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List Of Scary Games To Play With Friends For Unlimited Fun

List Of Scary Games To Play With Friends For Unlimited Fun

Although some may are known to hate the horror genre, they must say that these games are not difficult to overlook. Costumes with scary themes to attend the latest Halloween celebrations are a lot of enjoyment. What better way to get in the spirit of Halloween than to play the most terrifying games you can have fun with your others to get the party going? Scary games are not new and have been played for many years. But, they are games that no one can be bored of. Therefore, in this post, we have compiled a list of fun and terrifying games that are guaranteed to be enjoyable to play with your pals.

List Of Scary Games to Play with Your Friends

These frightful games to play with your pals include the thrill of jumping and conjuring. Take out your favourite blanket and get ready to step into the realm of terror.

It's as light as feathers, rigid like a board

1. It’s as light as feathers, rigid like a board

This isn’t a WingardiumLeviosa optical illusion as demonstrated by magicians. We aren’t sure whether it has an explanation that is scientifically based however, this game will surely make you scared each time.

You’ll need:


  • One person should lie on the floor, while the other kneels around them.
  • Then, each kneeling companions place two fingers from each hand beneath the body of their friend who is lying down.
  • Chant “Light as a feather tough as a board” and then try to lift your friend off the floor.
  • It may not be successful the first time around however it should work the second time around. After that, the person sitting on the ground may be lifted into the air.

Bloody Mary

2. Bloody Mary

This is among the most played “truth or dare” games, particularly during sleepovers. Of course, it’s contingent on what you believe however, even if you don’t, it’s going to be a bit scary.

You’ll need:

  • A candle
  • Mirrors in bathrooms
  • Matchbox


  • Turn off all lighting and ignite a candle.
  • Make it to the bathroom using the candle lit and shut the door.
  • Check your reflection and utter “Bloody Mary” in your head three times.
  • According to the story, Bloody Mary appears in the mirror and tries to lure you into it.
  • If you’re lucky enough, you may get away with a scratch on the arms or face. But if not, the woman could take you to the mirror and you’ll be there for the rest of your life.

Ouija board

3. Ouija board

It’s entertaining having fun on the Ouija board while all your pals are asleep. The internet has Ouija board phones that allow people to be connected to the outside world even when they’re alone.

You’ll require:

  • Ouija board with a planchet
  • Table


  • Put the Ouija board in the middle. Choose the questions to ask and who will be the person to ask the questions.
  • Set the planchet onto the board, and then say your name to the spirits you wish to talk with clearly.
  • Let the person who has been appointed answer the questions one at a time.
  • After that, you must take a moment to say goodbye and then remove this planchet and board. If you are able you can keep the board and the planchet in different places.
  • If the planchet behaves strangely, crosses over all the alphabet or begins counting rapidly then clearly say goodbye and take it off immediately. Do not let the planchet’s countdown get to zero.
  • It is suggested that two people utilize the board at once however, more people are using it in the present. So there is only one person who can talk on the screen.
  • Avoid using the board when you’re depressed or sick.
  • Additionally, do not make use of the board by itself.


4. Sandman

This is yet another frightening game that’s both scary and thrilling. Take on this game with a bunch of buddies and play around playing it for yourself.

You’ll require:

  • The group is made up of friends


  • One person is lying on the ground, face down.
  • The other people form an arc around them.
  • A person who speaks is called the spokesperson. The other people remain silent.
  • The speaker tells a tale of how the person lying on the ground was killed and how the body was stuffed with sand.
  • They lightly rub the places they’ve specified. For instance, “Now the murderer filled his forearms with sand. The murderer then put the sand in his legs,” and so on.
  • If a person who is lying down attempts to stand up, they or can feel like their body is covered in sand.

5. Tsuji-ura

Tsuji’s-ura sometimes referred to Tsuji-ura, also known as the Fortune Game, is a frightening Japanese game that makes you feel goosebumps. We suggest playing this game with at minimum one other person that can remain rooted as there was a spate of death in Japan just a few years ago.

You’ll need:

What to do:

  • Choose who will be the speaker.
  • Make sure you have a comb and go towards a fork in the road at night.
  • Make sure you cover your face with the combing.
  • The speaker’s hands run through the teeth three times. This is known as “making the comb talk.”
  • The speaker continues to say 3 times “Tsuji-ura Tsujiura I’m asking you to give me a real response.”
  • Stop at the intersection until someone comes up.
  • If nobody shows up or someone else you know approaches you, then the game is finished. Retry the game later.
  • If someone approaches you be careful and ask them to give you your luck.
  • If the person who is approaching doesn’t respond or isn’t willing to answer or respond, you may reveal the face of your friend and await a stranger to come up.
  • If a stranger informs you of your destiny, listen completely and then remain silent until they leave before revealing your face.
  • Words spoken by a stranger could be your luck.

The game of pictures

6. The game of pictures

If you think that taking photos of ghosts is just something you see in movies, you ought to be aware of the fact that you do it when playing this game. But, to play this game with safety, you need to follow a few rules.

You’ll need:

  • A string length or rope
  • Scissors or a knife
  • A small mirror for each participant
  • A camera that has a flash. Avoid using camera phones.
  • A glass of water
  • An alcoholic drink, especially wine
  • A quiet room


  • Play until midnight.
  • Make knots at the end of your rope or string and create a circle using it.
  • Put the rope circle in the middle of the area.
  • Place the glass of drinking in the middle in the centre of your circle.
  • Fill the glass up with the alcohol-based drink.
  • Everyone should be seated around the circle of ropes.
  • Every participant puts the mirror in front of them so that the mirror’s reflective surface is facing the ceiling.
  • Switch off all lights.
  • Invite an entity. Participants shut their eyes and clasped their hands.
  • Each participant has to declare “I believe in you” each time.

Start the session:

  • One person uses the camera to say, “I caught you.”
  • Then point your camera toward the centre of the circle. Then take a picture.
  • The camera is passed to the next person who continues the process.
  • If you’re using either a digital or Polaroid camera, make sure that you don’t glance at the photo immediately.
  • Repetition the method until every participant has taken 3 photos each.
The goodbye:
  • Let everyone say goodbye: Participants shut their eyes. They repeat, “It is time to go home,” in unison.
  • Turn the mirror upside down.
  • Turn on the light and cut the rope’s circle using the help of scissors or a knife.
  • Drink the glass, then empty it into an area of dirt or the earth.
  • Look over the images and prepare to experience something you didn’t think you’d discover.
  • If any participant starts becoming agitated, states they’re scared, or complains of vomiting or nausea If you notice any of the participants acting strangely, it is best to stop the session immediately. To end the routine, put your eyes shut and repeat the words, “It is time to go home,” in unison with the other participants. Turn the mirror on its side and cut the rope.
  • Do not permit a person who is acting strangely or complaining of fear or nausea to pose for a photo.
  • If you do, don’t examine the photo after you have completed the procedure. If you can, take away the camera.


