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Online Dating Guidelines: How to Tell If a Vietnamese Woman You Met Online Likes You

Online Dating Guidelines_ How to Tell If A Vietnamese Woman You Met Online Likes You

In today’s scenario, online dating apps and social media platforms are the most common places to connect with people for dating. Women, in general, are confusing to some men, and especially Southeast Asian women can be hard to interpret as many of them may not be direct and too expressive about their emotions. Vietnamese women generally prefer foreigners and locals who have good manners and are not jerks or perverts. 

How to Tell If a Vietnamese Woman Likes You

How to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you, that would be an obvious question. If you match with a Vietnamese woman or have secure communication on social media, determine if a Vietnamese woman is interested in you. Doing this will be comfortable with the below-mentioned observations:

1. Decent Profile and Bio

Especially on dating apps, having a beautiful profile picture and a not exaggerated and mostly honest bio would attract beautiful Vietnamese women. Yes, that is how easy the first step is. Try to have a solo picture of yourself without any girls in it as your profile picture. If you have a photo of yourself with a female friend or maybe with your current or ex-girlfriend, it is likely that Vietnamese women won’t like that as they will think you are already occupied with other girls. Vietnamese women don’t like men who date multiple girls at a time.

2. If She Is Giving Her Contact Info

A woman giving her contact number on her own is an excellent sign of interest in you. After several conversations, if the girl is interested in you, she would like to connect with you outside that particular app so that she doesn’t always have to check the notifications for your messages. Most likely, she would give her contact number for texting. Giving you her contact information means that she trusts that you are a decent guy and wants to deepen the relationship. If that’s the case after a few more conversations, feel comfortable to ask her out on a date.

3. Conversation with Her

In the world of online dating, communications and their patterns are key. If she messages you first, it’s a good sign. If she talks with you for more extended periods and initiates the talk, that means the woman finds it fun chatting with you and looks forward to talking to you. If the girl asks a lot of questions about your work and family, she might be curious. Vietnamese women question/inquire a lot if they have an interest.

4. Culture

Vietnamese women like to talk about their culture. If you’re non-Vietnamese, she would love it if you take an interest in their country and culture, language, and lifestyle as this would mean to her that you are genuinely interested in her and would like to understand her and her lifestyle.


Vietnamese women are mostly curious, interested, and serious about dating. The boys don’t necessarily have to be charming. Until you are not acting thirsty, sending nudes of yourself, and having flirty conversations regularly, you can crush the dating game and have a Vietnamese girlfriend.

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