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List Of 15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

List Of 15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

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You may notice awkward energy between you and your cousin, discreet flirting, and subtly touching you.

Experts say that even though it is socially unacceptable to have family members attracted to one another, it is quite normal.

Although it is a taboo subject that almost no one discusses, it is more common than you might think.

You can find many people in this situation by doing a quick Google search.

Here are 15 signs your cousin may be sexually attracted.

List Of 15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

List Of 15 Signs that your Cousin is Sexually Attracted to You

You may suspect that your cousin is sexually attracted towards you. There might be awkward energy between you and them, some discreet flirting, and some subtle touches.

These are the 15 signs that your cousin is attracted to you sexually.

1. There’s Awkward Energie Between You

Energy is powerful. We can sense it, whether it’s awkward or good. Your cousin and you are awkward because you feel a lot of sexual frustration when you’re together.

They don’t want to tell you what they are feeling, as it could ruin your relationship. Therefore, they have to keep their feelings secret and avoid telling anyone. They feel awkward and shy when they first see you. This is why they shift their energy.

2. There Are Many Discreet Flirting

When they are with you, your cousin flirts low-key with you. It’s so subtle that you sometimes wonder if they’re just being a little bit too discreet.

You know that your cousin behaves differently around you than they do with their other siblings. While they may not talk as much or laugh as much with their siblings, it is possible to see a side to their personality that only you and your family can see.

3. They Touch you Subtly

Let’s suppose you are watching television together. Your cousin will be as close as possible to you and continue touching you during the entire show. If they find something funny, they will be sure to pat your thigh and laugh at you.

If they see a scary movie, however, they will jump if they feel the need to. This can be avoided by creating distance between yourself and your cousin.

If they are seated next to you, ask politely if you can have a place in another chair.

4. They Hugged You Longer Than Your Siblings

Your cousins will hug you more tightly than your siblings when they say hello to you or goodbye. They might hug you and say, “And the tightest hug goes my favourite cousin.”

They hug you because they think that you are hot and they want to touch you. And because they will miss you when you leave.

You don’t want your cousin to feel embarrassed in front of the whole family.

5. They are Always Watching Over You

Cousins are prone to checking up on one another, especially if they live close. Your cousins aren’t the ones checking in on you, but your cousin is.

It’s more likely that they are missing you and would like to get in touch with you. These check-up calls often lead to them organizing to meet with you.

6. They Want To Go Out All The Times

Your cousin calls you every day to check on you. There is an ulterior motive.

The conversation ends with “I saw a cool pair, and I was wondering whether you would take a trip with me to the mall so I can purchase them?”

If your cousin knows that you enjoy a particular type of movie like romance or sci-fi, they will contact you to ask if you’d like to go with them.

You now know the truth behind these seemingly innocent dates, and you can start to decline invitations.

7. They Look At You A Lot

You can always recognize your cousin, whether you are in a room full of people or alone.

They will not look at you immediately if you catch them. However, the stare can be quite intense and make you feel uncomfortable. It almost feels like they are undressing you.

8. Other People Have Also Noticed It

Everyone who meets your cousin can see that you are more than just your cousins. It has become a joke in the family.

You weren’t suspicious at first, but then people pointed it out. Then you noticed something was wrong and started to pay more attention.

List Of 15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

9. They Complement You A Lot

Your cousins will compliment your looks, your dress sense, and your accomplishments, no matter what.

These compliments are not sexual. They’re just the kind of praise you would give to a friend. That’s why you have never thought much about it.

10. They Want To Stay In Your House

Your cousin does not intend to pursue the sexual attraction they feel towards you. They only play with the idea in their minds, and that’s all they will do.

Because they feel so connected to you, they want to be with you all the time. It’s not unusual for them to want to be around you all the time, since they live at home with their family. They organize sleepovers and movie nights.

