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Online Dating Success Tips: 5 Red Flags and 5 Green Flags – Last First Date

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online dating success tips

These online dating success tips will help you identify 5 red flags and 5 green flags so you stay safe and find love.

If you want online dating success, there’s a lot you can do; write a more effective profile, be crystal clear on what you’re looking for, message more effectively to name a few. To really improve your experience, you need to know how to spot online dating red flags early on.

Here’s my advice on the most common online dating red and green flags – how to recognize them early on, and what to do if you find them.

Online Dating Success Tips: 5 Red Flags and 5 Green Flags

5 Red Flags

1. Overtly sexual/immediate use of terms of endearment 

2. Inconsistent communication

3. No photo, photos all look different, photos too perfect

4. No effort to meet or talk on the phone

5. Negativity/sexism/racism/anger in their profile

If your online dating match has one or more of these red flags, tread carefully. If they have several, it’s time to move on.

5 Green Flags

1. Consistent communication

2. Respectful of boundaries

3. Put effort into photos and bio

4. Open and honest

5. Interested in meeting within a week or so

When you learn to identify red and green flags in online dating, you’ll be clear about what you will and won’t tolerate. Remember to protect your privacy with a Google Voice number or another type of burner phone that doesn’t share your last name or address. Be cautious about how much you share with a stranger. Report suspicious profiles to the dating app. Don’t share your social media accounts with anyone before you’re ready. 

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to quickly let go of people who are not right for you and go on dates with people who are a better match. 

Online connections should move quickly from first message to first date. After exchanging a few messages, I recommend that you exchange phone numbers, chat on the phone once for less than a half hour, then if you feel a connection, set up an initial date. If the person doesn’t want to move the conversation offline, they most likely aren’t as serious as you and it’s time to move on to someone that is.

Date smarter, and keep these dating red flags and green flags front of mind. Above all, if you feel something is off, trust yourself. Dating can be a lot of fun. And remember, it only takes one right match to find your person.

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