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Precious Return Gifts to Make Your Events Memorable

When thinking of finding the right return gifts for your loved ones, figuring out the right mix of sentiment and utility can be tough. In addition, making sure that they really admire the gift is another enigma. This makes the process of choosing return gifts even tougher. Return gifts depict an inexpressible gesture and heartfelt emotions. Furthermore, they are the perfect tokens to express gratitude towards the people one cherishes in life. Not only this, return gifts can eventually be seen as lifelong souvenirs, which can make your precious events memorable. The presence of Boontoon makes all your gift-related endeavours easy and swiftly accessible. We have a dedicated line of products at Boontoon that will replicate the joy of bestowing return gifts on your family and friends.

Round Marble Table Clock

Stationed on an embellished marble pedestal, this round clock is a testament to traditional meenakari work. The intricate and meticulous detailing on the top and the outer brim of the clock make it stand out. This round table clock will affirmatively sway your dear ones. This versatile clock can serve as a hallway cabinet centerpiece, a bedside companion, or even an office table companion. The circular dial and the connecting visor are fabricated in yellow and golden-ish colors, along with the delicate Rajasthani craftwork. It is a great utility, and because it is completely handmade, it also adds a personal touch to make a perfect return gift. This table clock is ideal as a housewarming or anniversary return gift, including all of the traditional events, celebrations, and rendezvous.

Oxidized Ethnic Elephant Shaped Candle Holders

Proudly resting on the brawn of two elephant visages, the simplicity of this candle holder is its prime asset. The detailed base, the topmost brim, and the flower-shaped crust are crafted from oxidised silver. A mesmerising yellow-tinted candle shade holder sits atop the floral embellishment, which gives it a look of royal decor. This candlestick holder can not only add a regal touch to modernised hallways but can also accentuate traditional decor. These candle holders are best suited as return gifts for Diwali, weddings, and housewarming events, so that a beautiful glimpse of your events always stays enlightened.

Resin Made Ganesha With Chowki

Lord- and god-related ensembles are perennial gifts and return gifts in our country. They are evenly loved throughout the nation and make up for almost every occasion. This Ganesha idol, which depicts a vivid and divine look, is meticulously crafted out of sap by talented artisans. A decorative chowki serves as the resting pedestal for the lord’s idol. Be it weddings, house warmings, festivals, anniversaries, or even a profession-related event, god idols as return gifts will be admired by all the guests. This specific idol comes in the most pleasing and widely appreciated color, orange, which can be seen in most Hindu temples. 

Fiber Sleeping Buddha Statue in Black and Gold

Reflecting peace and ease of mind, like Buddha himself. This resting Buddha motif represents the state of Gautama Buddha right before he attained Nirvana. Lord Buddha is depicted in black fibre as a gorgeously detailed cassock is wrapped around him in gold. Fiber adds to the depth of the statue and also makes it a very lightweight decor option. The crown on the head adds to the serenity of the entire motif. This sleeping Buddha statue will undoubtedly be loved by all your guests. It is perfect for almost all kinds of events, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, and even corporate parties and retirement celebrations.

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