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List Of 60+ Dirty Dares Over Text 2023

List Of 60+ Dirty Dares Over Text

We all need to add some spice to the conversation. Truth or Dare is a boring game. It’s hard to come up with unique topics to discuss. We are here to spice up your life! These dirty dares are sure to shock you, whether it’s in front of a lover or friends. The majority of these dares will require a video or picture proof.

Dirty Dares Over Text

  1. Make an “O” face.
  2. Reenact your special move.
  3. Take 10 seconds to kiss your pillow.
  4. Do it again the way you did it last time.
  5. Do it again the first time.
  6. Try to twerk.
  7. Lap dance in a chair.
  8. Make a sexy broom dance.
  9. Reenact the other gender in bed.
  10. For 15 seconds, suck your finger with passion.
  11. Imagine you are giving a detailed presentation on how you enjoy it in bed.
  12. Remove your bra/underwear without flashing.
  13. Face your best “ready to go” face.
  14. Incorporate a towel into a seductive dance.
  15. Shave one leg seductively.
  16. Fake orgasm.
  17. Crawl seductively on the ground.
  18. Give your closest left-hand object a passionate kiss.
  19. Mirror yourself and make out.
  20. Make a speech as if you were hitting someone.
  21. Make a video recording of yourself spanking.
  22. Imagine you are doing the act with the thing closest to your right.
  23. Send your video of you dancing to the sexiest music and doing the catwalk.
  24. Demonstrate the proper way to wear a protective garment and send it in a video.
  25. For 20 seconds, grind on a pillow.
  26. Remove your pants.
  27. Send a sexual text to your third contact.
  28. Change your Facebook status from “single” to “ready to head tonight” or “ready to mingle”.
  29. Leave a dirty message for your ex.
  30. Ask to send you sex tips by texting your best friends.
  31. Ask your ex if you can do anything better in bed.
  32. Swing your shirt in the air after you take off your top.
  33. Wear the most sexist clothing you have.
  34. Demonstrate the most flexible pose you can in a video.
  35. Want to hook up quickly? Change your Facebook status.
  36. Send three sexy emoticons to your dirtyest texts.
  37. Seductively describe yourself.
  38. Send your ex or partner the WAP Dance.
  39. Tell your crush or partner that you are a “leg-spreader”
  40. Ask a random stranger if you are hot by sending them a text.
  41. You can talk without opening your mouth.
  42. Your best grunt or moan.
  43. Seductively eat a banana
  44. You can write your ex-partner’s name in Sharpie on your underwear and send it.
  45. Comment on the post of your celebrity crush and tell them you’re turned on by their presence.
  46. Tweet to your crush, and tell them you’re thinking of them in bed.
  47. Show off your most virulent turn-on.
  48. Show off your biggest turnoff.
  49. Send a photo as if you are on top.
  50. Send your ex a photo of you on your knees praying.
  51. Tell your partner that you’d like to try out a new position.
  52. Tell someone what your greatest turn-on is.
  53. “Lonely Tonight” is the new Facebook status.
  54. Take a screenshot of your text log.
  55. Send a link to your favourite adult website.
  56. What are your favourite videos?
  57. Show off your wildest fantasies.
  58. Send your partner a voicemail of you complaining.
  59. Drop an ice cube in your pants.
  60. Send your latest contact a wink.
  61. Send your ex the drooling emoticon.
  62. Send your dirty thoughts as a voicemail.
  63. You can text as if you’re doing it right now.
  64. Pour some water into your mouth.
  65. Send your friend a video showing you dancing seductively.
  66. Create a sex playlist and send it to your latest caller.
  67. Send your partner a video showing you picking something up slowly.
  68. Send a video without you in it of you throwing clothes across the room.
  69. Send your best friend a video showing you dancing sexily to a song that is not sexual.

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