7. Concentrate

The Concentrate game is a divination-based game that can predict your date of death. While it’s a child’s game, we adults are aware of the frightful nature of it, especially the rhyme.

You’ll need:

What to do:

  • One participant is the main The other participant is an assistant.
  • The guide is behind the principal, facing their backs. The principal is standing directly in front of them, facing away from them and with their eyes closed.
  • The instructor should make loose fists before beginning to beat lightly on the back of the principal in a two-beat pattern.
  • Sing or speak the following rhymes:

Concentrate, concentrate on what I’m saying

People are dying and crying, and children

Concentrate, be focused

  • Stop the pounding motion, and say the following verse:

The egg should be cracked onto your head, and let the yolk run down your head.

The chills rise Let the yolk run down

The egg should be cracked over your head, and let the yolk run down your head.

The chills go up and let the yolk flow down

  • When you recite the verse, you must perform the actions outlined in the verse. For instance, you can tap your fist over one side of the head of the principal gently when they say “egg” and then open your fist, then run your fingers along their back when you speak “let go of the yolk.” If you’re saying “let the chills rise,” run your fingers across the back of the principal.
  • Start the one-two-pounding move then continue the Chorus.
  • Stop the pounding motion, and repeat the verses:

Put two oranges on your shoulders, and let the juice flow down your shoulders.

Allow the chills to rise, and let the juice drip down

Put two oranges on your shoulders, and let the juice flow down your shoulders.

The chills go up and let the juice flows down

  • If you are saying “oranges,” squeeze and turn the shoulders of the principal gently. Move your fingers across their backs when they say “let the juice flow down” then up again when you tell them “let chills rumble up.”
  • Repeat the one-two pounding and continue the Chorus.
  • Stop the motion and repeat”The Third Verse:

Place 10 needles on your sides, and let the blood flow through your veins.

Allow the kid to race up and let the blood flow down

Place 10 needles on your sides and let the blood flow through your veins.

The chills go up and let the blood flow down

  • When you call “needles,” stick all 10 fingers of you on the sides of the principal. Your fingers should run down the sides of the principal when you say “let blood flow,” and run your fingers along the sides of their bodies when they tell them “let the chills rumble.”
  • Repeat the one-two pounding and continue the Chorus.
  • Stop the motion, and then say”The Fourth Verse

Put a knife into your back, and let the blood drip down

Allow the kid to run and let the blood flow down

A knife should be stabbed in your back, and let the blood drip down

The chills rise Let the blood run down

  • Make these movements when singing during your singing. When the song begins, you will say “knife,” and lightly pound one of your fists into the back of the principal. When you sing “let the blood flow down,” run your fingers through the back of the principal, and when you sing “let chills rip upwards,” run them up their backs.
  • Repeat the one-two pounding and continue the Chorus.
  • Stop the motion and repeat the fifth verse (which differs slightly from the other Verses, so you may have to alter it slightly):

Wrap the string around your neck and then wrap it up until it’s snug

A rope should be wrapped around your neck and

  • If you are reciting”rope,” then you are required to follow the steps in the words “rope,” mime wraps ropes around the principal’s neck. Draw a line around their necks using your fingers to mimic the rope. Make sure you don’t place your hands on the neck of the principal. When you are saying “pull,” place your hands on the shoulders of the principal and then push gently and sharply down.
  • The principal should be held by the arms and then lean back. Speak the following phrases to them:

Your standing on top of a structure

You’re standing on the edge

You’re feeling extremely dizzy

You’re getting close to the edge

and someone else.


  • When you use the phrase “pushes,” push the primary gently, but quickly in the direction of forwards. Just enough pressure to cause them to lose their balance, but not enough to cause them to slide down.
  • The principal must remain in a secluded position throughout each step. Only the guide can speak.
  • The game is ended by the coach who directs the main to look up.
  • The teacher should take their eyes off and describe the colours they perceive right away to the guide.
  • It is possible to predict how they’ll die, based on the colour that the person who is the primary observer. It is:
    • Red Dead: Death by stabbing
    • Blue The word “death” means drowning.
    • Yellow”death by poison
    • “Orange: The Death of Fire
    • Green: Death when being thrown from a height on the grass
    • Purple Death through asphyxiation
    • Grey: Death due to illness
    • White: Death as a result of old age, and being able to ascend to heaven
    • Black: Death as a result of age, and then descending into hell
    • Brown: Brown:

Red book

8. Red book

It is a Mexican fortune-telling game, known by the name El Juego Del LibroRojo in Spanish and was created in the Spanish-speaking world when individuals wanted an intervention from the stars.

You’ll require:

  • A hardcover book in red. It shouldn’t contain illustrations, pictures or images. It must be comprised only of the text.
  • Red candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • A quiet room

What to do:

  • Quietly enter the room.
  • Shut off all the light bulbs.
  • Everyone sits in circles and then places candles in the middle in the centre.
  • Lighting the candle.

The right to use HTML0.

  • Close your eyes, then place your hands on the book’s front cover.
  • Ask the book a question loudly: “Red Book, may I play in the game?”
  • Keep your eyes shut while you read, flip the book over to a random webpage and place your finger at an undetermined spot within the pages.
  • Close your eyes and take a peek at the words that your finger is pointing towards. This is the answer.
  • If your answer is yes You can move on to the next phase.
  • If it’s negative or unlogical If it is not logical or negative, contact hasn’t been established and you must reconsider your approach.
  • Each player must follow the same thing and be granted permission to participate in the game.

A rising trend

  • Close your eyes and put your hands on the cover of the book.
  • Ask your question aloud.
  • Keep your eyes shut and then open the book to one random page. Put your finger in an undetermined spot within the pages.
  • Close your eyes and take note of the sentence in which your finger points. The answer is there for you to interpret. you can interpret however you wish.
  • Give the book to the person who is next. Everyone who has an issue is guided by the same procedure.

The end

  • Once all participants have had a chance to ask questions inquiries and been asked then close your eyes. You can ask the book, “Red Book, may I quit the play?” Ask this question in a loud voice.
  • Keep your eyes shut and your eyes closed, and open the book to an undetermined page. Use the finger of your hand to aim at an odd area in the book.
  • If the result is negative or makes no sense, then you should not be able to quit the game. Retry.
  • If your answer is yes If it is, you are free to quit the game. Give the book to the next player.
  • Every participant must request permission from the book to quit the game.
  • After all the participants have left they close the book and extinguish the candle. lift the curtains and switch on the lights.
  • You can play this game in the evening.
  • While you may ask any question, it’s not recommended to pose any questions which could upset the company you’re dealing with.
  • Avoid questions about your death.

