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Pandemic Stress: Here’s How you Can Stay Motivated During Quarantine

Pandemic Stress: Here’s How you Can Stay Motivated During Quarantine
Pandemic Stress: Here’s How you Can Stay Motivated During Quarantine

As the quarantine continues, it is getting challenging to retrain enthusiasm for work. At the start, the whole idea of working from home seemed nothing but a blessing. But as the coronavirus situation is getting worse, keeping yourself motivated seems troublesome. However, you still make things right. With just a few right ideas, you can find your enthusiasm for work again.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the world has shifted upside down. Any organization that was reluctant towards the idea of remote work made exceptions in the business operations. And employees that were once celebrating their mini-vacations that comes with remote working are now dreading the whole idea. This is because the loss in a routine that came with coronavirus outbreak was something none of us was prepared for. And even if the temporary enthusiasm helped us stick to our work, the growing number of days of lockdown forced the motivation to vanish.

One thing here is evident that absolutely no one knows when this whole situation is going to end, and we will regain normalcy in the word. Therefore, it is more than necessary to work on our habit of attaining the lost enthusiasm and motivation we had for work.

Here are the ways you can make sure you stay motivated during the global self-isolation period:

Establish Proper Routine

First thing first, change your routine.

When this starts to be messed up in your wok, it is time for you to fix it. Those who tend to let go of things thinking that would fix magically, always end up ruining opportunities for themselves. While we believe that option to bring stability in your life to set your stuff at work is limited in the home. But it’s not entirely impossible to make some efforts to keep yourself sane.

To fix your routine and become more focused on work, you need to do the same thing you used to do before lockdown. For instance, if you used to head over to the gym before heading to work, then you have to do the same now as well. We know that gyms and fitness centers in the United States are closed down to curb the spread of the virus, but you have internet for the rescue.

There are tons on YouTube channels that are posting tutorials on how to keep yourself fit at home. All you need for this is a stable internet connection at home, and you are competent to practice some home work out sessions. Cox’s internet TV services can be beneficial in this case. Not only does cox internet provide high-speed internet for the household, but its affordable packages are hard to ignore.

Keep Hands Firm on your Financials

While markets remain unpredictable and millions of people continue filing for unemployment, it’s inevitable that you, too, are going through anxiety. Instead of indulging in overthinking, and stressing over the future, you should start becoming more responsible for your financial spending.

If you are lucky enough to get a steady paycheck, you need to keep your hands firmly on your spending. Create a budget in which you make sure you spend less than usual.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should dedicate a portion of your revenue to saving. So that if any unfortunate circumstances occur, you can have some extra bucks on your hand.

Connect with Colleagues

Social distancing does not mean that you should start distancing yourself from your colleagues. Some of the great ideas happen when people sit down together and have some talk. And since the coronavirus doesn’t allow you to sit close to each other in person, you can take help from the internet.

Through chatting and video call applications, you can have some light-hearted chatting with your colleagues through calls, and you can have an idea of how they are handling the pandemic stress. Also, discussing your anxiety can help you feel relaxed.

Apart from this, it would help if you also had weekly discussions with the team lead or manager. Organizations are taking significant changes to keep their company functioning smoothly. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated so that you do not undergo any misconception.

Also, having information about the company can make you feel motivated towards the work.


It is becoming harder and harder to keep one’s self-motivated toward work during the current national situation. However, with some personal and professional changes, you can work on getting back lost work enthusiasm.

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