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Being with someone in a relationship out of pity is the worst thing you can do to that person. It’s bettered you leave the relationship in peace than in pieces. Be honest with yourself.

Marriage or Relationship is not a die affair. Most times we will discover that the flame of love which is supposed to be keeping the relationship alive is no longer burning because the ingredients needed to keep it alive is not available anymore or it wasn’t maintained so it became valueless to the relationship.

The relationship is not working like it was when you guys met simply because of being lack of commitment and other important things that are supposed to keep it alive.

Don’t create trouble when you are not interested in the relationship anymore, don’t defame your lover or make him or her feel guilty of anything.

Here are the simple things to do. It will definitely bring the relationship to an end amicably and you guys may probably still be casual friends who are better than being enemies to each other.

1) Form To Be Busy Always. Pick up his calls once in a while and apologize for being so much busy. After about 5 minutes, call him back and tell him you will call him back then block his calls for the remaining hours of that day.

Unblock him the next day and just repeat the same attitude. Don’t forget to always be nice to him and always apologize for being busy with some task you can’t do without completing it for the day. Remember to keep being busy every time he calls you. He will fade up on his own. Then after some time, like 2 years or less, depending on how close you were with each other before the break-up. Reach out to him again, by then he must have moved on with his life tell him how you lost your line and his phone contacts and complain against him about how he never bothered to reach out to you. Blame him for the separation then tell him all is good. You have forgiven him and you have moved on as well. That you just came across where you wrote his number in your diary and decided to reach out to him. He will start apologising and then boom you guys are back to the friend zone.

2) Tell him you are pregnant and if he wants you to keep the baby, disagree with him that you don’t want to be a mother now. By the time you give him unimaginable reasons, everyone will go their way.

3) For the man, team up with your friends, and one of them will bring a girl who will claim to be your girlfriend. Let your woman suspect you guys of something. Don’t apologize, claim nothing is happening between you and the girl she saw you with, if this didn’t end the relationship then tell her you got another lady pregnant and her family is on your neck to come and marry her. Believe me, nobody can take this kind of disappointment, she will get tired of you and move on with her life.

One year later, call her and apologize, tell her you couldn’t marry the lady because you were unable to focus on the Marriage just because you were thinking about her. Ask her if is possible for you guys to come back. She will accept only if she is still single and she’s still to love you, otherwise move on with your life.

4) Tell him or her that your parents are not in support of the relationship and not to talk about Marriage. Convince him that you can’t bear the pressure anymore from your parents and to make it worse, they are forcing you to marry someone else they brought for you.

5) Stop giving him or her any form of attention required for the good of the relationship. Create emotional distance. If you are the one who usually calls the most, reduce it, and gradually you will stop and since the relationship was alive because of you, if you stop doing those things that kept the Relationship alive, it will die a natural death.

NOTE: Don’t break up with your significant other in public. Break-up in public is childish, that one alone can hurt more than the break-up itself. Does that in a semi-private place. Don’t also feel bad or intimidated when your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you for the reason why you want a break-up, give him or her your reason and be honest while doing it.

Don’t do it in your own house either; is better to do it in the house of your lover. Just after the discussion is over, you can take your belongings and leave, it will be better for your lover not to travel or go anywhere with such an unimaginable experience.

Don’t accuse him or her of Cheating on you if you are not sure, that’s if you don’t have the facts to back up your claim, is a humiliation.

Don’t criticize him or her outside, defaming him, telling lies against him, telling your friends what he didn’t do, This is because you guys may come back together again and you know what the impact of those lies you have spread against him will mean to the Relationship.

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