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Mexican Indian Wedding | 10 Tips to Know To Plan Your Wedding

Nowadays, destination weddings are gaining rapid popularity among the Indian people. The reason for this is that these types of weddings create a long-lasting memory for the couples. Besides this, it helps you to save enormous costs as compared to traditional weddings.
What can be more beautiful than to have a wedding alongside the backdrop of picturesque mountains, valleys, and beautiful lakes, and a lot of wedding favors. You can even host a destination wedding on a lovely beachside along with your family members.

Tips for Big Mexican Indian Wedding

Consider the Natural Disaster

You need to conduct thorough research before setting out for your dream destination wedding in Mexico. The reason for this is that most of the Mexican wedding destination sites lie near coastal areas.
Moreover, Mexico is known to be covered under seaweed for 2-3 months, and this natural phenomenon occurs after 4-5 years.

Natural Disaster

Avoid Sweaty Outfits

Mexican temperatures can exceed even 50 degrees Celsius during the summer months. Sometimes, you can face unexpected rains that can dampen your wedding spirits. Hence, it is wise to plan your Mexican Indian wedding during the evening time for avoiding sweaty outfits.

Mexican Wedding

Wedding favors

The most important aspect of any wedding involves picking the correct wedding favors for your guests as well as for family members. You can even choose few Indian souvenirs or even a few beautiful Indian handicraft items as wedding favors.

Wedding favors

Pack Extra Outfits

It is important to pack extra wedding outfits so that you can wear them accordingly to the hot and sultry Mexican weather. Having an outfit backup will also allow you to look fresh even if your clothes become wet because of the hot weather.


Keep In Mind about Instructions

Destination wedding involves guests coming from distant places to a foreign land. This is why it becomes extremely important to provide knowledge about the resort policies, exclusions, inclusions, and the weather report beforehand. This will save you from unexpected surprises during the celebrations time.

Destination wedding

Provide Intermittent Breaks

You need to keep intermittent breaks between the functions This will help the bride and groom to relax between numerous wedding rituals.

Mexican Indian Wedding

Check the Food

No Indian wedding is complete without food. Make proper arrangements of food with the Mexican resorts to avoid any guests going hungry. You don’t want any embarrassments in the middle of your celebrations, right.

Check the food

Choose your Wedding Resort Wisely

You need to pick your resort wisely since most of the Mexican hotels are open like Vegas hotels are. Never expect total privacy about the hotels in Mexico. Therefore, pick the wiser choice, not the best one.

Mexican wedding resort

Pick a day for Pool Party

Mexican destination wedding offers a perfect opportunity to host a pool party for your wedding. A pool party can make your wedding more memorable as the daytime weather is best for photography, events, functions, etc. Further, the light offers a perfect backdrop for your wedding photography while holding the best wedding favors in your hand.

Pool Party

Ensure Enough Gap between Events

You need to provide gaps between events since most of your guests and relatives would be arriving from distant places. You should offer your guests enough recovery time after a tiring flight journey.

Ensure Enough Gap between Events

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