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Romantic Good Night Poem For My Queen With SMS

Romantic Good Night Poem For My Queen With SMS

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Looking for a way  to show her, what you feel and let her know that she means a lot to you and worth more than anything else in this world. Then you need to check romantic good night poem for my queen and SMS to send to her as the one your heart beats for.

So relax if you are her to look for a good poem for her because we have a lot of it here. We also write som romantic good night SMS that you can send to her as your angel.

Sweet and Romantic Goodnight Poems for Her

  • I Wish We Were Together Tonight

We can meet face to face and talk all Night, but all I want is to hug and tell you how much I love you.

You mean the world to my heart.

You can also tweet and talk on Facebook.

But I wish that I could give you endless hugs.

We could Instagram, and we could also text.

More than anything, I want to cuddle.

You can snuggle in your bed all night without worrying

Goodnight, princess.

I am your eyes

To hang on for dear life.

You all know that I’ve been through hell.

You made it safely back in your arms

Serenity is where you will find it

Strength is the key.

Energy that envelopes

You can see it all.

I won’t bail on you.

Goodnight, honey.

Right from the beginning

It was clear to me

That I will never be anywhere else

This one is special to me.

Even if I am forced to decide by circumstances,

They will fail miserably

Because I’ve got my goodnight kisses

As an emergency backup,

This lovely poem was sent well-packaged.

They are my hope that you will love them.

  • You are the love of my life.

As I lie here in my bed,

It’s hard not to think of you.

I have a wide smile on my face.

Because I feel grateful and fortunate.

To call you the love and joy of my life.

I can’t promise the world to you.

But I promise to be there for you.

Every day of my life.

Good Night, I love you.

The day I met with you

It was the day I swore

To never let you go.

You are so much!

Gives me joy, peace

We hope so!

You will be mine to keep and to treasure.

Before my dream becomes a reality,

Good Night, babe.

My heart beats for you.

The one who makes me pound a little harder

My breath is a little less fresh.

I could not ask for more in this world.

You don’t have to hold me forever. We have done a lot.

We are grateful for all your efforts.

Goodnight, my dear.

I have a funny soul

This is the best kind of a shame

It beats ferociously

It flutters excitedly and flies its wings

You are the wind in your presence.

Thank you for your kindness

A heart check could be suggested.

To ensure your safety.

But I am fine

Better than nothing

With a funny heart.


  • Making my life worth living

We are grateful

Thank you for making my life worthwhile.

We are grateful

To make my love your muse.

We are grateful

Your heart is so tender, and your truth is so true

It is unlike anything else.

Goodnight, sweetheart.

Summer leaves

Broad and happy.

Winter ice

Bright and elegant.

You are my baby

Fun and pretty

They are more than just seasons

These are the reasons.

You are my best friend

For who are you?


You become what is light, just as the moon shines brightly.

You came to show your love

These are the moments I will never forget.

You can rule with ease, just like the moon

Bring me freedom, love, and peace

A heart filled with emotions that never stop.

I love the way we love and tease each other.

The white ruler and queen are just like the moon

I will love and be your King.

I swear by the ring on my finger

My love is just for you.

I can hear the Night’s shelling.

Break into a million smile

Think and sink into the ocean thoughts

You are a life jacket, and you are thought.

When the wind blows on my roof

It brings you your scent and kisses you like rain

It whispers your name in my sweetness

So, I see a reason for living above the clouds

No matter how thick the blackness in my room

You are my light, and my heart is full of love

Showing me stars and moons of you.

You will be the sun if you know tonight.

We began with fresh mornings

Our lips are streaming with the sound of music

We reached out to our hearts

We laid our words before the sun.

Today may have been called by its name.

We found our way when we lost our way

It is not the end

My heart still beats for yours.

Starlight holds these skies.

Don’t forget to say goodbye, at least not until the rain comes.

This means that the Night is over this day

This isn’t the end. You are mine.

I would love to be your blanket

You are covered

Your fears can be touched like a bed

Gossiping in the sheets

Echoes from your heart

I would love to be your light

Guide you through the Night

Telling you that I am here to chase away your fears

To correct your mistakes

To let love in and to open your heart.

I would love to be your sound!

You can hear your inner voice whispering words into your heart

Love, love, and more love. I would love to be your sweet night lover.

It’s that time again

Where the cricket rises to its morning

The butterflies gradually disappear.

