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OkCupid releases major product updates in 2022 | by OkCupid

Daters are excited about the brand-new features on OkCupid

OkCupid was one of the first dating apps on the market, making our debut in 2004. And while some things have stayed the same — like our focus on matching singles on what really matters — plenty has changed, especially when it comes to OkCupid’s product offerings. In fact, just this year we’ve launched dozens of new product features to better help you find who you’re looking for. Here are some of the favorites.

Cupid’s Picks

Your Cupid’s Picks are refreshed daily.

Our famous algorithm matches you with people you’re compatible with — based on your preferences, their preferences, and the questions you’ve answered in common. But our new Cupid’s Picks feature takes it one step further, finding you people you’re not only super compatible with, but you’re more likely to match with, too. Your Cupid’s Picks are refreshed daily so you know you’re getting the top people for you right now with each new batch.

OkCupid Now Available in 9 Languages

Love knows no bounds…but being able to use OkCupid in your language of preference certainly makes things easier! OkCupid has been available in English, French, Turkish, and German — and now we’re proud to also be available in Argentinian Spanish, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, Swedish, and Indonesian. Daters with their devices set to any of these languages can now view questions, conversations, notifications, and every part of the app in their preferred language.

Conversation Starters

Pick a message to send, or scroll to see more of their profile.

You have a match, congrats! Now what? We’ve gotten lots of feedback from daters that deciding how to break the ice with a new match can be tricky. Our brand-new feature takes the guesswork out of it — now when you match, we give you some top-performing icebreakers as suggestions so it’s as simple as one click. Or if you want to make it a bit more personalized, when you match today you also have the option of scrolling back through your match’s profile. This way, you can find something you have in common — maybe they have a photo with a dog and you’re a dog lover too, or they wrote in their profile they need travel tips for Portugal and you’re an expert — and message them about that. Whatever you choose, don’t wait to make a move. This feature is currently available on Android, and is coming to iOS soon.

Chat Reactions

Don’t want to share your phone number with someone you’ve never met before? We get it, and we don’t think you should, either! That’s why we’ve just launched chat reactions so messaging on the app feels more like texting than ever. React with a 😍😂😉🔥😢👍or ❤️depending on your mood, and keep your conversation on OkCupid until you feel fully comfortable.

LGBTQ+ Definitions

Learn more about each gender and orientation.

After hearing from LGBTQ+ users, we realized there was an opportunity to educate and inform people about the different identities we offer. Now, each of our gender and orientation options include definitions. We worked with the Human Rights Campaign on these definitions to help people better understand what these terms mean, and better serve all our users. Learn more here.

Selfie Verification

One of our most exciting new features coming this year is selfie verification. Safety is a top priority at OkCupid, and soon daters using the app can look specifically for dates who have verified their profile with a selfie. Our support team reviews every single one so you can feel confident that you’re matching with the real person. It only takes a minute to upload your selfie for profile verification, and it’s well worth it — 64% of OkCupid users surveyed said they’re more likely to match with a verified profile. It will be available to users in the next few weeks.

Photo Messaging

Another reason to keep your conversations on OkCupid: we’ll soon have photo messaging, too! So don’t just describe the view to your match, send them a photo. But keep it PG, okay? Watch out for this new feature coming in the next several weeks.

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