Sara Sarita

9. Sara Sarita

Sara Sarita is a Mexican game identical to that the Red Book game. Many believe that Sara Sarita may have been Lucifer’s niece. Others consider the two Sara Sarita and Sarita are sisters, who were afflicted with a tragic fate. In some areas, Sara Sarita is also known as the Sister Game.

You’ll require:

  • Two participants
  • Two coins with the same value


  • The two participants are referred to as principals.
  • Each participant gets an individual coin.

Requesting permission:

  • Place your feet on the ground and face the other.
  • Speak the words, “Sara Sarita, may I play with you?” in unison.
  • Both principals place their money over their shoulders so that the coins fall behind them. They must complete this task in tandem.
  • If both of the coins are heads-up, you are allowed to participate in the game.
  • It is not permitted if both coins are in tails-up. It is possible to attempt again, however, it’s not recommended you try more than one time. You should leave the room and apologize for the incident. It is possible to return at a later time.
  • Be cautious when one coin is landed heads up while the other is tails up. The two principals have to throw their coins until they receive a definitive either or not.


  • Once you receive permission, you can start asking questions. Only ask whether or not you want to ask questions.
  • Begin every question with “Sara Sarita” and then clearly ask the question.
  • Ask each other questions.
  • Following each question, both principals should throw their coins on their shoulders.
  • If both coins are head up, then the answer is yes.
  • If both of your coins have in the tails-up position, there is no answer.
  • When one coin says heads, and the other one is tails, the answer could be.
  • After you’ve answered all of your questions, you can say goodbye.

The final goodbye:

  • Be clear and say in unison, “Sara Sarita, may I be able to leave the game?”
  • If both of the coins head up you can leave the game.
  • If both of the coins are tails up you don’t have the right to quit the game. Retry.
  • If the heads coin is one and the other is tails you don’t have the right to quit the game. Retry.
  • Don’t leave the field until you have been granted permission.
  • Make sure the coins are safe and don’t spend them.
  • While this game can be played anywhere, however, you must take part in a spot where the coins won’t get lost. If you misplace your coins, it could be devastating.
  • You can get up and collect your coins. Relax in the initial position after you have found the coins.
  • You can ask any number of questions you’d like, but if get a steady stream consisting of “Maybes” or If you suspect there is something off go to the exit immediately.
  • Don’t try to manipulate the game by using coins that are weighted or throwing the coins in a particular manner to obtain the result you need.

The game is at midnight

10. The game is at midnight

The game of midnight was a pagan ritual used to punish those who violate the law or do not obey God. While it is rather flimsy, it’s one of the most well-known dangerous games to play as it is playable at home using very little equipment.

You’ll require:

  • At least one primary
  • One candle
  • Matches or lighters
  • Paper or a piece
  • A pen or pencil
  • A sterilized pin
  • A room with a wood door
  • Salt


  • The game should begin just before midnight.
  • Put your complete name as well as your middle name on the paper.
  • You can poke your finger with the pin, and let a small drop of blood drop onto the paper.
  • Let the paper soak up the blood droplet.
  • Shut off all the light bulbs.
  • Close the door to the wood and put the piece of paper with your name and blood drop on top of it.
  • Light the candle, then place it on top of the
  • You must knock on the door 22 times. The last knock should be exactly in time with the time of midnight.
  • Shut the door, blowing out your candle. Close the door once more.
  • Light the candle as soon as you can.

The principal event:

  • Keep the candle in place and begin walking around your house. Make sure to keep the salt as well as the matches or lighter close by.
  • Light the candle within 10 seconds, if it is out. If you are successful then you can continue to move about your house. Keep moving until 3.33 am.
  • If you are unable to light the candle again within 10 seconds, sprinkle salt around you and stay within the circular area for a period of 3.33 am.

The end:

  • Stop moving and walk out of the circle of salt at 3.33 am. Turn on the lights.
  • The goal of the game is to keep out of getting caught by the Midnight Man in the dark.
  • When you cease moving or leave within the salinity circle the salt will locate you.
  • The following are indicators of Midnight Man being near Midnight Man is near to you:
    • A sudden drop in temperature
    • The whispers are not accompanied by any source.
    • A humanoid silhouette appears in the dark
    • The candle is blown out.
  • If you observe the three first signs immediately leave the area away. But, don’t take a moment to look into the situation.
  • If the candle is burning out, you can relight it in 10 minutes or add salt over it to help keep The Midnight Man at bay.
  • If more than one participant is playing each player has to be invited separately.
  • Don’t turn on any lighting in the course of the play. Avoid using any flashlight.
  • Don’t sleep when you are playing.
  • It is only permitted to use candles. Others sources of illumination, such as the use of a lighter, are not allowed.
  • Utilize your blood.
  • You should not leave your home during the game.
  • Do not engage in conversation with or incite Midnight Man in any way. Midnight Man in any way.
  • The Midnight Man will leave your home at 3.33 am. . You can then stop the game.


11. Daruma-san

Daruma-san also referred to as the Bath Game, is a Japanese game played in Japan. It’s like Red Light, Green Light, except the person who’s “it” is pursued by Daruma-san. it’s impossible to predict what’s going to transpire in the future.

You’ll need:

  • One player is the primary
  • A bathroom that has a bathtub


  • Begin at night, just before going to go to bed.
  • Take off your clothes and go to the bathroom.
  • Make sure to fill the tub with water. Switch off your lights.
  • Take a bath and lie down in front of the taps and the faucet.
  • Close your eyes, then wash your hair.
  • While washing the hair repeat, “Daruma-san fell, Daruma-san fell” repeatedly until you are completed shampooing your hair.
  • Close your eyes.
  • You’ll now see an image in your head of the image of a Japanese woman sitting in a tub. She’ll fall and slip and land on the face of a grimy tap. They right eye of her will be scratched.
  • Do not open or turn your eyes if you sense any sound or feel motion behind you.
  • With a firm voice, ask “Why did you fall into the tub?” in a clear voice.
  • Let the question linger for a while.
  • Take a bath be careful, and keep your eyes shut. Be careful not to fall or slip.
  • Don’t drain the tub. Simply exit the bathroom, closing the door behind you.
  • Open your eyes. Don’t turn on any lights.
  • Sleep in.

