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Outlines Shower Liner System, A New Sustainable Shower System

In this new segment from Grommet Live, hosts Greg Rollett and Marcy McKenna unveil an innovative and sustainable shower curtain system. The Outlines Shower Liner System, invented by Luke Young and Megan Murphy. This new shower liner features an innovative two-part design made up of The Keep (the top part of the liner that you keep) and The Replen (the bottom part of the liner that you replenish).

In this segment, Greg and Marcy explore a product designed to simplify the process of changing your dirty and bacteria filled shower liner, while also reducing the material required for replacement.

Innovative Design for Eco-Friendly Living

The Outlines Shower Liner System stands out for its sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Traditional shower curtains often become breeding grounds for bacteria and require frequent replacements, contributing to plastic waste. The Outlines system addresses these issues with its unique design.

Changing the Game in Bathroom Accessories

The Outlines Shower Liner System for your bathroom

What sets the Outlines Shower Liner System apart is not just its sustainable nature, but also its ease of use. Changing your shower liner can be a cumbersome task, but this system simplifies the process, making it a breeze. This feature is particularly appealing to those who value both environmental consciousness and practicality in their home products.

Conclusion: A Step Towards a Greener Bathroom

The Outlines Shower Liner System, as showcased on Grommet Live, is more than just a bathroom accessory; it’s a testament to how innovative design can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. By choosing products like the Outlines system, we can make small but significant steps towards a greener, cleaner, and more efficient home.

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This clip is from Grommet Live with Greg Rollett & Marcy McKenna. To see more episodes of Grommet Live and discover the best new products and gifts, click here.

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