathtub?” !”
  • Yo mama is so old. She knew Burger King back when he used to be a prince.
  • Yo mama, she’s so ugly that her pictures hang themselves.
  • Yo mama is so fat, even Dora can’t explore her.
  • Yo mama is so stupid she thought Star Wars meant a war of stars.
  • She asked for my number.
  • When God said “Let There Be Light”, he told her to get out of the way.
  • She cried like an onion.
  • Yo mama, so stupid she failed a questionnaire
  • She walked out of a Haunted House with a Job Application.
  • When she was hit by a car, she asked “Who threw the rock?”
  • You’re so dumb, your mama couldn’t even read an audiobook.
  • She stuck her nose through the window to let the wind blow it.
  • Yo mama is so fat, that when she sits on an iPhone, it turns into an iPad.
  • When someone told Yo Mama to act her age she died.
  • When she walked by the TV I missed three episodes.
  • She put sugar on her bed to get sweet dreams.
  • She fell in love and broke it.
  • She returned the doughnut to her because it was a little holey.
  • People dress up as Yo Mama for Halloween.
  • When she crossed the street, people thought it was a roundabout.
  • She’s so pathetic, she doesn’t even know what to say.
  • When she heard that cookies were available on the Internet she ate her laptop.
  • Yo mama is so big she needs two watches to keep track of two time zones.
  • Blind children cry when they see their mother.
  • When I stepped on the scale, it said ‘To continue’.
  • When she drinks lemonade, her teeth turn yellow.
  • When she was younger, the rainbows were black and white.
  • Thanos was forced to applaud when he saw that Yo Mama was so fat.
  • When she enters the dentist’s office, they force her to lay down face-down.
  • Yo mama so old, Jurassic Park brings back memories.
  • Medusa, the ugly mother of Medusa, was turned to stone.
  • When she skips meals, the stock market falls.
  • Yo mama is so talkative, she even gave a eulogy during her own funeral.
  • Yo mama so ugly, even Hello Kitty said goodbye.
  • She makes Humpty-Dumpty look like an Olympic gymnast.
  • When she buys a coat of fur, an entire species is extinct.
  • When your father drops off your mother for work and gets fined for littering, you can blame him for her ugly appearance.
  • When she smiles she makes the sun go out of business.
  • Yo mama, so stupid. She took a ruler into bed to measure how long she had slept.
  • Ducks hurl bread at poor Mama.
  • Yo mama, so fat. She left in high heels but returned in flip-flops.
  • She went to the dentist for Bluetooth.
  • When she was born the Dead Sea had just begun to get sick.
  • Her birth certificate is an apology.
  • Yo mama, so short! She went to Santa Claus and he told to her to go back to work.
  • Even Scooby Doo could not solve the mystery of Yo mama.
  • She studied for the Covid test.
  • Yo mama’s thick glasses make her see people waving when she is looking at a map.
  • Even Voldemort will not say her name.
  • You can tell what she’s thinking by her balding hair.
  • Yo mama, so stupid! She climbed over the glass wall to look at what was on the other side.
  • Yo mama is so fat that she gets up on both sides.
  • Yo mama’s big head, she dreams in IMAX.
  • When she speaks to herself, it is a long-distance call.
  • Yo mama is so old that she entered an antiques shop and was not allowed to leave.
  • She trips over the wireless internet.
  • She goes to the car wash to shower.
  • You mama is so stupid. She sold her house to pay off the mortgage.
  • When she looks at the mirror and says, “Mom, you’re so ugly,” her reflection ducks.
  • When you stand near her, you can hear the ocean.
  • She cooked her breakfast for free!
  • Yo mama, she is so hairy that people mistakenly think she’s Ewok.
  • When I saw my mama kicking a can along the street I asked what she was doing and she replied “Moving.”
  • Yo mama is so old that she entered an antique shop and was kept.
  • Yo mama is so ugly she could scare moss from a rock.
  • Yo mama is so ugly she could scare a bumper off its chrome!
  • When your dad told her it was cold outside, Yo Mama ran out with a spoon.
  • Mama sold her car for gasoline!
  • It takes an hour for her to cook a minute of rice.
  • You’re so stupid, mama. She was fired from the M & M plant for throwing out all the Ws.
  • Yo mama, she’s so old that she still owes Moses a quarter!
  • Her driver’s licence has hieroglyphics!
  • When your grandmother was born, the doctor slapped her!
  • You have to leave the house to change your mind if you think it’s too small.
  • She thought Twitter was a social media platform for birds.
  • The house of Yo Mama is so small, that she must go outside when she orders large pizza.
  • She thought KFC is UFC for chickens.
  • Her birth certificate has Roman numerals.
  • Yo mama was so confused that she tried to eat Eminem, the rapper.
  • She went swimming in the Dead Sea and she was so disgusting.
  • Her birth certificate shows expired.
  • Yo mama is so strict that she locked you in a tower.

Yo Mama So Fat

  • Yo mama is so fat that she can’t even reach her back pockets.
  • If she had her shoes polished, she would have to accept his word!
  • Yo mama is so fat that a picture would fall from the wall.
  • If your mother is overweight, you can get her group insurance.
  • Yo mama is so fat, that she must haul her asses twice!
  • Yo mama was so fat that she sat down on a dollar, and when she stood up she found four quarters.
  • Yo mama, she’s so fat! Her feet never get wet when she showers!
  • When she gets into an elevator, the elevator HAS TO go down!
  • Spoon and fork operator!
  • Yo mama was so fat that when she fell on 4th Ave she ended up on 12th.

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