It’s that time again.

The clouds are the same as darkness when they merge with it

The waters are warm with my love.

It’s that time again

My arms long for you

My lips want to eat into yours

It’s that time again

When my love grows deeper

To break boundaries

It’s that time again

My memories are only yours when I think back to you

My thoughts are always with you.

It’s that time again

When I say what it is, I always say

But only from the heart.

You are my baby, and I still love you.

  • When the Whole World Sleeps

The darkest hour of the day

It is Night, and I am not alone.

Think of the kisses that happen every day

To be held at this time.

You come into my dreams when the world is asleep

Always show the deepest part of your heart

Telling your love

Whispering of laughter.

I want our shadows to feel each other.

Allow their weight to feel like they’re yours

Let’s make magic together!

As I call my girl,

The light that lights my world.

Keep the stars in your sigh as the night sky changes

My soul is now with you in a romantic light

You are a curtain in my mind; I like to think of you.

You are the only thing on my mind.

It is always a desire to be with you.

As I attempt to retire, I feel and love what I do.

You don’t have to get rid of me by the moon.

Its radiant light will bring me solace.

This feeling is so easy to smile at makes me smile.

This is how I want it to last more than a few weeks.

The cool breeze is so refreshing and makes thoughts feel so beautiful

I knitted because I wanted to look beautiful.

This Night is my silent Night.

Please know that I want you to have an enjoyable night.

We found the right place in the middle of everything we wanted

Love or sweetness.

You were the first thing I thought of.

You made a great story.

The Night aches to tell

Sweet candles, or just plain fun

Love notes dispersed

I love the water that holds me tight.

This is how we love one another.

Emotions outmatch fears and emotions.

While imperfect in our lives, we can live perfectly in love.

Night finds us

Let us wrap our arms around each other.

Let’s love openly.

I tried to convey my feelings.

The first day of the new day.

In the heat of today’s heat, I have touched your face.

My heart flutters most nights at Night.

You have always been my light.

It’s like the moon sitting proudly in the sky

The stars are in my emotional splendor

Checking the skies

It is a way of bringing light to the darkness.

I always made a beautiful decision

To make a new life together.

My heart is free from stutters

It doesn’t matter how dark the Night is.

Just as this Night

It isn’t different from what I have always stated

Romantic Good Night Poem For My Queen With SMS

You will be my love every day, morning and Night.

Your emotions will show me the way.

I have let my whispers go to the wind

We wish you a happy night with your loved ones.

It’s hard to believe that today is just the beginning.

When our lips spoke with each other.

To the glowing moon

Your beauty is visible in me

Soft, teary eyes will accompany your image

I wish my hands could touch you.

To the glowing moon

It is what my heart desires.

Your arms will be wrapped around mine.

Our hearts beat side by side.

Mine forever, that’s the truth.

It is you and only you.

I’m willing to give everything to you.

Girl, I will protect and secure you.

I am always thinking of you.

Even when there isn’t a cloud in the Night.

Oh, girl! You are mine only.

Good Night, baby.

You are my sunshine

You are my moonlight

One that brightens up my battered body.

You are the stars in your eyes

They are always a guide

To my wandering heart.

Beautiful is possible if you don’t mind.

Send me a good night’s kiss

With joyous bursts

For me, darling.

Did I say that?

My throat gets clogged with my breath

When you smile and gesture with your slim hands,

Are you aware?

There’s a certain pull.

I have your back

When do you pronounce my name?

Although I might not be able to give you an exhaustive explanation of the tricks my heart plays,

You are always welcome to join me

But I’m sure

They are all connected by love.

Goodnight! You are the perfect one.

  • The calmness of the Night

Anyone who wants to see natural, genuine beauty should do so.

Let him take a look

Your reposing face.

The Night is quiet.

Your loveliness causes uncontrollable stirs

Deep in my stomach.

My princess, have a wonderful sleep.

I wish I could be your blanket.

You could be my pillow all Night. I wish I could be a pillow.

You would like to rest your head on my shoulders.

If I was in your pajamas, you would hug me so tightly

I would love to be your sheets

To tug along with you all Night

However, I cannot be any of these things.

I dream of you every single day.

To wake up every morning in a positive mood.

Warm goodnight wishes to you

I am aware that I can’t quite express my feelings.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t value or cherish what we have.

