Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Ready to Smash 2023?

Let’s rethink the 2023 buzz…

What if there’s no reason to change anything;

No reason to want things to be different.

What if there’s no reason to work towards a goal;

No reason for New Year’s resolutions.

Sound good?

My fur-niece, Topaz Binky, agrees!

What if you like— no, LOVE the way you are, exactly as you are.

There is no reason to buy into the hype.

ICYMI – There. Is. No reason to buy into the hype!

You get to shine as brightly as you are. Of course, I’m not advocating stagnation because 

growth is the new humankind. 

But you get to grow at your own pace. Not when the New Year tells you to.

So ditch the phony New Year’s resolutions, ditch the societal expectations and pressured-into goals. Find your own tendrils of new growth, unfurl deliciously slowly, leisurely, savoring the softness of life’s gentle awakening – all will come good, in your own time; in your own way.

Let’s cheer together: I AM ME IN 2023!

Not a new me, not a better me— ME exactly as I am.

If this stirred a feeling of triumph in you, drop a HELL YEAH in the comments!

See you in November 💃

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