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List Of 50 Best Rizz Jokes 2023

List Of 50 Best Rizz Jokes

What’s up, fam? My mystical dating tips are back! We all know that striking up a discussion with anyone is a scary thing.

It’s spooky when you try to vibe with your crush! After a lot of embarrassing mistakes, I’ve compiled the best rizz jokes to seal the deal or at least make them laugh. Next time you meet that dope-malicious mega hottie, try one of these jokes:

If I was a Zombie I would eat you before anything else.

What will you do? Will you kiss me at midnight, or be just a butterfly ?… Pretty to look at, but difficult to catch.

Let’s jump right to the treats and skip the tricks!

Will you play with me a new soccer ball if I buy one?

I don’t like your candy corn. I would rather have some candy porn with you.

Didn’t you and I have a class? I thought we were in chemistry.

How many licks will it take to reach the centre of a tootsie roll?

Someone like you is hard to find.

What is the best outfit to wear at a party, to look like the most attractive person?

Do you want to judge couples based on their body language in a park with me?

Great Day! You’re Bette Midler, from Hocus Pocus. You’ve cast me under a spell.

Even if we were astronauts on a planet with no gravity, I would still love you.

What brings you, a good-looking ghoul to this dusty crypt?

I want to love you like Snuggle and fabric softener.

List Of 50 Best Rizz Jokes

Want me to tell you about your future? Do you want me to make breakfast for you on Monday morning?

Are you a jack-o-lantern? Your smile is a fire.

Me without you is like a nerd without braces, a shoe without laces, a sentence without spaces.

You’re dressed like a skeleton because you are ready to splinter.

This year I am dressed as a vamp because I know how to suck.

I left my costume on my bed. You’re welcome to snuggle under my sheets at any time.

You’re going to lose your license… because you’re driving the guys crazy.

I will get your blood pumping faster than any haunted home.

Spider-Man is born when Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Will you bite me to make me your man?

The costume would look great on my floor, but you’d be better off wearing it.

Cupid has called. He told me he needed my heart back.

Hey witch, let’s ride instead of using the broom.

Would you like to replace my teddy in my bed, I’ve missed him lately.

A full moon is in the sky. What will I become at midnight?

Could you please grab my arm? Tell all my friends that I was touched by an Angel.

Hello Harry Potter! Would you like to Slytherin my Chamber of Secrets, please?

I don’t have to be on Twitter. You’re the one and only person I want to follow.

List Of 50 Best Rizz Jokes

We can stay together forever if you choose to remain with me. I have a coffin that can fit two people.

If I had to give you a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give you 9. It’s because you are missing me.

You’ll see the hairs stand up on your neck if you let me go home with you.

It would be impossible to put all the love I have for you in one of those candy hearts. I would have to give you the whole bag.

Do you believe that lust is a first-bite phenomenon?

When I look at your eyes, I see more stars in them than I do in the Valentine’s Day film.

I don’t know what to wear for Halloween. Can I go as your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?

Netflix? You’ve been on my Netflix all day.

Thank god you’re alive! You’ve been haunting me in my dreams for the past few nights, and I thought you had died!

You can give me V later.

Are you a banana spider? You gave me an erection that lasted for a long time when you bit me.

The love of my heart, you can always come as yourself to the costume party.

Sorry, I am out of raisins. I would be delighted to set up a date with you.

Even if Halloween was tomorrow, I wouldn’t ghost you.

Violets are not red but roses are. I’ll be 6 and you will be 9.

You’re going to feel some bad feelings.

I will always be there to hold you when you are scared.

Are you a campfire? You’re so hot, I want S’mores!

This year, I only have this couple’s outfit… Do you want to dress as the other half of this couple?

You can eat these chocolates. I wanted you to know that I’ll melt in your mouth, not in your hands.

You are my love, and I can’t contain it!

You smiled at me!

The doctor says I am seriously lacking Vitamin U

Oh my God! I think my phone is haunted… it looks like your number has disappeared.

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