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List Of 60th Birthday Quotes And Sayings Worth Celebrating

Are you celebrating someone’s 60th birthday? These 60th birthday quotes will remind them of how amazing they are. You can find original sayings that range from inspirational to fun, which you can add to books, photo albums or birthday cards to make the recipient feel special. Make fun 60th birthday quotes signs part of your party decor if you are throwing a celebration for them. Help the person celebrating their 60th birthday reflect on the past and imagine what the future holds.

60 quotes and sayings that are heartfelt about turning 60

A quote can be a great way to express yourself when you are trying to decide what to say to someone on their 60th birthday. To make someone smile, add an emotional saying on a sign or card to celebrate their 60th birthday. You can use short, sweet quotes to celebrate turning 60 on the phone, via text message, or to start or end your toast.

  • Didn’t You Know? As you age, your value increases. Happy 60th Birthday!
  • The age is just a numerical value. In writing it might say that you are 60, but to me, you will always be 29.
  • 60 isn’t that bad! You’ve just been perfect 10 six times in a line.
  • You and everything else get better as you age! Happy Birthday!
  • The best thing about being 60 is that you can still have fun. Now that you are 60, you can still enjoy yourself.
  • You’re 60 and living the dream.
  • You look great at sixty! Happy birthday!
  • The older the person, the more valuable they are. My friend, you are worth a lot.
  • Happy Birthday! Happy 60th birthday!
  • The world was a much better place 60 years ago. I am so grateful to have you as part of my life. Happy Birthday!
  • I am so grateful to be celebrating with you your 60th Birthday. You make this world more beautiful every day.
  • Your 60 years have been filled with so many achievements. Let’s look forward to another decade filled with wonderful memories!
  • You are an absolute delight to be around. Your genuineness, wit and love make you a pleasure to be with. I am honoured to celebrate my 60th birthday with such a wonderful family member/friend.
  • You are contagious and your love for life makes the world a better place every day. I wish you a happy, beautiful and bright 60th birthday.
  • Every other day, you show your love to others. Today, on your 60th birthday, I wish you a day of relaxation, recharge and knowing how much you are loved. Happy 60th Birthday!
  • I wish you a happy 60th birthday, filled with laughter, smiles and joy.
  • You are exactly what I want to look like at 60. Happy birthday.

List Of 60th Birthday Quotes And Sayings Worth Celebrating

Inspirational 60th birthday quotes

They may be reflecting on how far they’ve come in life. The person could be thinking about how far they have come in their life. They might wonder if they have done enough. Share inspiring quotes to help them feel rejuvenated and excited about the future. A 60th birthday greeting or wish with a positive message can brighten their day.

  • It takes years to create a masterpiece. Wear 60 with pride!
  • Happy 60th Birthday. We honour you today – because you have never let fear stop you from achieving your dreams and creating a successful life.
  • Happy birthday! May your next 60 years be just as rewarding as the first 60. Happy Birthday!
  • You have so much wisdom at 60. Use it to continue making the world better. Happy 60th Birthday.
  • It’s a great feeling to reach 60 when you are living each day to its fullest. Let’s hope the next few years of your life are amazing. Happy Birthday.
  • You will look back on your 60th anniversary and realize that you have lived a life of incredible experiences and have touched many lives with your presence. Enjoy your day.
  • Happy 60th Birthday! Celebrate your life and the achievements you have made. You are a role model and inspiration to everyone who knows you.
  • Not every day does my favourite person get to begin a new decade in their life. See what amazing memories we can create in the next 10 years! Happy birthday!
  • It’s an honour to wish someone so incredible a happy birthday. You taught me to love, laugh and live life with grace.

List Of 60th Birthday Quotes And Sayings Worth Celebrating

Enjoyable and quirky 60th birthday sayings

It’s okay to tease your 60-year-old friend (in good humour) if they have a sense of humour. By the time someone reaches 60, they are usually able to take a funny senior joke. These sayings will make your family and friends laugh. Or, you can use funny quotes for your 60th birthday to get them laughing out loud. Witty quotes make excellent slogans or captions for photos.

