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Manipulative Tricks Women Use to Control Men Exposed!

The Dark Side: Exposing Women’s Manipulative Tricks to Control Men

Both men and women use manipulation, but in this week’s video we focus on unmasking the manipulative tricks women use to control men, why they do it, and what you can do about it.

Because of the nature of manipulation, if you call her out on it you’re often left feeling like the bad guy even when you aren’t.

Manipulative Tricks Women Use

First, let’s look at the manipulative tricks women use to control men, why women use manipulation tactics, and what you can do about it.

  1. Emotional manipulation: Using emotions to guilt or manipulate you into doing something you might not want to do.


She brings up your past mistakes during arguments, making you feel guilty and responsible for your relationship problems. She uses your emotions to manipulate you into doing things her way.

Watch the video for the other 9 common manipulative tricks women use to control men plus women they do it and what you can do about it!

Watch the video here >> <<

Have You Fallen Prey to Emotional Abuse or Manipulation?

Potential Solution: Online Therapy

If you consistently feel unworthy, go for toxic women or self-sabotage when you do find a good woman, it’s more about you.

You may benefit from therapy.

There is nothing shameful about hiring a professional to guide you!

Professional athletes don’t hesitate to hire a professional coach to find their weak points and improve their skills. That’s what professionals are for!

Same thing with coaching or counseling.

Find out more about the only online therapy company I recommend here.

There are other online therapy companies out there but some of them are “on women’s side” not yours!

With gentle guidance, you’ll start believing you do deserve the kind of love you crave.

I believe in you!

xo Anna

manipulative tricks women use

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