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My Husband Hates Me Here Is What To Do

My Husband Hates Me
My Husband Hates Me

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Your husband hates you maybe for some reason that you are supposed to drop and then these reasons are what you should try to correct so that your husband can love you again. There are so many reasons that may lead to that hatred from your husband, so read carefully as we are about to write on that. After reading try to read Save your marriage to understand things more. “My Husband Hates Me”

My husband hates me


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you gossip a lot with your fellow women in your area whenever he is not around. Such an attitude is one of the things many husbands hate about their wives. So if you are that type, why not try to stop that and amend your ways.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are not good in the kitchen. Olden adage said that too gets a man’s heart, you must get his stomach, and to get his stomach, you must make the kitchen your best friend. So no husband likes a woman who doesn’t cook or prepare something for a meal. She always likes buying foods outside, always like eating snacks simply because she can’t cook or does not have time.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are not good in bed, you always complain that you are tired, you are not in the mood all the time. A wonderfully made woman is supposed to be good on bed, not that when you are tired that you should not have rest, NO. I mean that you shouldn’t make tiredness your everyday excuses. You are always weak to satisfy your husband’s desires.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are hard to communicate. You always take everything to another level. No communication with you goes on smoothly, there is always a reason to fight.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are not always at home. Every day you will have somewhere to go and somewhere to hang out just for self-satisfaction without taking care of your children and him as well.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are not good at paying attention to him. You are always busy with one or two things forgetting that your happiness should lie on the happiness of your family including your husband.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe it’s difficult for you to understand any situation he may be into. Even when he may be trying to explain things to you, you seem to be deaf and will not even understand a word from his at all. You lack understanding all the time.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are a cheat, you find it hard to be with only him. Upon getting married to him yet you still keep extramarital affairs with other guys. You never seem to be satisfied with what he can offer you, even though he knows he has no problem satisfying you.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are always lying. You never stick to your words, you always lie from time to time. You always have every reason to lie, you have made him not to trust you again.


  1. Your husband hates you maybe you are a nagging woman, you always nag at any little thing in the house. He will even be afraid of talking to you because of the way you may nag at him. And even your children may not be able to handle your nags again.

What makes a husband fall deeply in love with his wife.

What makes a husband fall deeply in love with his wife


The husband falls deeply in love with his wife when his wife can feed him with some good food all the time. Especially when she always changes new meals and desserts.

A husband feels happy and more loved seeing how respectful his wife is. He feels loved when his wife respects and shower him with values and full rights.

The husband loves it when he is being appreciated by his wife no matter how little he is supporting the welfare of the family. He falls more in love seeing how his wife enjoys everything he does in the family without any quarrels.

Dressing hot and sexy before your husband is capable of winning his heart over and over again without being tired of you. He will like to be with you and gild you all the time because he loves what he is seeing.

“My Husband Hates Me”

The way you approach your husband in some specific things can make him love you more, and this time it will be genuinely in love. Not talking to him anyhow you wanted without a kind of fear or respect.

The husband likes to be cared for always. So if their wives showed them with lots of care and concern, it would automatically renew their love for their wives even more than it was before.

Satisfying your husband sexually on the bed can make him love you so profoundly that he would not be able to compare your love with another woman “My Husband Hates Me”

  • Taking care of the members of the family

Taking care of his children and his family too will also give him the reason to love you like no other. He will cherish you for the rest of is life fir being the other to his children and to his family too.

Signs of a healthy marriage

Signs of a healthy marriage

  • Happiness
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Understanding
  • God-fearing
  • Love
  • Truthfulness
  • Friendly
  • Sharing of ideas
  • Good communication skills
  • Forgiveness
  • Openness

How do you tell if your spouse dislikes you?

  • If your husband doesn’t like you, there is nothing you will be doing that will please him.
  • He will always look for one thing or another to point out what you did wrong.
  • You will always be afraid of him, so you won’t do anything he will hold onto.
  • There will be no peace and happiness between the both of you.
  • He will no longer find interest in you again.
  • And will never appreciate anything you do not to talk of giving you compliments.

What is a disrespectful husband?

  • A disrespectful husband is the type of man who disregard.
  • He never listen you neither will he understand you.
  • All he cares about is his own personal interest.
  • No matter how hard you work, he will never appreciate it.
  • He is the type of man who believe that women has nothing to offer.

How do I get over my husband’s hatred?

  • First, you need to make peace within yourself.
  • It will help if you tell yourself that everything will be fine.
  • And try to learn how to endure anything at all costs.
  • Try hanging out with your friends.
  • Watch movies and other things that distract you or make you think about his hatred.
  • If you still want to win his love back, do the above.
  • And also try to give him boundaries by avoiding those things he hates.
  • Prepare his best meals more frequently.
  • As you do the above, channel all energy into building your body to look sexier.
  • Then learn to put on more sexy and attractive clothes with good perfume. 

How do I get my husband to like me again?

  • Understand what caused the hatred in the first place before thinking about how to make him like you.
  • Avoid those that he dislikes.
  • Try to listen and understand him.
  • Change your way of dressing, and it is not sexy enough.
  • Cook his best meals more frequently.
  • Apply good perfume to smell nice.
  • Compliment him when you see him dress up.
  • Finally, talk with him and apologize.

In conclusion

These reasons are the most that will make your husband hate you. So if you find yourself in any of these problems, please try as much as possible to correct yourself so as to avoid any hatred from your husband.

Drop your comments if you have any.

“My Husband Hates Me”

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