Monday, June 12, 2023

Mending Two Broken Hearts – Relationship Development and Transformation

Two broken hearts … and mending ten years later! This true story shows how the heart can be healed, no matter how much time has gone by.

Almost ten years ago, Noah was young and in love with Amelia. He considered her “the love of his life.” But then, on a business trip, he met a young woman at a party and, fueled by alcohol, they had sex that night. Back home, and feeling guilt-ridden by what he had done, he fully confessed to Amelia. He planned to marry her, and didn’t want to hold onto a secret.

Amelia did not take this confession well, and ended the relationship – two broken hearts. She ordered Noah to stay out of her life, and never contact her again.

Noah did what she wanted. He never contacted her again. But he couldn’t get over her either. He tried to move on but he was heart broke. He had other, but very short, relationships. He could never fully open his heart to another woman.

Then he found me (Barry). In our first counseling session together, I pointed out what to me felt like a chain around his heart, binding him to Amelia, even after all these years. I suggested he write her a letter, both to free himself and to free her. But he resisted, not wanting to go against her wishes, not wanting to stir up old wounds.

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