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List Of Best Adsense Alternative With Instant Approval.

Many publishers have seriously been punished by the Google Adsense program. You make money with Adsense if only you scale through their rigid program policy. 
If you are facing any of the challenges below as a publisher, or you are not making money from your blog or website, this article is for you. 

The problem or disadvantages of AdSense to publishers includes but is not limited to; 

1) Rejection of Adsense site application. It’s easy to manage and deploy Adsense but if your website content is not appropriate to their taste or if you have not published enough content on your blog Adsense will reject your blog. But not minding how old your blog is or how much content you currently have published, the Adsense alternative list in this article will approve your website within 2 working days. 

2) High Revenue Share. A sense receives 68% of the revenue generated on publishers’ websites. This is a very competitive rate but if you have a good website that generates high traffic, alternative networks will offer better revenue share. 

3) Ad limit. Google Adsense can easily place ad limits on your site for what they called invalid click concerns or invalid traffic and this can drastically reduce your ad revenue for up to one month or more but there is no such penalty on the ad networks I will reveal to you in this article. 

4) Banned Adsense account. Due to the rigidness of Adsense policy, your account can easily be banned by Adsense, you may be allowed to appeal it but the fact remains that out of 100% of publishers that appealed their account, 1% were reinstated. 
The listed best alternatives to Google Adsense will pay you a high CPC for 1000 impressions but it varies differently because of aspects like bounce rate, average traffic duration, geographical location, etc. But on an average of 1000 impressions, you will be earning $1 – $15, cc is dynamic, and there is a fixed price. 
Here is the list of Adsense alternative or similar ad networks with instant approval, high CPC, fast approval, and payment via wire transfer. 

This is a fast-growing advertising or programmatic network /company that is helping both small and big businesses in sub-Saharan Africa to reach more customers, and get more leads using pay-per-click. 

Munchads is number 1 in the list of best advertising companies in sub saharan African continent. Whether you are advertising or trying to tea h more customers and grow ahead of your competitors this is the best company for you as I have tried them and they are worth working with. If you are a content publisher of any size, this is the best Adsense alternative for you as their approval is not more than 24 hours, also they have an impressive low payout that you can meet before 7 days and receive your earnings directly to your bank account.
Munchads have best performing in the market for publishers, their ad formats are: 
1) Text Ads 
2) Push Ads 
3) Display ads 
4) Pop ads. 
Munchads has competitive revenue sharing you can’t get elsewhere. 

2) ForeMedia Ads. 
With a great pool of advertisers, Foremadia Ads provides publishers with an amazing eCPM and awesome revenue while retaining great user experience for both advertisers and publishers. 

They have auto ads, with one line of code, ads will automatically be shown on all pages of your website. 
Their ads formats are: 
1) Display Ads. 
2) Push Notification Ads
3) Native Ads
4) Pop Ads. 
These are the best-performing ad formats you can not get from the Google Adsense program. 

This is another Adsense alternative for publishers of any size and the good news, here again, is that you are accepted whether you have a custom domain or not. As a content publisher, your earning is unlimited provided you are generating high-quality traffic you will earn between $1 – 15 for 1000 impressions, and you will likely earn more than 1000 Dollars a day. 

ForeMedia accepts advertisers and publishers from around the world both big and small content publishers. 

These ad networks are worldwide, it has responsive customer service for all publishers and advertisers. These networks listed in this article are the best Adsense alternatives for bloggers for Nigerian bloggers, India, the USA, and the rest of the world. 

Google Adsense program is an ideal source of income for both small and medium publishers from all parts of the world but unfortunately, their program policy is very rigid.

These Ad networks pay better than Google Adsense. Munchad will allow you to connect directly to advertisers on their network, an advantage you can not get in the Adsense program. 

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