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Mother’s Day Sale 2023 – 10 Last-Minute Deals for Mom | Discover What’s Next

With Mother’s Day less than 2 weeks away, we thought we’d do everyone a little favor…

Rather than spend hours browsing dozens of sites or heading out to shop in person, we rounded up 10 incredible Mother’s Day Gifts that are super popular AND highly affordable!

If Mom can’t see out of her smudged glasses, how can she see what a wonderful human you’ve become?

Help Mom see CLEARLY again with Peeps!

These carbon-charged glasses cleaners work like a charm to erase fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and dust in the blink of an eye. And unlike old rags or the end of a shirttail, Peeps WON’T damage her glasses!

Peeps have been a top Mother’s Day gift for YEARS on Grommet and 2023 will be no different. Show Mom you care by helping her see clearly again!

P.S. Peeps were created by a former NASA designer who originally invented the material used in Peeps to clean literal Spacecrafts!

The deal: Peeps are an all-time best-seller because they’re ridiculously affordable! Send Mom Peeps for just $19.98 + S&H. Or get FREE shipping with their buy 2, get 1 FREE deal!

Buy from Peeps

Getting Mom a gift card to her favorite pedicure spot is a great Mother’s Day Gift, right?


(Ok, it’s not actually a bad gift, but don’t you think she’d love to give herself a relaxing foot treatment AT HOME instead?)

That’s right, Foot Peel Mask is a relaxing foot treatment Mom can give herself on HER schedule without driving across town or making an appointment.

It rejuvenates feet to naturally eliminate ugly calluses, painful cracks, and rough patches that have been there for years.

She’ll be left with feet that are clean, healthy, and refreshed and she’ll have YOU to thank for it!

The deal: Give Mom baby-soft feet for just $24.99 + S&H! Maybe you’d like to give yourself such a relaxing experience, too? Their buy 2, get 1 FREE special gets you 6 treatments for $30 off + FREE shipping!

Buy from Foot Peel Mask

3. Bed Scrunchie: The 360° bed sheet holder gives Mom wrinkle-free sheets WITHOUT having to lift her heavy mattress 

The list of moms who enjoy lifting up their heavy mattresses to tighten their sheets is mighty short…

With the Bed Scrunchie, they won’t have to!

It’s a revolutionary bedding accessory that’s here to end Mom’s sheet-tucking woes! Say goodbye to waking up in a cocoon of crumpled sheets, and hello to a perfectly made bed every time.

Sheets inevitably get bunched up and wrinkled as we sleep, but with the Bed Scrunchie, all Mom has to do is pull once and everything will look clean and crisp again. NO MORE WRINKLES.

She’ll get to enjoy the elusive “hotel” look — without having to pay for a fancy hotel room!
The Bed Scrunchie provides a consistent and sturdy 360-degree hold, keeping her sheets in place all night long no matter what.

The deal: Order Mom a pair of Bed Scrunchies and keep one for yourself, too! Their buy 2, get 1 FREE Mother’s Day offer saves you $50 and unlocks FREE shipping! (It’s by far their most popular offer.)

Buy from Bed Scrunchie

Growing up, how often did you see Mom come back home after a big shopping trip and spend what seemed like hours unloading grocery bags from the car until it was almost time to go back to the store again? Give Mom the gift of her time back this Mother’s Day with Click & Carry!

The Click & Carry bag handle is designed to give your mom a break and let her carry her groceries from the cart to the car and from the car to the kitchen all in one quick trip each. The comfy padded gel grip lets her haul up to 80 pounds of ingredients for your favorite cookie recipe all at once without even using her hands!

To use it, all she has to do is twist the Click & Carry open, load her bag handles into each side (evenly distributing the weight), twist it shut, and sling it over her shoulder. Her back supports the weight instead of her wrists and arms, so it feels much lighter. With Click & Carry, Mom will have her hands free to start making the kitchen smell like lasagna (so it’s really a gift to you). This Mother’s Day, cement your place as the FAVORITE child by giving the gift of Click & Carry!

Mother’s Day Special:
Get a set of 3 Click & Carries for just $33 — that’s a discount of over 20% vs. the regular price! Use promo code “FreeShip” at checkout for FREE shipping!

Buy from Click & Carry

5. Bleame: No more shaving, waxing, or laser treatments for Mom — Bleame offers gentle hair removal that’s fast, easy & pain-free

Do moms enjoy shaving with traditional razors? NO WAY!

(Razor nicks and messy shaving cream are no mother’s idea of fun.)

Bleame uses Nano-Crystalline technology which helps hairs to clump and break away from skin when rubbed in a gentle, circular motion. This simple process also exfoliates skin, revealing baby-smooth skin after each use.

The best part? Bleame can even discourage future hair growth with regular use! This means less time for Mom dealing with unwanted hair, and more time spent doing activities she actually enjoys.

And unlike shaving or painful laser treatments, using Bleame doesn’t hurt!

