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List Of Most Valuable Postage Stamps In The U.S. And The World

Imagine you are going through your grandparents’ old attic and find a box full of dusty correspondence. The envelopes have yellowed with age and the handwriting looks beautiful and precise. The nostalgic messages that are written on their pages may have the greatest sentimental value, but the stamps affixed to the envelope could be the ones with the highest monetary value.

Even though it’s difficult to believe that a small square stuck to an envelope can be worth something, the most valuable stamps prove how lucrative stamp collecting can be. There are plenty of stamps that can be valuable for the novice collector. People regularly discover long-lost stamps. Maybe you’ll discover one of these valuable items in a box that contains your grandparents’ old stuff.

American Stamps Worth a Fortune

Most Valuable American Stamps Record Sales Price
Abraham Lincoln Z Grill 1867 $1,6 Million
Benjamin Franklin Z Grill (1868) Three Million Dollars
Hawaii Missionary Stamps 1851 $200,000-$500,000
Inverted Jenny (1918) $1.74 Million
Blue Boy (1947), $1.18 Million

They are not that old, even though we send so few letters. It wasn’t until 1847 that the first American stamps were issued, but people soon became fascinated by the colours and images on the envelopes. Stamps were a way to connect with the world during a time when neighbouring states felt far away. They became highly collectable and were a popular item. Some American stamps are worth millions of dollars.

Abraham Lincoln Z Grille – 1867

This 15-cent stamp, issued just two years following Lincoln’s death, features a portrait. Abraham Lincoln stamps were created as one of the first designs for post-Civil War America. They are significant for the impact they had on the entire country. One of the most valuable American stamps sold at auction for $1.6 million in 2019.

Benjamin Franklin Z Grill - 1868

Benjamin Franklin Z Grill – 1868

Benjamin Franklin is a famous American founding father. Benjamin Franklin is known for many things, including his contributions to the founding of the United States and his scandalous personal life. The United States issued stamps featuring his image throughout the 19th century. However, these stamps have little value today. The ‘Z Grills’ are the real jewels in the collection. These stamps were not very effective. They were made with a “z” punch, which left indentations to allow ink to seep into stamps and prevent them from being reused. In 1870, they were recalled. Only two of these rare books remain today. One of them is in the permanent collection of the New York City Public Library and the other one was last seen being traded privately in 2005. The item is said to be valued at $3 million.

Hawaii Missionary Stamps 1851

Missionaries were already on the islands long before Hawaii was an American state. For them, a collection of stamps was created so that they could send home letters. There are fewer than 20 known examples of these stamps. These oddball Stamps are usually worth between $200,000 and $500,000.

Inverted Jenny - 1918

Inverted Jenny – 1918

The ‘Inverted Jenny,’ a stamp so infamous that it is known to even non-stamp enthusiasts, was issued on May 10, 1918. The Inverted Jenny stamp is so named because it features an upside-down Curtiss JN-4 Biplane. Most of these stamps are believed to have been destroyed except for one mythic sheet of stamps that was sold by a Washington postal clerk. A pristine Inverted Jenny was sold at Siegel Auctions for $1.35 Million in 2016 and a four-block set sold for $1.74 Million in 2019.

Blue Boy – 1947

Blue Boy – 1947

Seven of these Alexandria provisional postage stamps exist, and only one is a beautiful blue. This “Blue Boy”, or provisional stamp, was used in 1847 to send a romantic letter which was intended to be destroyed once it was opened. This stamp and letter combination was sold in 2019 at $1.18million.

The Most Valuable Stamps Around the World

Most Valuable International Stamps Record Sales Price
Two Penny Blue (1840) $1,7 Million
Mauritius Post Office (1847) $1.67 Million
Baden 9 Kreuzer Error (1851) 1.5 Million Dollars
Swedish Treskilling Yellow (1855) $2,3 Million
British Guiana One-Cent Magenta (1856). $9.9 Million
Sicilian Error in Color (1859). 2.5 Million Dollars
Inverted Pair Dr Sun Yat Sen (1941) $707,000
The Whole Country is Red (1998) Two Million Dollars

You may prefer stamps with historical themes like George Washington and Ben Franklin if you are an American. If you want to make the most money from stamp collecting, look at the rest of the world. The global market has some of the world’s most valuable stamps.

Two Penny Blue - 1840

Two Penny Blue – 1840

Stamps had different face values before the USPS introduced the forever stamp. This allows anyone to send anything for just one stamp. For heavier items, you would need either tons of cheap stamps or just a few expensive stamps. The UK’s two-penny blue stamp is designed for heavier items. It was not used as frequently as other stamps. Fewer of these survive today. It was sold at a Swiss auction in 1992 for $1.7million.

