Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Reasons Why You Should Be Praying For Your Future Husband Or Wife.

You don’t wait until you get married before you can start praying for your spouse, you have to start praying now before you meet each other. These are the reasons why you should be praying for your future partner until you meet each other and tie the knot on your wedding day.

1) Prayer unleashes the supernatural in your life. It is a heart-to-heart discussion with your Heavenly Father.

Prayer opens your spiritual eyes to see what is hidden from human eyes. In the place of prayer, God reveals secrets to you.
3) Prayer will give you clarity and help you discern the right man for you.
4) Judging a man by his natural qualifications may be deceptive. A man may look good on the outside but be a devil on the inside. How can you tell? Only prayer can reveal such a man to you. A man may look successful but be a total failure. How can you tell? Only prayer can reveal such a thing to you.

5) Prayer positions you in the right place, at the right time to connect with the right man. As you pray, the Lord will guide you to where your man is waiting or searching for you.

6) Spirit will call unto spirit. Your prayer will connect with the prayers of your future partner and bring you both together. Prayer will cause the lines to fall for you in very pleasant places. Prayer brings you into your divine inheritance.

7) Prayer ensures that if that man is truly yours, he will stay with you. If he is not, he will be uprooted out of your life. Prayer protects you from deceivers, pretenders, and liars.

8) Prayer will re-organize your life. It will bring order into your work, business, and your relationship. Prayer brings you into a state of peace.

9) It is foolish and dangerous to get married to a man you have not prayed about. It is dangerous to be carried away by your emotions without putting the man and relationship before the Lord. Before you start a relationship, pray seriously about it.

10) Those who trust in the Lord will never be put to shame. Prayer will remove every shame from your life. Prayer will mantle your life with glory. It will align you with your divine purpose. 

Prayer will remove every form of ‘leanness’ from your soul and satisfy you deeply. Prayer will usher you into your marital destiny.

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