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List Of Most Valuable Hummel Figurines And Where To Sell Them

List Of Most Valuable Hummel Figurines And Where To Sell Them


Some grandparents are so earnest in their gift-giving that they end up with a tabletop full of random ceramic figurines. Hummel figurines, which are miniature cherubic children with rosy cheeks in traditional German clothing, are highly collectable ceramic collectables. The most valuable Hummels are not the most expensive ceramic figures, but they have sold for thousands.

The Most Valuable Hummels in Your Collection

The Most Valuable Hummel Figures Estimated Value
Adventure Bound $1,000-$3,000
Picture Perfect $1,000-$2,000
Ring Around Rosie $1,000-$3,000
Apple Tree Boy and Apple Tree Girl ~$10,000
Merry Wanderer $1,000-$5,000
For Father $50-$1,000

Goebel-Hummel figurines are adorable and have been made since the 1930s. Hummel figures are available in soft watercolour glazes, dressed up in German folk costumes. Finding a valuable, rare Hummel is a difficult but not impossible task. Ceramics are among the most catalogued collectables. So, if you think you have stumbled upon a rare piece, it’s as simple as looking at the figurine.

Keep your fingers crossed for your Hummels to match the most expensive Hummels ever produced.

Adventure Bound

This scene by Hummel, titled ‘Adventure Bound’, shows seven little boys embarking on a journey into the unknown. This scene is not what you would expect from the most rare Hummel figurine. This figure can fetch the highest price at auctions, topping the range of $1,000-$3,000 if it is in perfect condition and comes with the original box. One Adventure Bound 1957 in the original box, for example, was listed on Etsy at $3,500.

Pro Tip: Look under your figurine and see if it has a “Full Bee” Hummel mark. It’s even harder to find Adventure Bounds that have this mark, so it’s worth keeping.

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect is a great title for the figurine because it describes what three children and a dog are doing when they gather around an old camera. This figure, which is number 2100 in Hummel’s inventory, will often sell at auction for $1,000-$2,000 if it’s in good condition, but depending on its audience, the price could be lower. #796 out of 2500 was recently sold at only $450. What makes this figurine special? It is a valuable and rare find as only 2,500 were made.

Ring Around Rosie

This Hummel figurine will bring you back to your childhood. Hummel catalogue #348 depicts four girls who are playing the classic schoolyard game. These original figurines are around 7 inches high and were made a little bigger than usual for the 25 anniversary of the company. Ring Around the Rosie, like the two previous Hummels, is valued at around $1,000, and the best condition can be closer to $3,000 One of these 7-inch figurines can be found in Hummel’s official shop for $2,990.

Apple Tree Boy and Apple Tree Girl

Apple Tree Girl and Apple Tree Boy, though they were originally made as separate pieces (#141 and #142 respectively), are sold together. The first features a boy with a cute face, while the second shows a girl. Each is perched on the branches of an apple tree, looking as if they don’t care about anything. The biggest versions are worth a lot, even though prices vary depending on the edition and how well it’s been maintained. A 32″ complete set, for example, is listed on Etsy at $10,000.

Pro Tip – Check the bottom of the tree-climbing child or girl to see if it has the marking “142/X”. This is the mark for these extra-large Hummels.

Merry Wanderer

The Merry Wanderer, a Hummel design dating from 1935, depicts a young boy marching with an umbrella and suitcase into the unknown. His resolute determination contrasts beautifully with his adorable baby face. The earliest 32-inch tall versions are the most valuable, even though the Merry Wanderer was remade many times.

Hummel didn’t intend for their figurines to reflect modern life. The #35 figurine was first released in 1940 and features a boy who looks like a mix between Peter Pan and a German farmer. For Fathers usually sell for $50-$100. However, on rare occasions, you may find an original selling for the mid-hundreds. Consider this 1940s design, which uses carrots in place of turnips. Etsy has it listed at $577.

Pick the Hummels Out Of the Bunch

There are several things you should look out for, from the Hummel and Goebel makers’ marks to the cherubic Germanic folk style.

  • Be aware of the company name. Hummel figures can be confusing, as they are not made by Hummel but rather by Goebel. If you see Goebel at the bottom of a figurine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fake.
  • Find the M.I. The M.I. The Hummel inscription can be found on authentic Hummels. You should be able to find it easily because the cursive is easy to read.
  • Look at the maker’s stamp. In the more than 100 years that Hummel figurines were produced, Goebel used many different maker’s markings. The stamps and printed symbols at the bottom of the figurine authenticate it as a genuine Hummel. These symbols don’t need to be memorized but you should have a general idea of what you are looking for.
  • Locate a mold. You should also see a number at the bottom of your figure. These numbers correspond to the company catalogue. The mould number should then match the character listed in the catalogue.

Where to Sell Hummel Figurines

It’s worth checking if there’s a retired Hummel that you have in your home. New Hummels can cost hundreds and in some cases thousands, of dollars. It’s not worth much if no one wants to buy your valuable Hummel. you can you can sell them to brick-and-mortar antique stores but you risk being undervalued as they will take a percentage of your profits so they can sell it.

Independent sellers like you need to find online marketplaces where your Hummels can be listed. You can wait patiently for the right buyer who will buy your Hummel through these digital marketplaces. Remember that demand is the driving force behind collectables. A valuable piece may remain unsold for years if there is no buyer. Etsy and Facebook Marketplace are great options. You can find fellow Hummel fans in a small, but very specific Hummel Facebook buy/sell group.

How to Keep Your Hummels in Pristine Conditions

Hummels in good condition are more valuable. You can store and clean them yourself with some basic knowledge. Since Hummels are porcelain, they’re fragile and shouldn’t be handled too much. To protect the figurine, place a piece of cloth at the bottom of a small bowl filled with warm soapy water.

Cleaning Hummels can be done easily. The first step is to remove dirt and dust with a microfiber towel. Next, use a mild soap and a soft, clean cloth to wash off the remaining grime. Avoid using toothbrushes and sponges that are too harsh for porcelain. After you have finished washing and rinsing them, dry them with a microfiber towel. Use a cotton swab if there is any dirt left in the crevices.

The value of youth never fades

Even though Hummel makes a wide variety of ceramic figurines, its idyllic children are still the most popular among fans. The appeal of youth never goes away, and its value does not either if you look at these figurines. Most vintage Hummel figurines can fetch between $100 and $500, but a select few are worth more. Take the time to sort through the Hummels that you inherited and discover what treasures are hidden.



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