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OkCupid and Sweatcoin Data Shows Singles Are Prioritizing Health | by OkCupid

This summer daters are opting for healthier date ideas, from hikes to walks in the park

OkCupid is partnering with Sweatcoin, the market-leading move-to-earn app that rewards your daily steps with a new-generation currency, as singles continue to prioritize health and wellness. On OkCupid, a majority (87%) of 5 million daters said they enjoy exercising — and daters who do enjoy breaking a sweat received 26% more Matches and 8% more Likes over the past few months.

This summer, 80% of Gen Z and Millennial OkCupid respondents said health and wellness is as important as attraction and chemistry when it comes to a partner. And while dinner or drinks will never be out of style, people are really interested in more active dates. Recently, almost 7 in 10 people on OkCupid said they feel more comfortable and relaxed on walking dates than face-to-face dates at a bar, coffee shop or restaurant. And Gen Z daters were the most likely to agree that the idea of a walking date felt like less pressure.

Because of this, we have teamed up to encourage singles to give hiking, walking or running dates a try by offering a limited number of free 3-month premium subscriptions to OkCupid for Sweatcoin users only. When using Sweatcoin, daters can take a walk in Central Park or Zion National Park or Griffith Park (or any park nearby!) and be rewarded with Sweatcoins that can be redeemed either for cool new products in the in-app marketplace, or even donated to a range of global charities.

According to Sweatcoin’s data, the city where people are walking the most is the beautiful city of Cambridge, Massachusetts where Sweatcoin users are walking an average of 5,113 steps a day. The top 10 cities Americans are walking the most include:

  1. Cambridge, MA
  2. State College, PA
  3. Blacksburg, VA
  4. Miami Beach, FL
  5. Rialto, CA
  6. West Lafayette, IN
  7. Charlottesville, VA
  8. Berkeley, CA
  9. Anderson, SC
  10. Ashburn, VA

There’s been over 1 million people on OkCupid in these areas who have said they enjoy exercising — with 94% of respondents (from our in-app question “Is walking something you enjoy doing?”) agreeing that walking is a relaxing way to work out and 63% of respondents (from our in-app question “Does the idea of a walking date feel like less pressure than a face-to-face date?”) believing walking dates are more comfortable.

And now is the best time to find a like-minded date! There’s been almost 7 million mentions of phrases like “hike” and “walk” on OkCupid profiles, with a 17%+ increase in mentions earlier this year, so people are looking for healthier alternatives to the typical date.

Download the free Sweatcoin App to get started.

Download OkCupid for free to find a walking date now.

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