The principal event:

  • The game starts the moment you get up in the early morning.
  • You can go about your day the way you do every day. You’ll sense there is a presence in the background. If you look to your right shoulder and you’ll be able to see her reflection of her. Her hair will be black and only one eye.
  • She will attempt to be closer to you throughout the day.
  • If she’s close to you, shout “Tomare!” which means “Stop!” and run away from the area.
  • Do not let her take you away.

The end:

  • In the evening, you should take a look over her shoulder.
  • Scream “Kitta!” which means “I cut you loose!” and bring down your arm with an axe-like motion.
  • If you follow this procedure properly, she’ll disappear.
  • If not, run.
  • Daruma-san loves water and dark areas. When the game is finished make sure you don’t traverse the waters or swim. Beware of dark areas.
  • Make use of use the “Tomare!” command sparingly. Each time you use it the amount of time that it takes to end her work will decrease. Make sure to only use it when it is necessary.
  • Stop the game before midnight. If you fail, she’ll show up in your nighttime dreams. She may try to hide when she is concerned that you’re planning to stop the game. Before you can say “Kitta!” you must be sure that she is in your sight.
  • Don’t play the game more than one time. The player will be in the same place the next time she appears as she was at the end of the previous game. It could be close to you and you might not be in a position to escape.
  • Don’t let her get you at any price.
  • Do not flush the bathtub for the duration of your game.

Baby blue

12. Baby blue

Baby Blue is a scary game that kids play in bathrooms, as per urban legend. It’s a frightening game that is like Bloody Mary, and not for the faint of heart.

You’ll require:

What to do:

  • To go to the bathroom, alone, switch off all the lights and secure the door.
  • Take a look in the mirror Hold your arms as if were rocking a newborn, and then say “Baby Blue Blue Baby” 13 times, without ever stopping.
  • You’ll be able to feel the weight of an invisible baby in your arms if you follow the correct procedure.
  • As the baby grows the baby will get heavier and heavier. It might even scratch your arms.
  • It is essential to dropping the baby in the bathroom, and then flush it out before it gets too heavy and then exits the bathroom.
  • If you don’t act promptly, a woman may be seen at the rear of the room and shout at you to take her child to her. But, her screams could smash the glass.
  • She may attempt to scratch you, push you back in the mirror, or even slap you with her baby, or worse.
  • Close the door to the bathroom behind you, and turn on the lighting.

Devil face

13. Devil face

Teenagers are playing this gruesome sport in Spain. If you are playing it right you’ll be able to glimpse the Devil’s face on the other side of your mirror.

You’ll need:

  • 12 candles of black
  • Matches or lighter
  • Mirrors in bathrooms


  • In the bathroom, just before midnight, shut the door, then turn off all the lighting.
  • Place the candles on the mirror, and then illuminate the candles.
  • Close your eyes until midnight.
  • Open your eyes.
  • The face of the devil in the mirror.
  • He could pull you into the mirror, or do something dangerous.

Lady spades

14. Lady spades

Another variant of Bloody Mary is Lady Spades or Queen of Spades. If you’re lucky enough, the woman (or whatever) on the other side of your mirror may make a wish for you. If you’re not, there’s no need to be concerned about what happens.

You’ll need:

  • A candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • Red lipstick
  • A quiet room
  • Mirrors (you can select the room that has mirrors)
  • It is the Queen of Spades from a deck of cards

What to do:

  • Start at midnight.
  • In the quiet area, switch off all the lights.
  • Place the candle in the light and then place it on the mirror.
  • Make a note of “Lady Spades” on the mirror with red lipstick.
  • Place your Queen of Spades card so that she faces the mirror.
  • Put your eyes shut and let your mind go to sleep.
  • Take your time and relax as much as you want to.
  • Repeat the phrase, “Lady Spades, appear” seven times. It is important to be able to speak clearly and loudly.
  • Close your eyes. You’ll have a picture of the Lady Spades.
  • The woman will be dressed in black and have black eyes. Their smile of her will appear inviting and warm, however, your face is bruised.
  • Don’t be worried If you notice her laughter, voice or footsteps. They indicate that she was successfully summoned.
  • Open your eyes.
  • If you close your eyes during the ceremony and everything seems normal, but nobody is looking at you, and/or don’t hear anyone’s laughter, voices or footsteps, the ritual is not working.
  • This suggests that there will be no negative consequences. To keep yourself safe you could repeat the phrase, “Lady Spades, disappear,” wipe the mirror take out your candle and switch off the light. As soon as you can, burn the card.

The wish:

  • When you open your eyes of yours, in case these things Do not continue:
    • It’s time to put out the candle.
    • The card is facing you.
    • The card has vanished
    • The woman in the mirror is looking in the mirror, her hands against the mirror
  • If you notice any of them, go to the end of the line immediately.
  • If you see a woman in the mirror who has her hands at her sides, then you can continue.
  • Tell your message clearly to the lady.
  • Keep an eye on her throughout the day. If you do not keep eye contact, go to the end.
  • If she can grant your request She will smile and affirm “Yes.”
  • Don’t interrupt her, and don’t rest between saying your request and listening to her response.

The end:

When the ceremony is successful

  • Speak the words, “Lady Spades, disappear.” Wipe her name off the mirror, light the candle, and switch up the lighting.
  • It is best to burn the card as quickly as you can.
  • Your wish will be fulfilled shortly.

If the procedure fails:

  1. If the candle is not out, when you look up eyes:
    • Light the candle as fast as possible.
    • Then, say, “Lady Spades, disappear.” Wipe her name off the mirror and extinguish the flame and turn the lights off.
    • You can burn the Queen of Spades card immediately.
  2. If the cards are facing your face more than the mirror as you look up:
    • Cut it in two.
    • Make the statement, “Lady Spades, disappear,” wipe her name off the mirror and extinguish the flame and then switch on the lights.
    • The Queen of Spades card immediately.
  3. If the card is missing as you look up:
    • Take the mirror off.
    • Switch on the lights and then look for the card hidden in the room.
    • If you spot it, immediately burn it.
    • If not then don’t look for it. Get out of the area immediately.
  4. The woman’s hands have been pressing upwards against the mirror:
    • Break the mirror right away.
    • You must leave the premises.
    • You can burn the cards.
  5. If you do not keep eye contact:
    • Break the mirror as quickly as you can.
    • You must leave the premises.
    • You can burn the cards.
  6. If she responds “No” in response to your request:
    • Smash the mirror.
    • Blowing out the candle.
    • You can burn the cards.