I’m a typical guy who is too scared to tell you how brightening my life is.

Yours is a blessing.

So many things make me feel like I don’t deserve to be so perfect.

We make the best team, I am certain.

You are my love, and I wish you a wonderful night.

Romantic Good Night Poem For My Queen With SMS

A few short Goodnight Poems for Her

She loves messages that are short, simple, and yet profound. We have poems for her!

  • There are no other options.

A life without options

Without brushes, a painter is nothing

Flowers without fragrances

A musician who doesn’t have a voice

Without his words, a poet is nothing.

This is how I feel without you, my love.

I miss you dearly.

Good Night, my lady!

There is no mountain too high

There is no valley too low

To end my brief goodnight message

Your eyes will be caught as soon as you lie down on your back.

It says,

“Darling! Take the precious Night in your arms. “I’m right there with you.”

As the moon shines

And the stars twinkle

All I can think of

It’s amazing how beautiful and divine you are

You drive me crazy

It makes me happy.

Goodnight sweetheart.

When I sing

I sing for you.

When I dance

I’ve got your twists and thrusts.

When I moan

It’s for your pleasure, baby.

To me, you mean the entire world.


All will be well if you do.

If I can hold you close, that is.

Never let go

Never exhaling

Till I am full to the brim

Sweetheart, I am with all of you.


Time and experience

It didn’t take away

The magic of our union

We were meant to be together

Through thick and thin.

You don’t need to be far away

To send you a happy goodnight wish.

Goodnight, my darling.

They say the world is their playground.

It is for them.

Who has power?


Oil, Gold, Diamonds.


They haven’t even met you!

Goodnight, babe.

Until the darkness loses its stars

The moon’s light is lost

I will always remember you with a sweet goodnight.

The fire in me burns fiercely

You lightly kiss my forehead

Sleep well, my queen.

If only I could set my eyes now

Your beautiful face

I wouldn’t want any other wish.

And to remain that way, transfixed.


Dreams do come true

To see with the eyes that open.

Honey, sleep well

Wake up and face your reality

We are now back where we started.

Pies and cakes

Candies and chocolates

All of us have sugar

However, none of them is as delicious.

It is the taste of your lips.

It’s an honor to be yours.

Mine will always be yours.


The end comes out as follows:

All that will make waves in the world are:

Together, you and I

As we move mountains

From valleys springs forth.

It’s our turn, baby

Nothing can stop us from being ourselves.


Do not look any further, babe!

You seek the one you are looking for

Is he awake and sound

Miles away,

Comfortable words

Your Night could be unforgettable

Beautiful and soft.

We count in hours

Before the Night pushes itself its heavy self

Into the face of the Earth.

My love, be safe

It’s only a good night.

And never goodbye.

  • I’m Always There for You

You are my dearest love

Without a doubt, my soulmate.

When you need for me

You are only a few steps away


Your love is the light

Pierces through the eyes of darkness

They stare mockingly at my soul.

It shows,

And bounces off of my terror.

Keep loving me, baby.


Sleep in my eyes

A heart filled with love

I set my fingers steady

To send the love of your life a text

My love, have the sweetest Night.

Distance between us

Do we do our neighbors a favor?

But who is the most powerful enemy?

To our passionate affair.

I wish things could be different

But we’ll make it work, I think.

By seeing one another

Since the dawn of time.

Goodnight, my heart.

Finally, my eyes saw a glimpse of heaven.

My heart found its true desire. I will never let go

You are my side, and I will not leave your side.

Saying goodnight is all that’s required

You are my forever, and I will cherish you.

I miss you

It melts my heart.

You’re gone

Only for one Night

It feels like an eternity.

Can’t you return tomorrow,

Tonight, my virtual goodnight kiss

To be the last?

  • Are you looking for something?

I have something to say

I would love to be part of your Night.

To be desired by you

To live as my lover would want.

Do you agree to do me the honor?

I have a vision of my dream

This is the one-day

I will take you home

Of course, with your permission!

It’s possible to feel it!

A beautiful woman to sleep under my sheets.

Good Night, darling.

Romantic Good Night Poem For My Queen With SMS

Funny Goodnight Poems for Her

Do you want to make her smile while she sleeps and lift her spirits? These funny but beautiful poems will help you relieve your stress.

Good Night, and a good night!

