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Love is a Crush

Learn From It

My favourite thing to do is learn from my mistakes. Seriously. I love nothing better than to analyze a situation, how it went wrong, what went wrong and how to make it better. Note: I intentionally did not say ‘how to fix it’ because ‘fixing it’ denotes that something is broken. WE ARE NOT BROKEN, WE ARE HUMAN and humans are complex. And I think we all know by now, that no relationship is without its problems 100% of the time.

So back to ‘Love is a Crush’ – it’s essentially an emotion of intense infatuation that either rapidly evolves into a deeper emotion of care and affection, or not. Of course, I’m referring to romantic relationships because we can all acknowledge that we have the capacity to encompass dynamics of love such as parents, children, siblings, friends and family outside of a romantic relationship.

I’ve spent nearly 4 decades married to my husband. 4 Decades!! I’m sure you can imagine some of the changes we would have endured from teenagerhood to midlife marriage. Some of these changes, I have been able to pick apart, and put back together to enable us to forge ahead contentedly into our senior years. Yes, love is a crush but if you’re open to learning from those initial intense emotions when you first met, you can create momentum that carries you into a future bright with a midlife love worthy of pursuing into later years.

I trust that you have chosen, or will choose, your forever partner with the hopes of a life you can sustain together growing closer and more intimate as time irrevocably marches on.

I’ve written extensively of my experience in establishing boundaries and personal growth whilst simultaneously nurturing a relationship that has thrived in changing circumstances, cities and countries.

You’ll find all that in my memoir as it showcases the emergence of a powerful woman borne from the roots of a sapling, becoming stronger through the wisdom of time. Here’s the link for you:

I’ve also written about our midlife dating experiment which served as much of a reminder for me to appreciate and value the small things in my husband, as it did to reignite our love, infatuation and passion for each other. Tap the link to find out more: 

Next year, I am working on a blueprint, a plan of action really, of ideas to actually enhance midlife love. The definition of ‘enhance’ according to Oxford Languages, is to: increase, add to, intensify, magnify, amplify, inflate.

Imagine how good the prospects of a long term relationship look, when you know how to intensify your feelings for each other even after several decades together. (If you have experience you would like to share, I would LOVE to hear it).

My working titles for my book idea so far, are listed below, and I would appreciate your vote and/or suggestions too:

– Love is a Crush

– Love, Life and Lust

– Romance and Wrinkles

Let me know your ideas and if you feel you, or someone you know, could benefit from reading about our relationship experiences across the globe, across chasms or emotional divides, I would encourage you wholeheartedly to treat yourself, or someone you love, to a copy of one, or both, of my books previously mentioned, at the following links:

Join me on the socials and let’s brain storm ideas for a future full of growth:

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