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“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Rudyard Kipling

What questions can you ask your mother that may give insight into her and perhaps yourself?
My sweet Mother is now ninety-five but as bright as a whip. The list of questions I will ask my Mother are these:

• What did you think about my Dad when you first met him?
• What is your favorite memory of your Mother/Grandmother?
• What was your favorite book when you were a teenager?
• What is your most precious memory with your grandchildren?
• What did you like to cook for your family?
• What was your happiest family vacation?
• Who was your most beloved pet growing up?
My daughter is now a mother. She now has a chatty three-year-old daughter who loves her “every time” and an expressive five-year-old Who tells her he loves her more than lizards! Maybe questions to ask the kids would be.
• What is your favorite book I read to you?
• What did you love to do most with your mom?
• What is your favorite treat that I give you?
• What is the most incredible adventure you can remember?
If you are lucky enough to preserve family memories, go for it in spades. Photos are one thing, the written word another, and a video story is one more precious piece to help preserve our legacy.

I have a video of my dad telling a story of World War 2 when his ship was hit by a torpedo. He kept the logbook and asked the Captain in command, “How do you spell torpedo?” As a lanky skinny eighteen-year-old boy, I can picture him writing and querying that question while scrambling to disembark a sinking ship.
All of the stories we can gather are tapestries of who they are and a part of what we become.

Families can take many forms. Friends can become sisters, and mothers can be those who have impacted us. Whoever you embrace as family, celebrate the love and goodness.

My Mantra: “Every day is truly Mother’s Day.”

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