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How To Determine The Size Of The Ring For An Unexpected Proposal?

The Size Of The Ring For An Unexpected Proposal: The best way to propose is by surprise. But it can be hard to get ready. In addition to planning the surprise, setting up the scene, and making plans for the day around it, there is another problem the ring! Most guys have trouble getting the correct ring size and have to endure a lot of stress to get it right. We sat down with a 70-year-old jeweler who had planned surprise marriage proposals for many years. As a result, some tried-and-true ways to get the correct ring size every time you buy one.

Here Are Several Ways to Get the Right Fit

First, you must know that everyone’s hands are not the same size. It’s all about who has the more substantial hand. If she uses her left hand most, you need to find a ring that fits on her ring finger. Because the ring finger on her right hand might not be the same size as the one on her left, let’s talk about how to get the right size.

Try out a Sample Ring.

It’s among the safest ways guys choose to do things. But it would help if you got to things that belong to your girlfriend, like her jewelry box. If not, you can request her closest partner to help you and keep it quiet. You need to be patient and pay attention to the details. Watch the right hand of the person you want to ask to marry you.

  • Peek at the ring on her finger.
  • Sneak into her jewelry box and borrow the call for a couple of hours to show the jeweler.
  • Before she sees it, measure the sample and put it back where it belongs.

This is probably the best way to measure the surprise proposal as accurately as possible.

When Buying Online

There are lots of web pages where you can buy things. And this would be a better way to buy the ring than going to a jewelry store. But there is one issue: you can’t utilize vernier calipers to measure the sample ring because no jeweler is willing to help you. 

You can also buy a ring measurement tool online to help you figure it out. The lines are built into the size of the ring so that it fits the size of the finger. So it would tell you exactly what ring size you can choose on the website.

When buying online, lab-grown engagement rings are much cheaper than rings with mined diamonds. People enjoy them because they don’t have to worry about getting them out of the ground or transporting them, which keeps costs down. Also, when you buy a lab-grown diamond, you can get better and bigger stones.

Draw or Make It

You can also keep the clothes and draw a circle on the paper with its inner diameter. Again, the jeweler can quickly determine the ring size based on the drawing. Also, putting the ring on your finger is a good way of finding the correct size. The magnitude of your hand is distinct from hers so that the call won’t go all the way in. 

Instead, it will sit on a specific part of your finger. Put the line under the ring with a Sharpie. By trying out samples, it will be easy for the jeweler to determine the size. The size can be confirmed by seeing where the ring sits about the sharpie mark.

Work with a buddy

It’s also the most reliable method to do things. You can give the job to a close friend who knows how to find her ring size. Even though best friends share jewelry, most friends and family know each other’s ring sizes. Also, her best friend knows exactly what kind of jewelry she likes and what she might expect from the ring. So, it will benefit the overall size circle to make the fancy wedding perfect for her.

Ask the partner to take her weekly shop and randomly stop by the jewelry store. This is another brilliant way to figure it out. You can inform the friend about a jewelry store you plan to visit. So, since she and her buddy are looking at jewelry and trying it on for fun, she can point out one or two rings she likes. Also, while she tries on the rings, the jeweler will carefully determine her size.

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The Dangerous Move

If your partner sleeps deeply, you’re lucky. This will work out well for you here. You can always use paper, thread, string, or fishing line. Take her size when she’s fast asleep and put it somewhere safe until you can go to the jeweler.

It might take you per week to find the correct size and be sure, but it will be worth your time. It will be nice to tell her and your relatives about the crazy things you did to find out her ring size. Using this trick makes you less likely to make a mistake.

Hand Mold

Couples now get their hands molded to show how their lives have changed over time. For example, your first year together, getting engaged, getting married, having your first child, etc. You can book a meeting with an expert to make it by hand or order a kit online.

It could be one of the fun things you plan to do together on the weekend. Many videos show how to shape it correctly. Once you have the touch mold, you can start taking it to a jeweler, who will assist you figure out what size ring you require. 

When I’m Not Sure

It’s okay to get it wrong if you don’t know much or aren’t sure. Most men have them made one size bigger than their gauge. For the surprise proposal to be perfect, the ring should go on her finger quickly and not get stuck. Only if the ring fits will the proposal be perfect. If it is too big, you can always get it resized as resisted to the smaller circle, which might make the matter awkward. 

Most jewelers do all of these things. You can also talk to the jeweler about these choices before you buy. Find an engagement ring with lab-made diamonds to make everything perfect for her. Unlike diamonds, they are made in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or the health of the people who make them.

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