The elevator game

15. The elevator game

It is among the most played games online, possibly because people would like to use an elevator for summoning alien entities, rather than riding it up and down. It’s an idea of Korean origin, meaning that the elevator functions as the gateway to another world.

You’ll need:

  • A building with at least ten floors and an elevator.

What to do:


  • Go to the building you’ve selected and enter the elevator at the top of the floor. Be sure that you’re alone when you enter the elevator. If you see someone else on the elevator or if someone else is in the elevator with you don’t proceed.
  • Press the button to go to the fourth floor.
  • If the elevator is on the 4th floor don’t take it down. Make sure to press the second-floor button.
  • When you are on the second floor then press the button to go to the sixth floor.
  • When you are on the sixth floor then press the button to go to the second floor.
  • Once you have reached the second floor you can press the button for the tenth level.
  • Once you have reached the tenth level, you can go to the fifth floor.
  • Once you are on the fifth level, a girl may enter the elevator.
  • Do not stare at her and don’t engage in conversation with her.
  • Press the button to go to the floor that is on your first. If the elevator rises to the 10th floor, rather than descending to the beginning of the first, this is a signal to move on.
  • If the elevator is on the top floor, get off at the moment that doors are opened. Don’t look back or speak to the woman.
  • If you make it to the 10th floor, you may opt to either stay in the elevator or get off the elevator.
  • If you decide to exit the bus, the woman will ask you “Where do you plan to go?” Do not answer the question, or even look at her.
  • There is only one sign that you are entering the Otherworld and that is there will only be one person in the Otherworld and it’s you.
  • It’s the same as your world. Otherworld will be the same as the one you live in. The only difference is that there won’t be lights and you’ll be able to spot a red cross that is visible from the distance through the window.
  • If anyone else is in the elevator at the same time you’re performing the ritual, you should not continue. Retry the procedure.

The return

If you decide to remain on the elevator’s 10th floor:

  • Press the button until the beginning of the floor. If it fails the first time around, keep pressing until it works.
  • Once the elevator has reached the first floor, leave immediately when the doors have opened.
  • Do not glance back or talk.

If you decide to leave the elevator on the 10th floor:

  • Choose the same elevator that you used when you left to return.
  • When you enter the elevator after entering, push on the keys in the exact sequence that you did when going out. You’ll be finished on the fifth floor.
  • Once you have reached the fifth floor you can press the button that will take you to go back to the floor.
  • The elevator will then begin on the tenth floor again. Use the buttons on other floors to stop the ascension before you reach the tenth floor.
  • If the doors are opened on the top floor you should inspect your surroundings with care. If you find anything odd or odd, do not go out of the elevator.
  • Repetition all steps and make sure you check them before leaving.
  • When you’re confident that you’re out of the world, you can be sure to exit the elevator.
  • Retrieving the elevator could be difficult in many ways. You may feel confused and lose the elevator you were in. It could also seem to move away from you as you get closer to it. Maintain your nerves in your grasp and don’t panic.
  • If you feel faint during your workout and fall asleep, you could end up in your home. But, you must verify that the home is within your realm or in the Otherworld.
  • If anyone enters or exits on the return journey begin the journey on the fourth floor.
  • You should not gaze at, speak to, or talk in any manner with the young lady on the elevator.

Search and hide

16. Search and hide

What can you do when you’re without a partner to play with? Of, course, summon a dark being that wants to “play” in your playroom! The “it” doesn’t want your location, but instead to cut you with the knife.

You’ll require:

  • Two small bowls
  • One sterilized pin
  • A few chicken bones
  • A candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • A clock
  • A dark area in the larger area for playing
  • An escape route from the dark area, but within the play zone

What to do:

  • Begin the game at midnight, and then empty the area of all other living creatures and people.
  • Step into the dark room. Check that the door is shut and the lights have been turned off there is no light coming through. Make use of curtains or black paper to block out light.
  • Take all the supplies you need and set them out of the room’s door.
  • Shut off all the lights in your space. Return to the entrance to the room with dark lights.
  • As soon as the clock hits 12, start the game.

This is the summoning

  • In the darkroom, you will need a bowl with the chicken bones as well as the candle and the lighter or matches.
  • Close the door to the side.
  • The bowl should be placed on the floor and place the bones of the chicken inside.
  • Lighting the candle.
  • Repeat the following sentence aloud: “Bones, you may be able to see.”
  • The candle is removed and left the room. The bowl should be left inside the space. Close the door after you’ve left the room.
  • Make a small incision on your finger using pins and allow a small amount of blood to fall into the bowl to be placed in the next.
  • Re-enter the room, bringing the candle as well as the bowl that contains your blood. Close the door behind your back.
  • Set the bowl down on the floor and repeat in a loud voice: “Blood, you may observe.”
  • The candle is removed and left the space. The bowls should be left inside. Close the door behind you.
  • Return to the room by lighting the candle, and then close the door.
  • Put the candle in the earth, and tell the candle, “Flesh, you may not be able to see. It is possible to discover.”
  • Remove the candle from the flame and leave the room, leaving everything in its place. Close the door in front of you.
  • There are five minutes for you to find your way.

The primary event:

  • It is not possible to make use of a clock to verify the time. Instead, you should make an estimate and then hide it.
  • When you are at your chosen location Don’t move or make noise or speak. Be quiet and silent.
  • Keep the spot in the dark for at most an hour, and then take your time to listen.
  • If you notice a lot of breathing or high-pitched footsteps, somebody is looking for you.
  • If there isn’t any sound, there is no one in the room. The person has left the premises.

The Conclusion:

  • When you’re sure that there is no noise or that the sun is rising (whichever is later) You are now able to leave the shelter.
  • You won the match.
  • Go back to your room and take away the equipment.
  • Clean and empty the bowls in the shortest time possible.
  • Place the bones of your chicken away from your play space.
  • Break the bowls, then bury them with chicken bones.
  • Remove the candle and ensure that it is not lit again.
  • Do not play more than one time.

Cat scratch

17. Cat scratch

Several players swear that the game is fun, although we’re not sure why someone would want to see cat scratches on their bodies. If, however, you’re looking to experience some spooky excitement with your acquaintances, this game will leave you shaking.

You’ll need:

  • An assortment of personal friends

What to do:

  • Have one person lay on the floor with their head on the other’s lap.
  • The person sitting in the chair recites an e-book as they massage the lying person’s temples.
  • The story must feature the cat, and it must be disturbing – typically, it involves the cat becoming unwell or dying.
  • The story comes to an end the person who is lying down must rise and put on their shirt.
  • If the ritual is right, their backs will be covered in red claw marks.
  • The way the ghost cat got through their clothing and then smacked them without being aware is anyone’s guess.

