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One Piece Filler List And One Piece Anime Guide

One Piece Filler List And One Piece Anime Guide

One Piece Filler List One Piece is the most adored manga and anime series for viewers. It’s been twenty years since its very first episode, which was released in the year 1999. People are just amazed by the plot, character designs, and hilarious, yet adventurous adventure adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Nakamas.

While it is one of the most impressive animes, this series has fillers and many viewers felt like they were wasting time watching as they take them away from the main story. One piece has 944 episodes to date and 103 of them have fillers, which makes up the total 11% of the overall.

However, not all filler arcs are terrible. Some are truly amazing and fun.

Many others would like to avoid these fillers, which is the reason we came up with the One Piece filler checklist that can help you stick to the plot.

One Piece Filler List And One Piece Anime Guide

Quick One Piece Filler List

This is a short list that will help you navigate through the One Piece episodes at a glance.

The only fillers are episodes 54-61 101-102, 98-99, 220-226 291-292, 279-283 317-319. 326-336. 382-384 406-407, 426-429 457-458, 492 555-778, 590, 775, 626-628 (780-782), 807 episodes 881 as well as episodes from 895 to 996.

Episode 907 marks the newest filler episode of the series.

Canon Mix with Fillers Episode 1 34 46-47, 68 – 69, 100, 96, 227 354 421, 425 518-489, 510 536 551, 574 625, 633 6, 57, 679, 731, 690 771, 777-778 783, 787-789 798-803, 810 816 820-822, 825-826 830 835, 838-839 841-842. 846. 849 853, 855 859 863, 868 (872-873), 878-879 8,98, 902 912, 910 914-915, 917 in episode 934.

The remaining episodes are canon and run according to the manga’s storyline.

One Piece Filler List (anime guide)

Apis Arc (Episodes 54-60)

It is also called Warship Island Arc. In this episode, Luffy and crew aid an adorable girl named Apis and Dragon Ryuji to learn to fly and save them from the marines. This arc comprises eight episodes ranging from 54-61.

After the Alabasta arc (Episodes 131-135)

The arc begins after Luffy was defeated by Crocodile and saved the kingdom of Alabasta from being taken over by him. I would suggest that you check out these episodes since they are connected to Luffy.

Goat (Episode 136-138)

Following episode 135, we have a few filler episodes featuring an elderly man and his goat. The goat is all for the elderly man. However, marines are also interested in this Goat. Luffy helps an old man save his goat.

Rainbow Mist arc (Episode 139-143)

The pirate ship carrying Straw Hats was stopped on an island called Ruluka. An old man is seeking information on that mysterious rainbow of space-time in which his former friends are in a bind.

However, a rogue pirate and their grandson of his are looking for something more from this. The storyline runs between episode 139 and episode 143.

G-8 Arc (Episode 196-206)

The arc was formed following the Skypiea arc Straw Hat’s vessel Going Merry fell from the sky but ended up on a sea base which is surrounded by large island rocks and locked in a cave with only one option to get out. Luffy and others are hidden in various places to discover ways to escape from this base.

One Piece Filler List And One Piece Anime Guide

Ocean Dream (Episode 220-224)

These filler shows begin with straw hats about to cross the water seven times, but along the way, they lose their memories. Only Robin can recall her memories because she was not sleeping the night before. They must now fight a mysterious creature to regain their memories.

There is also an encounter in the middle between Luffy with Zoro. Don’t miss this episode.

Foxy Pirates Returns (Episodes 225-226)

Foxy pirates have returned and are now competing with straw-hat pirates.

Aquino Family arc (Episode 326-335)

The family was on an Ice island and they caught pirates to hunt them down and collect their harvest. Their father is fond to collect pirate flags. The ship Straw Hat Sunny is also a victim of the boat with their flag taken from Accino family members. Aquino family.

However, Luffy isn’t aware of that. This clip shows a crewmate’s efforts to return their flag, without Luffy knowing about it.

Spa Island arc (Episode 382-384)

Following an arc of the Thriller park arc, Luffy and crew made it to an island that is famous for its 5-star spa and relaxation, but they also encountered two sisters who are determined to finish their father’s work. Other people also wanted to research and Luffy was able to assist them.

Little East Blue Island (Episode 426-429)

Straw hat pirates make their way to this island and thwart the Largo pirate’s evil plans. This episode runs from episode 426 until 429.

Z’s Ambition (Episode 575-578)

Vice admiral Momonga was able to capture an innocent man. Now his daughter is trying to rescue him. Luffy assists her in achieving her aim.

Ceasar Retrieval (Episode 626-628)

After beating Ceasar of Punk Hazard, Luffy and Law were able to capture him as the key to beating Doflamigo as well as Kaido. In this filler arc, the mysterious kidnapper took Ceasar, and now Luffy and Law attempt to find Ceasar’s return. The arc started in 626 and ended in 628.

Silver Mine Arc (Episode 747-750)

While on the route, Luffy met again with Borthlomeo. Both were taken by sea hounds to steal their bounty. They must now escape from the hunter’s gang to resume their journey.

Marine Rookie (Episode 780-782)

This arc is a precursor to the entire arc of cake island. Straw hats were made from food, and they decided to steal food from a base in the ocean that they can see on their route to reclaiming Sanji of Big Mom.

Carbonic Acid King (Episode 895-896)

The following are the fillers currently on the list, which will be used in the series. Straw hats as they travel to Wano however the ship’s cola supply is depleted. The crew decided to replenish them on the nearby island which includes a soda plant.

Its owner is an avid bounty hunter. While on the island Luffy was also a victim of Boa Hancock. Luffy and Boa Hancock defeated bounty hunters to receive the supply of cola.

Wano Arc (Episode 907)

This episode is the sole present filler for the Wano arc.

Additional Episodes information will be updated in the piece filler list as the storyline advances.


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