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List Of High-Paying Digital Skills That Can Pay You Upto 100,000 Dollars A Month.

In today’s fast-paced world, having digital skills has become a necessity for one to thrive effectively, either in business or career. The advancement of technology has no doubt changed the workplace and business landscape which has placed a high demand on these digital skills across the world. 

In the past few years, digitization and automation have been the most often discussed technologies that firms or Business proprietors are leveraging to transform the way they support core business activities which also helps them to adjust to a new and more virtual work technique.

Without a good knowledge of digital skills in today’s world, there is only very little way to propel and remain competitive, as having one or more skills sets an individual or a business apart from the rest.

Before giving you a list of the top 6 best or high-paying digital skills to learn in 2023, let us define what digital skills are.
UNESCO defines digital skills as those skills needed to use digital assistance, communication Applications, and networks to access and manage information.

Digital skills are also defined as skills required to use computers and digital devices to access and manage information.

Here is a list of high-paying digital skills to learn that will make you cool cash this year. 

1) Cyber Security. Cyber attacks have been foreseen to be one of the major issues with modern-day companies because a lot of them have taken their business to the online space to attract potential customers. 
Apart from businesses or popular organizations, the standard everyday consumers or internet users are also not left out as they encounter phishing techniques, data infringements, ransomware attacks, financial losses, etc.

This means the more we depend on the internet, the more we need reasonable cyber security in all arrangements that can be trusted.

That is to say that learning this cyber security skill now will make one very sought-after because as additional businesses continue to change positions to offer online services, the request for cyber security specialists will continue to increase.

2) Social Media Marketing. Looking at today’s world, a lot of companies and businesses now offer most of their services through the internet, and this makes social media marketing a perfect skill to learn as this skill can earn you a living. Social media marketing involves promoting a business or company’s products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp through paid and unpaid means of communication. It also involves placing social media ads, creating and sharing great content that will attract potential customers, it also includes organizing social media events, etc.

Vastly businesses wish for a good social media presence for circulating information to their customers because it can create customer retention, form a brand community and generate leads for more sales. 

Consequently, equipping oneself with this social media marketing skill will make one very sought-after, as most businesses are frequently on the lookout for people who can produce engaging social media content, manage their business account effectively, drive traffic through ads, and implement diverse marketing strategies to boost sales. 

3) UX Design. This is the process of making products (digital or physical) that are practical and serviceable. It is also the method of developing products or services that provide meaningful backgrounds for users, about many different areas of product growth including branding, usability, function, etc.

Most businesses in today’s world know that a UX layout is important to meet the requirements of customers, as a satisfactory UX design you are too often assists a business to stand out in the marketplace while also enhancing the company’s reputation.

UX design thinking skill is no doubt a top skill to learn this year as most businesses require UX designers to help
increase conversions as more users or customers are possible to patronize a business or acquisition of an appealing product.

4) AI Skills. This skill contains many key regions such as developing intelligent agents, machine learning algorithms and refined artificial intelligence neural networks, etc.

Glancing at the way a lot of jobs are been taken over by Artificial Intelligence machines, AI skills have become a top request in the job market as most enterprises are looking for ways to incorporate AI into their operation. For someone looking to stay forward in the job market, this is one of the skills to learn now.

5) Data Analyst. A data analyst’s job is to entail the gathering and arrangement of data to solve explicit problems. Some years back, 90% of the world’s data has been assembled and businesses are spending more than $180 million a year, and big data analysts of these businesses depend on data to make crucial business decisions.

This brings Data analysts jobs in high demand across all sectors of work such as consulting firms, financial institutions, manufacturing companies, pharmaceuticals, government, and educational institutions. A report from McKinsey Digital on big data reports that in the nearest future, the big data industry will be worth an estimated US $77 billion.

The report also says that 90 percent of the data obtainable right now was produced over the last two to three years ago. That is how fast the data is created. What this indicates is that the growth in the exposition of data will lead to an increase in the need for someone to analyze those data. That is where the data analyst’s job comes into sight.

6) Search Engine Marketing Skills – SEM. Beyond social media marketing, search engine marketing is one of the most demanding skills that companies and entrepreneurs are relying on. Do you know that 90 percent of internet users are searching for products or services to patronize and Google is accounting for 80 percent of that traffic? If you have good knowledge of Search Engine Marketing when using great search engines like Google or Bing primarily using paid advertising, you will retain a chance to be employed by a reputable company because you are seen as an asset to them.

Every business that has found their ways into the internet wants to outshine its competitors and take over its customers and sell its products and service to them online without spending much money, this is where Search Engine Marketing is required. The company or businesses that are requesting the service of Search Engine Marketers are manufacturing companies, e-commerce stores, advertising companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. This job is in high demand. 

It is no more news that we are living in a highly digital economy, which is necessary for one to acquire suitable digital skills to stay relevant and efficiently navigate jobs.
As technology changes, most jobs or businesses are beginning to need some level of digital skills to employ. Also having these skills listed in this post will prevent one from earning little pay, as most existing roles needing digital skills often pay better than those that do not.
It is not far-fetched to say that those who seize courageous actions to learn new digital skills in today’s world, will be the ones to enjoy the benefits of long-term success.

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