Triple mirror game

18. Triple mirror game

If you are looking to get in contact with spirits and ghosts You may want to purchase a variety of mirrors. They are known to love mirrors and candles that you’ll be using for this particular game.

You’ll require:

  • Three-floor-long mirrors and stands
  • Three bed sheets big enough to cover mirrors
  • White candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • Salt
  • A darkroom


  • Shut off all the lighting in your play area.
  • All the things you have to take to the darkroom. Make sure the door is open.
  • Sprinkle salt on all thresholds of doors and windowsills.
  • Set the mirrors in between the entrances in such a way that the picture that is projected from the front of the door will be projected from the mirror in the first to the second mirror and from the second mirror to the third.
  • Place the candle right in front of the door in between all of the mirrors. Light it.
  • It is necessary to stand in the mirrors to illuminate the candle. Then, light it fast and walk away immediately.
  • Take a step outside of the mirror arrangement, but inside the room to ensure you can see the third mirror but not visible in the two mirrors.
  • Pay attention to the third mirror.
  • If you want to stop the game, turn your eyes to the third mirror.
  • Set the sheets over the mirrors, beginning at the top with mirror number three. Be careful not to move into the arrangement while you are doing this.
  • Once all mirrors are covered, enter and light the candle. Step out quickly.
  • Switch to turn on your lights.
  • Set the mirrors near an exterior wall, with the mirrors’ reflective surfaces facing towards the wall. Don’t take off the covers.
  • Keep the mirrors in this location for a minimum of three days. You should not be in the area during this period.
  • In 72 hours you can relocate the mirrors into secure storage. Sprinkle salt on each of the mirrors before moving them.

The shoebox phone

19. The shoebox phone

If you’re new to these kinds of games you may want to start by playing this game. However, these games always come with risks. So, be aware that you are playing on your responsibility.

You’ll need:

  • A closet
  • A paper cup
  • A shoebox
  • A string that is two up to 4 feet in length
  • A needle
  • Scissors
  • One of the objects of the same person who you would like to contact
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen with ink. Ballpoint pens and pencils won’t work.
  • A flat surface


  • Start right before going to sleep.
  • Keep the lights on, but switch off all electronic devices, including your laptop, cellphone and television, routers and so on.
  • If you think the time is right, you can write an email to the individual you wish to get in touch with.
  • In your letter, you should be able to explain the reason why you would like them to contact you. Make sure you do not omit any information or commit any mistakes. Do not make plans in advance or think too much. Write it down.
  • After you’re done, tie the other portion of your string to an item of your person.
  • The other thread of the thread through into the base of the cup. Make sure to tie off the thread.
  • Grab the cup and read the letter in it clearly and read it aloud. Incorporate the errors you’ve made in writing if you made any.
  • Put the letter as well as the object inside the shoebox. The thread will pop out from the shoebox.
  • Close the lid and place it down on the ground of your closet.
  • The cup of paper must be on the top of the box. The scissors should be placed next to it.
  • The answer will appear to you through an image. It will reveal that someone wants to contact you. It could happen at the same time or the night immediately following.
  • It’s time to pick up the phone.
  • Take a trip to the closet, but do not switch on the lighting, and do not speak.
  • If the shoebox is opened or the glass has been crushed, do not take the request. Cut or snap the string, then burn it right away.
  • If the shoebox and cup remain unnoticed, walk into the closet and shut the door.
  • Relax and put the cup of paper in your ears. Then, cover the other ear with your hands and pay attention.
  • Don’t touch the shoebox, don’t make any sound or motion or ever speak even if given a question or are you are asked to do something.
  • After the call is over or you wish to leave, put the top of your box shut with one hand, and pull the thread using the other hand to make sure it snaps. If you are unable to snap the thread this way then you can use a cutter to slice it.
  • Take the shoebox out and put it in a secure location in a place that is quiet for some time.
  • Burn the paper cup.

Yellow door, red door

20. Yellow door, red door

Red Door, Yellow Door is a well-known sleepover game also known as “Black Door,” White Door” or “Doors of the Mind.” The game requires at minimum two players to play, as one player will lead you through the mind trance, and keep you in the trance if required.

You’ll require:

  • Two players – one of them the principal and one guide
  • An alarm clock
  • A pillow


  • We will assume your participation as being the main player in this game.
  • Make the timer an hour starting at the time you get started.
  • The instructor first sits across the floor, cross-legged, with pillows on their lap.
  • Then, lie down on the floor and put your body on the pillows. Then, close your eyes.
  • Lift your hands into the air, and relax. Close your eyes throughout the process.
  • Your guide rubs the temples, and the guide chants “Red door or yellow door, or any other colour door” repeatedly.
  • If you have other people in the room who are watching you, they must also sing.
  • When you begin to fall into a state of trance or see the doors or rooms in front of you, relax your arms. This is the signal to the guide as well as the other participants to stop singing.
  • The guide will ask questions. They will mostly ask questions about the environment around them. They may also request you to unlock doors. If the guide asks an inquiry, you must answer the question.
  • The questions or directions could be:

Are you in the room? you inside the room?

Define the room.

What colours are the doors?

Do you feel confident at the sight of the yellowed door?

Go through the yellow door. proceed through.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings with great complete detail.
  • Define the rooms and their specifics for reference as precisely as you can.
  • Be sure to notice the aspects of yourself in addition to what you’re wearing, what’s in your pockets, and so on.
  • If the alarm sounds The guide should gently guide you back into reality. Check that all the doors you’ve been able to open are locked.
  • If you are in an area brimming with clocks, get out immediately. Clocks could keep you.
  • If you come across any persons in the room you visit, do not attempt to talk to them.
  • If you see a person dressed in a suit, tell him in specific detail the guide in the order for they can take you back to normal life. If they can’t be able to, then do not engage with him and leave the room as soon as you can.
  • If you don’t feel you feel at ease about a particular door be sure to not go through it.
  • If you are trying to unlock a door, but discover it is locked, you should check whether you have keys in your possession. It could unlock the door. But if it doesn’t proceed. This may not be the ideal moment to open the door.
  • If you find yourself stuck in a room you are in, you must get out of the trance as soon as possible.
  • If you’re deep in the trance of awakening it may be necessary for your guide to shake you vigorously to wake you up.


21. Ghost

If you are finding your Ouija board too terrifying, but you still want to know the answers you can get from the realm of the spirit then this could be the right game. Beginners can indeed enjoy this game too however, be cautious not to ask too many questions.