It’s harmless fun to you. Your cousin may think it’s funny, but your cousin sees it as the highlight of their week. Your cousin may ask to sleep in your bedroom when you visit, even if it’s on the ground. If this happens, stop asking.

You can let them know that you are uncomfortable with their attraction to each other. They will soon get over you.

11. They Will Always Ask You a Question

A study by Harvard psychologists found that asking many questions increases your level of likability. This is because people are often self-centred and enjoy talking about themselves.

They have the opportunity to answer questions without appearing conceited when they are asked them. After all, they are talking about themselves as they are being asked questions.

Your cousin will ask you lots of questions to get to know you better. You’ll also like your cousin more because they ask you more questions.

12. They Are Always Smiley Around You

Research shows that smiling faces make the most attractive. A person who is considered unattractive can be seen smiling as being more attractive. The more someone smiles, the more attractive they are.

Studies also discovered that smiling makes us feel closer to one another. Strangers will smile at each other even if they don’t know each other. We smile when we’re around people who bring us joy.

Your cousin smiles often, whether they know it or not because they want to make you more attractive and feel closer to you.

13. People Laugh When You Tell a Joke

Even if you don’t find the joke funny for your cousin, they will still laugh because they want to see you being yourself. An awkward joke can make it a little embarrassing, but no one will laugh.

Also, laughter is a way to make someone more attractive. In other words, your cousin will be more attractive to you if they have a lot of fun around you.

14. They Tease you A Lot

Jaya Jaya Myra is a life coach who suggests teasing someone you are attracted to is a way to test your ability to take a joke. You will be surprised at how they respond to a compliment.

Do you find yourself a person who can give the best they have, or are you someone who gets offended easily? People who take themselves less seriously are more attractive to us because that’s a sign we can be ourselves around them.

It’s also a way to let someone know that you are interested in them, without having to say it outright.

15. They Give You Lovely Gifts

Your cousin will go all out for you, whether it’s Christmas or another special occasion.

They make you feel special by buying exactly what you want because they are always asking you questions about the things that interest you.

Sometimes, your cousin will buy you random gifts outright. They’ll bring a small gift and tell you that they passed by a shop and thought about you.

You may have happily accepted gifts in the past. However, it is now time to decline. You can accept gifts for special occasions, but you should not accept random gifts.

List Of 15 Signs Your Cousin Is Sexually Attracted To You

What makes Cousins so attracted to each other?

Experts claim that cousins are attracted because they are related by blood.

They are so comfortable with one another that they feel repelled if they consider having a sexual relationship.

They may not see one another often enough to feel repelled if they aren’t familiar enough.

They experience sexual chemistry whenever they are together. Psychologists state that sexual relationships with family members are not acceptable in society, but are a normal biological reaction.

Depending on where you live, it may be legal to marry your cousin. In the United Kingdom, for example, it is legal to marry your cousin.

Marrying your first cousin in some parts of West Africa is not shameful.

There is even a saying that “cousins made for cousins”; it means cousins were meant to be married to cousins.

It is illegal in the United States and there are restrictions on cousins marrying.

What is it called when you are sexually attracted to your Cousin?

A genetic sexual attraction is when two people who are related by blood are attracted when they first meet.

This term was first used in 1980 to describe the attraction between adoptees and their relatives when they met for the first time.

If your mother had two children, but you weren’t raised together, you might be attracted to one another when you meet.

Last Thoughts

As you have seen, it is perfectly normal to feel attracted towards your cousin.

If you are thinking of taking things to the next level, there are some things you need to think about.

First, check with your country to find out what the laws are about relations with your cousin. You don’t want any trouble.

Are you mentally ready to deal with the backlash from dating your cousin?

Your family and friends might not agree with your decision. Before you make any decisions, take some time to evaluate the situation.

If you are not attracted to or uncomfortable with the attention your cousin is getting, it might be worth speaking to him.

It’s possible that it won’t cause any problems in your relationship. However, it is better to act now than let it become a problem later.


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