Thursday, November 2, 2023

Product of the Week #8: Soaq Ultrasonic Cleaner | Discover What’s Next

Congratulations to our Product of the Week winner, Soaq Ultrasonic Cleaner! 🎉

The Maker:

Billy Dayan, Maker of Soaq, is thrilled that Grommet fans helped him take home the top spot this week!

After using Invisalign, Billy realized that the current way to clean retainers was outdated, ineffective, and just plain ugly. As a mechanical engineer, he designed an eye-pleasing solution he would be proud to have in his home.

What it does:

Soaq was born as a solution to clean retainers, but has quickly developed into a way to clean so much more! From jewelry to cosmetic tools, Soak uses ultrasonic cleaning technology to leave your items sparkling clean.

What you said:

“My jewelry has looked dull for months, can’t wait to try this so my rings and earrings look as good as new! -Marcy

“I’m ashamed to say how filthy my retainer looks… Soaq is exactly what I’ve been looking for!” -David

“This looks so cute! I have to hide most cleaning devices in a closet because they’re ugly, but I’ll be proud to have this out.” -Susan

Why it won:

Grommet Shoppers showed Billy overwhelming support this week! Your votes, views, clicks, and purchases helped Soaq win Product of the Week! You’re in luck if you missed out on Soaq. – Click the link below and vote for Soaq to unlock 20% off!

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