You’ll need:

  • An assortment of decks
  • A few candles
  • Matches or lighter
  • Friends
  • Questions and answers
  • A dark room


  • In the darkroom, sit down and turn all lights off. Check to make sure there isn’t lighting coming through the window or cracks in the door.
  • Gather around with five of your buddies.
  • Each person should be given an ointment.
  • Every participant must place their candle before them and then light them.
  • The deck is shuffled nine times.
  • You will be dealt 11 cards, and then place them before you, in a straight line.
  • Put the other cards before the other cards together in a single deck.
  • It’s time to begin asking questions.
  • Each participant is required to ask a question, and then pull one of the cards from the pile.
  • You can select a card from a pile of 11 cards.
  • The word “heart” is “yes,” clubs means “I don’t know.” A spade is a “no,” and a diamond is a “maybe.”
  • When you’re done when you are done, be sure to end your time by saying goodbye.
  • Burn out all the candles and then stack all the cards.
  • Beware of them. They shouldn’t be used for play in the normal sense.

The game of thumbs

22. The game of thumbs

It is an ancient Japanese tradition that’s grown in popularity recently because of YouTube and its expansion across England and the rest of the. It is based on a horrific tale of a young girl who was killed and then found in pieces. Except for her thumb, police found the entire body.

You’ll need:

  • At least three people
  • A dark room


  • In the darkroom, sit down and shut off all the lighting. Be sure that there isn’t any illumination coming from windows or through the door slits.
  • Make a circle and sit in the middle of your flooring.
  • Hands extend toward the person on your right. You can hold your left thumb in your left hand. The person on your left side will follow suit thing with their right hand and the left thumb.
  • While holding hands and close your eyes.
  • Imagine a small home that isn’t too lavish but not overly extravagant. It should be comfortable for you. It is possible to think of as many things about the exterior and interior as you want. It has to be a spot where you imagine retreating to when you are stressed.
  • Imagine the cottage broken into pieces. You’ve been killed and broken into pieces, with the body parts scattered throughout the cottage.
  • After you’ve spent enough time looking at this image, close your eyes.
  • If the ritual was conducted well, you’ll be able to see that you’re in the cottage as you look up. It’s dark and illuminated by just one candle.
  • If you don’t see any changes when you open your eyes, then you’ve been unsuccessful. Try again.
  • If you’ve made it and are now in the cottage, you can release the thumbs each other and look around the cottage to find the thumb missing. Find it thoroughly. Don’t leave any corner unexplored.
  • Be sure to watch the flame. It’s only so long as the candle is still burning. If it goes out the candle is out, and you’re stuck.
  • If you spot the thumb, notify everyone in the group that you’ve located it. Then, gather the group around the candle.
  • Place the thumb on your right hand. All those who are left hold their hands in the right thumb. With one hand Lean forward, and then blow out the candle.
  • If you are unable to locate the thumb, then gather everyone else while the candle is burning, grab the left thumb each other with your right hand Lean into each other, and then blow out the candle.
  • When you return to the same room where you began, you could get lost for a time.
  • Release the thumbs each other and switch on the light.
  • If you have found that your thumb was missing, then you could be surprised to find that your luck increased over the following few days.
  • If you couldn’t locate the thumb, you’d have no change.
  • Try again later.
  • There is also the chance that you will never.
  • If you’re at the cottage, you should not turn around and stare for a tapping across your shoulders.

The ghost paper test

23. The ghost paper test

The game is similar in concept to “Ghost,” but more terrifying. Don’t try playing this game if you’re just beginning because nobody knows what’s at the other end of the door.

You’ll require:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • A quiet, dark space with doors. The pen and paper must be able of sliding under the door once it’s shut.
  • A clock
  • Three questions


  • Get the game started a bit earlier than 3 am.
  • Shut off all the lights in your house and then take the items to the darkroom.
  • You must enter the room. Close the door in front of you.
  • Put the paper on the door’s front.
  • Place the candle in front of the paper, and light the candle.
  • Always check the clock to ensure the correct time.
  • At exactly 3 am at precisely 3 am, knock on your door 3 times. Then repeat the words, “Spirit of the door I’m pleased to have you here Make yourself available and walk through” at least three times.
  • The first part of the question should be written on paper. Once you’re done you can place the pen onto the paper, and then push them out of the door at about halfway through.
  • Take a moment to wait.
  • If the paper is left where it is, there is no sign that the spirit has entered. Remove the candle and try it afterwards.
  • If the newspaper is pulled onto the other side, the summons was successful.
  • After a few minutes, it will be a while before the pen and paper will fall back into the doorway.
  • Check out the answer.
  • Repeat the process in the 2nd and third questions.
  • After having read the final response, you can thank the spirit for its presence and then extinguish the candle.
  • Do not unlock the door until you have
  • If the first question you ask is answered but the paper isn’t moving for the next or third question don’t proceed. Instead, you should apologize and then thank the spirit. Make sure to put out the candle. Don’t open the door until the next morning. You may try a different time.
  • If the paper is returned with a message telling you to stop and leave the spirit to its own or is hostile do not continue. Resolve to apologize and end the meeting.
  • Multiple players can participate in this game at the same time. However, each participant should answer just three questions.
  • You are free to ask any question, but make sure to keep Your tone, manner and tone of speaking respectfully at all times.

Gnome, gnome and more!

24. Gnome, gnome and more!

In Russian folklore, gnomes are famous to grant wishes. Since gnomes are generally good-hearted, it’s an easier and less frightening sport to engage in.

You’ll require:

  • Two chairs
  • Twine
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Individually wrapped sweets or candies Each participant gets one candy or sweet
  • Wishes
  • A dark, quiet room

What to do:

  • Close all the curtains, and switch off the lighting inside the room.
  • Eliminate all white objects or objects with icons of religious significance on them, which are in the space.
  • Set the two chairs in the room.
  • Make sure you have all participants as well as all the items that are in the Roo.
  • Eliminate all people who aren’t participating in the game. Also, remove all pets from the room.
  • Shut the door.
  • Attach an end of the twine to the chair’s legs.
  • One at a time, each participant should pick up one candy that has been wrapped and secure it with twine in a secure way. The participant must not tie more than one candy on the twine.
  • Make use of a measuring tape to make sure that the candies are equally spaced from one another. Also, make sure to tie the twine tightly so that the candies don’t get caught on the ground.
  • When you tie the candy to the player, they must each make a silent wish. Make the thought in your head.
  • Make sure you remember which candy belongs to you.
  • Once all the candy has been tied, remove the twine off the spool using scissors. Make sure you leave at minimum an inch of twine left before cutting it.
  • Attach the snipped edge of the twine to the leg of the second chair.
  • Everyone must be able to turn their backs towards the chairs and no one should be watching them.
  • If you have any lights that are on, turn them off immediately.
  • The whole group sings “Gnome GnomePriyti” loudly. The meaning is Gnome, Gnome, Come.
  • There could be creaking sounds coming from behind. It is not advisable to move.
  • After all, the sound has stopped then turn the car around and switch off the light.
  • If your sweets have been wrapped, ungummed or eaten whole Your wish will be fulfilled shortly.
  • If the candy is not eaten or your request hasn’t been granted, revisit it after a couple of days.
  • Untie the twine, and get rid of it, along with any remaining candy in a safe manner.