Mauritius Post Office - 1847

Mauritius Post Office – 1847

In the world of stamp collecting, a simple spelling error in a tweet can be the difference between a crisp dollar bill and a briefcase of cash. Mauritius Post Office Stamp from 1847, one of the misprints, is worth a fortune. Some stamps were originally meant to say “postpaid” but instead printed “post office”. Misprinted stamps were available in blue and orange. So far, only 26 stamps have been found. In 2011, one was sold for $ 1.67 million.

Baden 9 Kreuzer Error - 1851

Baden 9 Kreuzer Error – 1851

Germany’s 1851 Baden Nine Kreuzer Error Stamp is a valuable addition to the list. A small batch of stamps was printed in green instead of pink. People believed that only four stamps had survived for decades. But in 2019, a miracle fifth stamp was discovered. The highest price paid for one of these stamps was $1.5 Million in 2008.

Swedish Treskilling Yellow - 1855

Swedish Treskilling Yellow – 1855

The Swedish reskilling, one of the first stamps made in Sweden, was originally printed in green. However, a number of them were instead yellow. The Swedish Treskilling yellow stamp is a rare find in central Europe. One was sold at a private auction for an amount that cannot be disclosed, but its previous sale in 1993 brought it to $2.3 million.

British Guiana One-Cent Magenta – 1856

British Guiana One-Cent Magenta – 1856

Stamp collectors know the British Guiana 1/c Magenta Stamp as the world’s rarest stamp. One stamp has been discovered, printed in black ink with magenta-coloured paper. It sold for just over 8 million dollars in 2021 but broke records when it was sold in 2014 for almost $9 million.

Sicilian Error in Color – 1859

Sicilians have many reasons to be proud, including having one of the world’s most famous stamps. One Sicilian Stamp created in 1859 originally came in orange colour. Some stamps were issued in blue, but most were orange. Only two of these stamps in blue are known today, making them extremely rare. In 2011, the Dreyfuss auction sold it for $2.5 million.

Inverted Pair Dr. Sun Yat Sen – 1941

Another stamp with a high value is dedicated to the president of the People’s Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. In 1941, only 50 stamps were printed on a sheet with a portrait of the president upside down. Stamp collectors salivate at the chance of obtaining one of these stamps. Only two pairs of stamps have been found so far. In 2018, one of these two pairs was sold for $707,000.

The Whole Country Is Red (Feb. 1968)

The Whole Country Is Red (Feb. 1968)

Over half a century after Mao’s revolution, the effects of Mao are still being felt in China. Stamp collectors are still awed by the original 1968 stamp. This stamp represents Mao’s political revolution. This special stamp has a colour mistake, as Taiwan is printed in white rather than red. The stamps were recalled but a few still exist. In 2018, one was sold for 2 million.

How to Deal with Old Stamps

You’re not an expert, but your grandmother, who collected stamps when she was a child, wants you to research the value of her collection today. You can help your grandmother by knowing where to look for information on stamps and the value of their collection.

Find out what you have by visiting the websites of philatelic societies

It’s best to avoid the ‘I have my manual in front me, what’s so hard about it?’ approach when it comes time to collect stamps. approach. It’s not worth the time to try to read that fine foreign print. There are too many resources available from stamp collectors who have spent their lives collecting stamps.

American Philatelic Society offers stamp identifiers for sale through their website. The American Philatelic Society also suggests that you look for the Scott Postage Stamp Catalogue in your local library. This is the definitive catalogue used by collectors today.

You can sell your stamps through the right source

You can find a market for almost any stamp, but especially ones from the 19th Century. It’s another matter if you can earn Rockefeller-like money from it. You can ask the top auction houses in the world, such as Sotheby’s or Bonhams (for example) if they’d be interested in selling your stamp. You can make a lot of money here, but it’s not guaranteed. The auction house will always take a percentage.

But don’t discount private trades or sales! Some of the most valuable stamps were sold in private transactions. These are typically arranged through collectors’ groups. If you have a highly sought-after stamp, you could always contact local collectors groups to find out if they are interested.

Most people will find it easier to sell their stamps on less-known platforms online. You can sell stamps of lower value on websites like eBay, Etsy and RubyLane.

Stamps from Around the World

Stamp collecting is not the most exciting hobby, but it can be thrilling when you find the right stamps. Stamp collectors are not the only ones who find valuable stamps. Many were found by people just like you. Stamps opened the world for people in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Finding the right stamps could allow you to travel the globe, or at least take a fantasy vacation.

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