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Questions To Know If A Guy Is Madly In Love With You

Questions To Know If A Guy Is Madly In Love With You

There are some questions that you will ask a guy and with his answers you will know if he truly loves you and very mad in love with you. So don’t be too distracted by his look and wealthy without bothering to know if he has plans for you. Here are questions to ask him with the reason why you should ask him these questions.

Questions To Know If A Guy Is Madly In Love With You.


• Tell me about yourself?

If you ask him about himself, try to pay attention to what he says because at this point most men lie about themselves. But a guy who loves you will be open and free to you, there may be a bit scared or something like starmer in his words.

And at this point if he may only lie about how rich and wealthy he is, because he is afraid of loosing you if he tells you the truth.
But for a guy who is a cheat and player things will be very free and he will be very bold because he already has his format of talking to girls.


• Ask him about his formal relationship?

When you ask a sincere guy this question, his only answer maybe “we broke up” or “she left me” sometimes he may even tell you that he fucked up or is all his fault.
But if you are with a guy who wants to only sleep with you and go, he will start going into full details. with just one question asked by you, he start telling you how things happened.

He will look for words that will get you convinced and pity him. Because he knows about women too well that you are moved by what you hear. So he will make use of that opportunity to brain wash you and win your heart.


• What do you want from me?

The answer he gives you when you ask this question will tell you his plans towards you. If he is a guy who is serious about you and loves you sincerely, he may not know what to say. Or he may say few things because you asked a question or may even answer you this “I Don’t Know”.
But if he is a player who is always used to dating women, you will notice that he will make use of the opportunity to say a lot to you because he thinks that by asking this question you have already fallen for him.
So as a sharp guy he will use the opportunity to make sure you fall in love more with him.

Questions To Know If A Guy Is Madly In Love With You

Things to take note of and watch closely when discussing with a guy.

1. The way he talks. Most cheaters and players are bold when discussing with you. They make use of every discussions or topics to brain wash a girl.
2. Is he somehow scared or short of words. No matter how bold a guy maybe, once he loves you and admire you, he start acting stupid but not funny.
3. He will be doing as a confused and scared person, because the last thing he don’t want to see at that time is loosing you.
4. But cheaters will be bold and his only concern is to get things right and impress you.
5. Sometimes you will see him on that first date with him and think that he is Mr Right. Because he acts like the perfect guy.
6. If you are with the guy who loves you, then you will notice that he will not say much. It will seem as if you are the one saying everything thing.
Finally I want you to get this. Girls are too excited and talk much when they are with the one they love, they speak so we’ll out of happiness.
But men are the opposite, they are happy and excited too but will be short of words. So take note and good luck with your dating.

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