I hope you have as sweet dreams as mine!

My face is as cute as it gets.

As adorable as I am.

You can’t help but think about me because I am so charming

Just sleep, and you will be able to see me in my dreams.

Do not waste your Night thinking about the past.

Do not waste your nights planning for the future.

It’s better to kill mosquitoes now than later

So you can rest better. Good Night.

Holding the phone, yes, you darling.

Are you asleep? No? Ok, good.

Because I want you to say goodnight before your eyelashes and hug one another tightly.

I will send you flowers and bouquets

Decorate your home with.

Here are some bars of chocolates

To stop hunger pangs

Do you still want to see the chocolates and flowers?

You can wait until the morning before you buy them.

Good night twinkle star!

Before you, I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the morning and evening in your company.

With much force, the killjoy night appears

To take you home.

I wish I could have made you my wife!

To shame the selfish Night.

Please marry me soon.

Good Night, dear.

Send me a message if you have a nightmare that keeps you awake at Night.

I will be your guardian angel.

Sleep well, sweetheart.

The sky is blue, and the sun is red. I can’t stay happy without disturbing you.

This line is meaningless because nights are black and milk white.

I wish that you have a restful night.

Goodnight, my love.

  • I’m here to help you with your phone.

Oops! Ouch!

I am reaching for my phone to wish you sweet dreams.

I fell in love with your phone, and we are falling in Love with You.

Good night, and rest well

Sweet Dreams Airlines welcomes you.

Soon, we’ll be arriving in Dreamland.

Put on your blankets and puff the pillow. Close your eyes, and you’re ready to fall asleep!

Good Night!

Good Night!

You are safe from the ghost beneath your bed!

Don’t even look out the window at Night.

You might find something!

I am just kidding, my love!

Have a sweet dream, my love!

Tonight, let the most beautiful dreams come true for you

Tonight, let the sweetest person in your life come to you!

However, it is important not to make it a routine

Because I can‘t be free every Night

Good Night!

Very original Good Night Wishes

Beware of cheap duplicates

I am the only authorized dealer of good night wishes.

Good Night, Sweet dreams!

Send your lady a good night, my queen, and make her feel queenly.

