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What singles around the world are matching on in May 2022

We’ve added new matching questions about love, mental health, the metaverse, and NFTs, and so far this year there’s been 200 million responses to our in-app questions.

What we’re asking:

  • Is mental health as important as physical health?
  • Therapy?
  • Do you understand what the metaverse is?
  • Have you joined the metaverse?
  • Are you excited about the metaverse?
  • Do you believe we have the power to manifest love?
  • Would you date someone that wasn’t your usual “type”?
  • Are you interested in NFTs?

What you’re saying:

  • 99% of almost 1 and ½ million people on OkCupid said mental health is as important as physical health
  • 61% of OkCupid respondents believe therapy is good for people and 33% said it’s necessary, while 5% don’t think it’s for them and only 1% do not believe in it
  • 43% of daters said they understand what the metaverse is when asked (34% said kinda and 23% said no)
  • 47% of OkCupid respondents have not joined the metaverse yet, 42% want to, 6% joined but aren’t into it, and 5% joined and think it’s incredible
  • 74% of daters aren’t excited about the metaverse and will stay in reality
  • 83% of more than 45,000 OkCupid users believe they have the power to manifest love
  • More than half (51%) of over 125,000 people on OkCupid said they would date someone that wasn’t their usual type and 44% said they would if the person was really interesting (only 4% of daters said they would not)
  • 38% of OkCupid respondents do not see the point in NFTs, 31% do not know what an NFT is, 24% are interested but haven’t purchased any, and 7% are interested in NFTs and own at least one

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