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My boyfriend just broke up with me: what to do now

My boyfriend just broke up with me: what to do now? This article offers some tips to help you when the unimaginable has happened and they have broken up with you. Whether you are feeling lost, broken, abandoned, hopeless and like nothing will help. You are thinking about all of the good times and blaming yourself. Maybe you are trying to convince them to change their mind. Stop right there and follow these tips to cope with the situation with a little dignity still in tact.

Remember the first reason you want to be with someone is that they want to be with you too. This means willingly without you having to convince them of the fact. If they are saying they want to break up with you, remember that you deserve to be with someone who first and foremost wants to be with you! It is not your job to convince them that you are worthy of that. Remain dignified and accept what they say without forgetting what you deserve.

Accept that you cannot be held responsible for the choices of others. You will go through a phase of bargaining and thinking you can change their mind. They are the only person in control of their decision making. Give them freedom to do that and respect their right to choose.

Think about yourself.

Put yourself first- you will be feeling emotionally very vulnerable. Do the things that comfort you, be around people who care about you and allow yourself time to grieve the loss you are experiencing.

Remember who you are.

Chances are you’ve lost a part of yourself along the way here. What dreams and goals did you used to have for yourself? Did you have dreams of traveling the world? Maybe you used to go to silly classes with your friends. Remember that person and try to rebuild your relationship with yourself. Plan things with your friends. Say yes to more. Remember, after the fall back is the come back and it can be truly amazing if you let it be.

Talk it out.

A professional can help you live by the above rules and help guide you to a better place. Talking about how you are feeling and receiving genuine support can make all the difference. It can help inform your future relationships including the one with yourself. Book a free telephone chat with us here.

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