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Men Only Want One Thing

Men Only Want One Thing
Men Only Want One Thing

In life today, our ladies always said that the only thing that men want is sex. But today we want to tell you that there’s this thing that men want most, and that is common to every man out there. Yes, men indeed want sex from a woman, but that’s not the only thing that men want.

Men are just as women too, they have the same interest as women do, only that they share one deep core needs with women. And not only women but with other men and also the children too.

They share the need to relate. And when the need to join is not achieved, they will feel lonely and live the life of a singular person. They will tend to be working, hunting for money, and when they are alone, they will kill themselves with games, videos, and alcohol.

Everyone thinks that the only thing that men are after is the honey pot of a woman, and once that is gotten, they will disappear. But this is not always true. A young and mature man only wants to be loved just like a child and be treated like a baby too by his woman just as a woman will want to be treated.

When your man or your son shows sensitivity and nurturing character, you have to accept and honor it as well, do not see it as if he is weak or he is behaving like a woman. Always know that he is also a human and needs to be loved too.

Some men are living a life of hell, an experience that they are being imposed simply because they are men. But inwardly, they are dying for love, dying to be treated like a child from a woman, dying from the touch, and the warming body of a woman and not just having sex with a woman.

They have been trained to be healthy and act like a man, that it’s only a woman that behaves that way. But it’s not true. Such an imposing character can only make that particular man have hatred and ride to women. Because they were unable to experience the love and passion of a mother or a woman around them. Free your child, let him feel warm and loved, as well as you do to your woman.

So today, we are going to be treating on a topic that says, “men only want one thing.”

Like I have said before, men do not only want sex; instead, there is something else that they wish to than sex, so carefully read this article To give you detailed information on what men want the most.

They want to be loved with your whole heart for whom they are but not for what they are. Men love it when their women appreciate and talk well about them.

For instance. Men love to see their women saying good about them, both outside and inside, and not only when they are with you. They love to see their women be the best they can to make them happy.

Men are always the peak of their happiness when their women tell them how good he is on the bed even though he didn’t perform very well. It makes them try to be on their best for next time.

Just as a child will like his/her mother to treat him, he also wants his woman to treat him that same way, at least once daily. Getting closer into the woman’s body gives him peace and homecoming that moves way beyond pure sexual pleasure.

Men want sexual intercourse with a woman, but not when there’s no atom of connection between you two, I mean for every responsible man.
Always wanting sex is part of the personality of a man that makes them a man. But it takes only a few men to control their urges when it comes to a woman. What they want is a safe harbor where they can take refuge and be loved.

Men want to be nurtured by women to feel relax and warmed in the hands of a woman to strengthen their life spam. It takes only mature men to understand themselves and not just the little boys who are only after sexual intercourse with a woman, without considering the warming part of it.

Men Only Want One Thing

Apart from sex, there’s this particular thing that men want, which is nurturing. They all want to be nurtured and loved by their women, not otherwise.

We believed that you could understand the one thing the men want. also, read what makes a man leave his wife for another woman to understand what will make a man leave the woman he loves.
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