Charlotte's website

25. Charlotte’s website

If you’re thinking of the classic for children Charlotte’s Web, you’re mistaken. The game is about conjuring up the spirits of a 7-year-old girl in the 15 century. century, whose mother had been executed because she was a witch.

You’ll require:

  • Two participants
  • A room with no windows
  • Flashlights (do not make use of lighters, candles or any kind of flame whatsoever)
  • A toy
  • A mirror
  • Two chairs and a table


  • If you are unable to utilize a space with no windows, make sure you cover the windows in the most complete way you can.
  • Set the chairs in the room adjacent to one another and about two feet away. The chairs should be facing the same way.
  • Set the mirror on top of your chairs. You should be able to see your reflection once you sit down on the chairs. Do not set foot on them just yet.
  • Set the table in front of the chairs. The table must also be reflections on the mirror.
  • Set the toys in the middle of the table.
  • Turn on the lights and switch off all lighting in the room.
  • Both of them sit in the same chair.
  • Take a look in the
  • Say these words: “We want to play Charlotte’s Web.”
  • Take a moment and only look at the mirror. Make sure you don’t look anywhere else. Look in the mirror to see the toys.
  • If she plays with the toy, she’s satisfied, and you are free to continue.
  • Since she’s a baby, she’s interested and loves to talk. Allow her to talk. Don’t interrupt her. Ask her questions, and then wait for her response. Don’t hesitate to ask questions at any time.
  • After you’ve finished this conversation take a look in the mirror, and then say “Goodbye, Charlotte,” in unison.
  • She’ll wander out of sight, taking her toy along with her.
  • Switch off the light.
  • If she isn’t taking the toy, end the game with a resounding “Goodbye, Charlotte.” Don’t turn back.
  • The game is playable only once.
  • Throughout the match, make sure to look solely towards the mirror. Do not look around or look around or downwards, upwards, or even look at the other players. This can cause her to throw their temper. Don’t you wish to be the victim of her screaming fits?

The game in the closet

26. The game in the closet

If you’re looking to have a relaxing conversation with a demon why not put it away in a dark room? The more frightening it is the more excitement you’ll feel.

You’ll need:

What to do:

  • Shut off all the lighting in the room, including the closet. If the closet is equipped with lights, turn them off too.
  • Keep the match close by and make sure to get into the closet by midnight.
  • Shut the door.
  • Be quiet for at minimum two minutes. Do not speak or move.
  • In two seconds, you should hold the match that is not lit in front of you, and then say, “Show me the light or let me go to sleep.”
  • If you detect a faint whisper in the darkness, you should light the match instantly.
  • If you don’t hear anything Wait. Don’t turn around.
  • If the fire is still burning then open the door to the closet and close it. Close the door.
  • Don’t look into the closet.
  • Never go in the closet again without the lights on.
  • Strange things could happen if you open the closet door unlocked.
  • If you go through the closet when it is dark may be able to see two tiny light spots. They could be eyes. We’re not talking about eyes.

The game of compass

27. The game of compass

The Compass Game, also known by its Portuguese by the name of Jogo do Compasso, originated in Brazil however some say it came from Indonesia. It is a game where players employ a compass to draw circles, and also as a planchet to the Ouija board. It is not the one we normally use to show the direction. It’s an extremely frightening game with advanced darkness, therefore you should be aware.

You’ll need:

  • A Compass
  • A pencil
  • A piece of paper
  • Questions

What to do:

  • Put the pencil into the Compass and draw a big circle on the paper.
  • Write the alphabet’s letters on the outer edges of the circular. It is recommended that the letter A be on the top. The other letters must be written in clockwise order.
  • Write the numbers zero through nine along the outer edge of your circle. Zero should be at the top beneath A.
  • In the middle of the circle In the centre, write on the circle the letters “YES” or “NO” on the upper and bottom, respectively.
  • Place the compass on an angle of the right.
  • Place the compass at its edge in the middle of the circle.
  • One finger on the top, keep the compass straight. The compass must be held loose enough for it to rotate freely about the circles.
  • You must ask permission before you can start the game.
  • If your answer turns out to be negative or unproven If the answer is a no, then stop playing. Then, destroy the paper, and then try again in the future.
  • If your answer is yes If answer is yes, then you can move on to the next step.
  • Everyone who participates should be asked to sign a permission form before entering the game.
  • If an individual is refused access the player should not continue. They should leave the room. Others may be cautious in their actions.
  • Ask a question, and watch the arm of the compass.
  • If it stays in a stalemate, ask a different question.
  • If it does swing, record the place it comes to a stop. This will give you the answer.
  • A second participant can write the answers on a separate page of the paper.
  • You are free to ask any questions you’d like, but if think the answers aren’t immediately available, then stop.
  • If the answers start to come slow, disjointed or unrelated or the answers cease to appear completely Stop the game.
  • Request permission to quit the game. If you are granted permission, you are allowed to leave.
  • Every participant must be able to ask permission before leaving the game.
  • Disrupt the paper.
  • Maintain your manners and tone appropriately throughout the game. Do not make jokes.
  • The compass can provide you with directions. Don’t follow them.
  • Don’t ask for proof that the spirit exists or whether it’s good or bad.
  • Avoid playing this game often.
  • Do not allow the spirit to dwell within your body.
  • Make sure that the compass does not drop at any point. The person who is asking the questions must maintain the compass by the hinge.
  • If the compass fails and the paper is damaged, immediately destroy it take the pencil out of the compass, and exit the area. Place the compass as well as the pencil in a distant area that is separate from the one.

If you are planning to throw an exciting Halloween party There are plenty of terrifying games you can play with your friends that you can pick from for a terrifying experience. These scary games can help make your camping or sleepover outings with your friends more memorable. Bloody Mary, Ouija board, Sandman, Tsuji-ura, the picture game and Concentrate are a few of the most terrifying games. The games you choose to play according to the number of players and the environment, i.e., indoor or outdoor. But, make sure you use the appropriate precautions to avoid any accidents during these games.


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