Sunday, June 11, 2023

Mindful Intimacy is a Vital Part of Empowered Relationships — Dr. Jenn’s Den

I recently sat down and had a deep dive conversation about mindful intimacy, especially for women, with my colleague Dr. Jessica Higgins. She describes our conversation, which is Episode #334 of her podcast, in the following way:

“Every one of us struggles with something that impacts our relationships. We were raised to believe that whatever we struggle with—be it self-worth, emotions, or body image—is a flaw.

Despite the fact that we are heavily influenced by our society, we are taught that we are all unique individuals who have the power to make our own decisions.

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus discusses how to recognize our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as well as how to practice being mindful of them. She urges everyone to venture a little further outside of their comfort zones and develop their mental and emotional fortitude so they can begin to make decisions they never had before.

Your Checklist of Actions to Take

  • Be patient, understanding, and gentle with yourself. Know that you are worthy of love.

  • Take a moment to consciously reflect on the self-deprecating thoughts, feelings of discomfort, and embarrassment you are harboring.

  • Recognize and experience the feelings, beliefs, and thoughts you have been avoiding for a long time. Stay present with them, even for five seconds to build mental and emotional resilience.

  • Expand your comfort zone a little bit, but do it carefully.”

You can listen here to Episode #334 of the “Empowered Relationship” Podcast, or find it on your podcast app.

~Dr. Jenn Gunsaullus — San Diego Sexologist, Intimacy Speaker, & Relationship Coach

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