  • You’re too old to care about anything at 60! Let’s not care!
  • It’s okay to go into the kitchen without knowing why, now that you are 60. For the past 20 years, you’ve been preparing yourself for this moment.
  • Age is just one number. For you, that’s a big number.
  • You may not be older than dirt but you are older than a cell phone. Happy Birthday!
  • When you look at it from a different perspective, 60 years old is not so bad. In dog years, 60 is like 420. Happy birthday.
  • It’s not just about getting older. You can also look forward to more wrinkles and grey hair.
  • Senior discounts are available for those over 60. Happy Birthday.
  • It’s not all bad to be sixty. There are naps ahead.
  • You can sleep all you need to at 60, whether you like it or not. Happy Birthday.
  • Your birthday candles can be a fire risk.
  • Happy 60th Birthday! When you faint while trying to blow out the candles, it means that this year has been a difficult one.
  • You’ve done 60 laps around the Sun! Wow! Wow! Happy birthday.
  • The magic age of 60 is when you start to see the hair on your head grow everywhere else. Happy birthday!
  • It only took 60 years for you to become a wise, intelligent, witty and savvy person! Happy birthday.

List Of 60th Birthday Quotes And Sayings Worth Celebrating

60th birthday quotes for parents and grandparents

These sayings are for parents or grandparents who turn 60. With some heartfelt words, let them know what they mean to you and how much you admire them. These 60th Birthday Sayings will help you celebrate your relationship with him or her and their special day. Your words might be the perfect present for your grandparents.

  • Today we are highlighting your achievements and those of someone who puts others before themselves. Here’s to another 60 years, Mom/Dad!
  • At 60 you are not only getting older but also wiser. When I reach 60, I hope to be as smart as you! Happy Birthday, Grandma/Grandpa.
  • You have lived for six decades. Next time I want some reliable advice, I know who to ask. Oh wise one, happy birthday!
  • You are the perfect example of how to age in good health and with a positive spirit. I hope that some of these genes have been passed down to me. Happy Birthday, Mom/Dad.
  • Happy Birthday, Grandma/Grandpa. You have inspired me to live a life of love and laughter, just like you did for 60 years. I treasure every moment that we spend together.
  • You make 60 look like pretty cool ages. I can’t get enough of you! Happy Birthday, Grandma/Grandpa.

List Of 60th Birthday Quotes And Sayings Worth Celebrating

Short 60th birthday poems

You can take your 60th birthday card or toast it up a notch with a few short poems. You can use a rhyme to convey a message about the 60th birthday or you can write your own funny or sweet poem. Post these verses to their social media pages and help them celebrate the day. Remind them of the great times they have had, and those that lie ahead.

You Are So Dear

Happy 60th Birthday
To someone so dear.
I would not be anywhere else
You are right there, with me.
A day so special
Let’s Dance and Sing
To celebrate your life –

The best year yet

There’s one thing that has always been true.
Everyone who knows you loves you.
A great listener and joke-teller
Nobody can make a better meal.
Never make anyone feel small.
Your presence brings comfort to everyone.
We celebrate you today!
Light up the cake with plenty of candles.
I am willing to wager a lot.
The year 60 will be the best one yet.

Not a day wasted

You have 21,915 days to live.
You’ve never wasted a single one.
You will continue to shine brightly.
Make every day a fun one.

Just a Number

You see, sixty is more than a mere number.
You still have a certain gleam in your eyes.
The wrinkles on your face are a sign of a lot of laughter.
Grey hair can make you appear charming and dapper.
What matters most is your heart of love.
You’ve been a leader in the field of education since the beginning.
Let’s toast your birthday:
We love you!

There are still many years to come

Your 60th birthday is a special occasion.
Smile as you look back at your life.
You’ve lived life to the fullest.
Every moment is worth it
Then, gaze forward
The years to come
There are endless possibilities.
More wisdom.

Wish someone a happy 60th birthday with love

You should spoil someone special who is celebrating their 60th birthday with words that show how much you care. Share your favourite 60th birthday quotes to make someone feel special on their special day. You can read the 60th birthday quotes aloud, put them on a card or squeeze them onto a cake. They will enjoy it.

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