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Return Gifts Shopping Made Easy with Technology

The process of choosing return gifts is a lot simpler and easier today than it used to be, thanks to technology.

It all started sometime in the early 2000s with the emergence of online shopping. Prior to that, a gift-giver had to go through the pain of choosing a suitable item for return. The list of options was limited to whatever was available at your local shop or department store. If you were lucky enough to live in a big city, the list may have been somewhat long. But for most people, it didn’t matter how long the list was because preferences would be so varied. You couldn’t hope to find something that everybody would like. All you could hope for was something that nobody hated with a passion.

And then online shopping changed all that. Suddenly you could pick from hundreds or thousands of items from anywhere in the world and buy them with just a few clicks on your laptop or smartphone keyboard.

And then things really started getting interesting when online marketplaces like and Amazon started selling return gifts. It is the advancement of technology that enabled online shopping and social media to change the way people buy, make, package, and give gifts. Let’s explore how technology has changed the way people shop for gifts so you may have a better understanding.

Shopping for Gifts is Easier

We now have the Internet which has made everything very simple. Buying gifts is no longer a tedious task like it used to be. Today, all you need is your smartphone or computer along with internet access to buy anything you want. When you shop through the Internet, you don’t have to spend time getting ready and driving to the mall.

Shopping for gifts is easier

Personalization of Gifts

Technology enables manufacturers to personalize gifts easily and in a way that leaves their customers satisfied. Through technology, any gift can be easily printed and engraved just the way the customer wants. These days, there are many printable items like designer wooden trays, wooden dry fruit boxes, designer jewellery boxes, and stone-embedded wooden wall clocks among others that you can buy and get personalized. Even the packaging of the gift can be personalized with the name and photo.

Personalization of Gifts

A gift that has been personalized is usually considered to be more valuable, and personalization can be achieved easily with the use of technology. Today, it is easy for to personalize a gift by printing on the product, sticking a sticker, or even inserting a thank you card according to the taste, personality and preferences of the receiver.

Easy Comparison of Gift Features and Prices

Years back, you had to go from one shop to another in search of the perfect return gifts. One could take almost half a day or more to find the gift they are looking for. This is no longer the case. Technology has changed the way we search for things. With and other e-commerce websites, it is easy to compare prices and features of products at the same time with the use of a mobile phone or a computer. So, you just sit in front of your laptop, browse through, and choose the best option. And with the click of a button, the product gets delivered to you in no time.

Easy Price Comparisons

Get a sample before Buying in Bulk

Boontoon and other online gift sites are a boon for the indecisive, and you only have to order a minimum quantity of 10 pieces for most items on sites like It’s awesome to be able to choose from a huge range of products and have them neatly packed with your return address labels stuck on them. Before you place your order, also allows you to place a sample so that the quality of the product. If you like it, you can then go ahead and place the return gifts bulk order for your guests.

Get samples before buying in bulk

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