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Platonic Relationship: Characteristics And Health

Platonic Relationship

Platonic relationship and all the necessary things that you need to know before being in such relationship, is what I will explain to you. So take your time to read and understand it all.

As the name implies, Plato is originated from the Greek.

A platonic relationship simply means a relationship without sexual intimacy. It can be romantic but everyone will know his or her boundaries.

Just as the Plato defines Platonic Love. Platonic Love according to Plato’s definition, it’s the ability to bringing out and motivating us to be the better version of ourselves. A love that holds no hindrance of success from one another.

It’s the same thing as a platonic relationship, a relationship that is capable of building a unique characters of oneself to another without any selfish Interest.

In our current world today, people normally classify a platonic relationship to just a normal friendship and not relationship especially our youth. They think that a relationship without any sexual intimacy is just a casual friendship, not knowing that it’s a platonic relationship. A true relationship that understand each other’s boundaries.

Platonic relationship is a pure relationship without any stain. A relationship that is spiritual and not physical. Most at times, people do not believe that a man and a woman can be in a relationship without sleeping together on a bed talk more of having a carnal knowledge. So that reason deprives people from knowing that a platonic relationship can exist between an opposite sex or gender.

Characteristics of platonic relationship

There are some features that describes a relationship platonic. Those characteristics are as follows-

1) A complete honesty
2) Respect
3) Acknowledgement of boundaries
4) No room for expectations
5) Selfish thinking is eliminated
6) Complete trust

A complete honesty.

This is one of the characteristics of a platonic relationship. There’s no room for lies. No jealousy, or any form of betrayal. A platonic relationship provides a complete honesty between the two partners.


A full respect will be recognized in that kind of relationship. Respect on each other’s decision, respect for whom you are and what you are. Respect for the kind of person you are. There’s no room for disrespect in a platonic relationship.

Acknowledgement of boundaries.

As boundaries are kept, so as they will be acknowledged. Each and everyone in that relationship will be aware of boundaries and never try to cross it. Your relationship will be as you placed it and none of you will alter it.

No room for expectations.

The partners will not expect anything from the other. Too much of expectations kills a relationship. So for a platonic relationship to stand, there is no room for expectations. You take everything the way you see it and understand each other like that.

Selfish thinking is eliminated.

There is no selfish Interest in a platonic relationship. You have already known what you are into and yi accept each other like that. So on a platonic relationship, no selfish Interest. You will only be concerned on how to give a positive contribution to your partner. A support that will bring the best in them.

Complete trust.

A complete trust is seen in a platonic relationship.

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