The deal: Bleame’s most popular deal is their buy 1, get 1 50% off special. Or you can save even more with their buy 2, get 1 FREE deal! (That’s $40 in instant savings!)

Buy from Bleame

It’s time for your Mom to get payback for all those sleepless nights you put her through when you were a baby!

PureRoutine’s Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a natural sleep spray that helps Mom drift into a deep sleep in just 5 minutes!

All she has to do is spray this on her pillow a few minutes before bed. The calming lavender scent is made with natural ingredients which will calm her mind no matter how stressful her day has been.

With this, she’ll be free to reduce her reliance on sleeping pills or melatonin and can fall asleep quickly with a subtle and relaxing aroma in the air. And don’t worry about a soggy pillow… PureRoutine evaporates almost instantly and won’t “stick” to her pillow!

The deal: This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift of a better night’s sleep! If you think you’d enjoy trying PureRoutine, too, go for their bundle offers which can save you nearly $40! (All bundles ship to your door for FREE!)

Buy from PureRoutine

7. C-BITE Garden Stake Clips: These made-in-the-USA clips help Mom’s garden thrive by keeping her plants supported

Inventor Jason Rider and his sister Morgan have long enjoyed relaxing in their gardens, but they know just how quickly a once neat garden can become unruly.

If Mom isn’t careful, pretty soon her tomato plants will be rotting in the dirt instead of growing sky-high!

C-BITEs are versatile garden stake clips that help Mom keep her garden organized and plants thriving. Whether she wants a trellis for her peas, a tomato cage, a frame for melons, or extra support for her sunflowers, C-BITEs can do it ALL!

They work seamlessly with other standard steel stakes and plant support accessories like ties, netting or fencing, to create custom support and protection solutions.

Mom will be thrilled when her plants make it through the entire growing season thanks to the added support of C-BITES! It’s official: All moms who like to garden LOVE these helpful clips!

P.S. Thriving Design is a small family business that proudly makes its products right here in the USA!

The deal: This Mother’s Day, get a bag of 100 C-BITE clips for just $25! That’s an incredible 32% discount!

Buy from Thriving Design

Scrubbing stains off of the microwave isn’t anyone’s idea of the perfect Mother’s Day…

Instead, help Mom prevent those tough-to-remove splatters from happening in the first place with Duo Cover!

This incredible magnetic splatter guard automatically sticks to the top of her microwave and is designed to be lowered over food while it’s being heated.

This plastic-free cover is perfect for heating up leftovers WITHOUT the horrible mess to clean up afterward. And since it locks in moisture, it even helps leftovers taste better, too!

The deal: Duo Cover is $5 off right now! But now that you’re thinking about it… don’t you want to protect your microwave, too? Their buy 2, get 1 FREE promotion gets you $35 off and ships FREE!

Buy from Duo Cover

9. BANDI Pocketed Wrap: Mom will be able to carry her essentials in STYLE with this 4-pocket slip-on wrap

11 years ago, Bev and Beth were busy moms living active lifestyles, whether it was shuttling the kids around town, training for a marathon, or just a fun long weekend at a state park.

But they both quickly discovered there weren’t any sleek alternatives to the traditional purse, wallet or bulky fanny pack to carry essentials. They launched BANDI to give busy moms everywhere an easy and stylish place to hold their most important items!

The Pocketed Wrap comes with 4 pockets perfect for stashing a standard or plus-size phone, passport, keys, cash, ID, or small medical devices.

Moms love the slip-on, buckle-free Wrap style for carrying small essentials and appreciate the fact that it doesn’t look like a bulky fanny pack from the 80s.

The deal: The Pocketed Wrap is made in the USA and comes in sizes XS-XXL. Use code “grommetfreeship” for FREE shipping! 

Buy from BANDI

10. Pop’s: Give Mom something wonderful to watch outside her window with these beautiful hummingbird swings (they make an incredible Mother’s Day gift) 

Pop’s Hummingbird Swings are sure to bring a smile to Mom’s face! 

All she has to do is place the swing near a feeder or nectar-rich flowering plant and hummingbirds will use the swing as a territorial perching spot to watch over their food source!

She’ll love watching these incredible birds and feel peace knowing she provided them with a happy resting place.

Captivated by the mystery and behavior of hummingbirds, William O. Sloan (a.k.a. “Pop’s”) began the quest for opportunities to spend more time observing these amazing creatures and created these hummingbird swings to give everyone (especially moms) a chance to observe these magical birds up close.
Today, this third-generation family-owned company is led by Pop’s granddaughter who can’t stop talking about how much support she feels from Grommet shoppers like you.

The deal: Give Mom the gift of wonder with this Mother’s Day Deal! Buy any 2 swings and get 20% off with code “GrommetSave20”, PLUS – Get a ready-to-use nectar for FREE!  Don’t wait, this limited-time offer ends May 15th!

Buy from Pop’s Birding

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