  1. My heart is the garden you have always prayed for. There I planted the blossom of our love. The flower will grow and spread to other places and produce good emotions and love. I love you, my queen. Good night my queen!
  2. You are a rare kind; your kind is so majestic, royal, and amazing. You are an angelic being. Thank you for coming into my life to give me the best of everything life offers. My love, you are the greatest gift from God. Good night my queen!
  3. I would not trade you for anything in the world. You are the queen that I have always longed for. Because you have shown such love and concern for me, you are the God of earth. You are my queen, and I love that you are real. Good night my queen. I am so grateful for your gift of God’s love!
  4. Sweetheart, the days spent together is blissful. Today was an unforgettable day with you. Your wit, kindness, and love have never stopped amazing me. You truly are the one. It is a pleasure to spend time with you. I am overwhelmingly infatuated with you every time I go out with you. I wish you all the best as you travel home tonight. Good night my queen!
  5. We spend so much time together that it hurts to say goodbye. I know that you must go home to rest, and you will soon be mine. I look forward to the day you will be my husband, best friend, and love forever. Baby, until then, I will just say goodnight, my queen. My only true love!
  6. Good Night, Queen, My Love, My Superwoman, and my Special Gift from God. Before you close your eyes, I want to send you a good night’s text. It will make you feel okay. You will receive my lovely good morning hug when you wake up tomorrow. I love you, my darling. Goodnight, my love.
  7. I am still grateful that I found you. Thank you for allowing me to speak to you yesterday. I feel blessed and grateful. It is a blessing that you chose me over all others. You are indeed a queen, and I can only say goodnight to you tonight. Keep your beauty delicate. You can always count on me to be there for you.
  8. You are an incredible woman. You are an amazing being. You are a great being. I long for you to be with me forever. Before you go to sleep, I wish you all the best. Good night my queen. You are the best!
  9. I asked God to allow me to love my lady in the best possible way. To ensure my lady smiles every day, to protect her in all ways, to take care of her, and never let her down. Good evening, my queen. I will do everything and more.
  10. I learned to appreciate the little things in life through you. You taught me how to be kind even in the most difficult times. You helped me to see the value of support and not relying on others. You helped me to see that we all need the heart to survive life’s challenges. I have learned a lot through you and will always be grateful for your love. Good night my queen. You are the most amazing person!
  11. You have changed my life. Your presence changed my outlook on life. You made me see love in a way beyond the physical. You have given me the paradise I’ve always desired. This made me think, and I decided to thank you again tonight. You can close your eyes and go to sleep. I pray that the blessings of God will reach you deeply. Good night, my queen! Have the most beautiful dreams ever!
  12. I would like to take this chance to wish the most beautiful queen of the world a good night. I am certain that one day you will be there for me as my queen. Good night, beautiful princess. No good night my queen! To me, you are more than a princess!
  13. Do you know why the moon is jealous of your beauty? You are simply more beautiful. Tonight I look up at the stars and am so glad to be able to say goodnight to my queen. Keep smiling, baby, so the stars and night moons will continue to marvel at your beauty. Good night my queen. You are my life!
  14. I am sending you sweet pestles of kisses tonight, and I am asking you to give me the warmest hug you have ever received. You are truly loved, darling. Good night my queen. Rest well, baby!
  15. Since you entered my life. Everything has changed for the better. I feel happy, like I’ve never experienced it before. Joy is a feeling that transcends all obstacles. It is a blessing to be able to open my heart to the true love feeling. It was so wonderful to have you listen to my troubles and give me a shoulder to cry on. This is remarkable for a lady, and I will always love you. Good night, queen! May God be with your dreams!
  16. It is a time when I feel most sad at night. It would be wonderful if we could see each other every hour of the working day. This is how you have impacted me, my love. We will soon be together forever; I know this. Then you will see how wonderful life can be when we are together. You are my baby, and I love you every day. Good evening, my queen. I hope to see my love soon!
  17. We are united in love, and we can float away in loving emotions, soaking up the bliss of total happiness and feeling of complete harmony. You are my queen, and I am the king that you have always longed for. Tonight, I wish you a journey to your dreamland. I pray for the love and harmony of your soul to be sung by the angels of God. Good night my queen. Take care.
  18. Because you have shown me, genuine love, my life is full of beauty. Because you have shown me genuine support, life is wonderful. You can always count on me, my love. Good night my beautiful queen. Good night, my sweetheart!
  19. Good night my queen. I pray that the gentle breeze of the evening will bring you closer to your dreamland. I pray you to see your dreams come true and enjoy the morning sunshine. God bless you. Sleep tight, my queen.
  20. You are the fountain of beauty and joy in my life. Your drive has been the reason I fell in love and married you. Don’t worry, darling. Tomorrow is another day; we will be back together in love and peace. Good night my queen.
  21. Good night my queen. My beautiful one. The most beautiful woman in the world. The woman that my heart longs for, the queen of mine. From here to there, I send you my best wishes and hugs. Rest in peace, my love, may God’s hand guide and protect you.
  22. Tomorrow is sure, we will see you again. I will wait to show you how much my love for you means to me. Because you are unique in your ways, I will always appreciate you. You are special and delicate, and I thank you for being you. Good night my queen!
  23. Good evening, my queen, my love. You truly are God’s gift. You are the most important person I have in my life. I consider you the greatest gift from God. You are my best friend, and I will remind you daily how much I love you. You are precious and sweet, and I am grateful to God for sending you my way. My queen, my lover. Good night darling!
  24. I am sending you this good night message to express my gratitude for all you do. It would be wonderful if I could keep kissing you every single day. But distance prevents that from happening. You will always receive my e-kiss, darling. I pray my love will last forever and that I can spend the rest of my life with you. Good night my queen! Sleep tight, darling!
  25. Our love is so special and true that our planned life is amazing. Your soul is caring and special. These and many other reasons are why I will continue falling in love with your every day. You deserve so much more than I have given you. I will do my best to make it better each day. My queen! You are my queen! Good night darling!
  26. If the love between two lovebirds is unadulterated and genuine, nothing can stop their love. Although they may be in different situations and have many challenges, the deep love that unites them will prevail no matter what. My dear, I love you and know that the love we share will be beautiful and sweet. Good night my queen!
  27. Come, my dear queen, hold my hand, lie with me, gaze into my eyes, and tell me that you love me. Sweet queen, kiss me sweetly, then snuggle up and whisper sweet words into my ears. Sweet queen, I will wrap your arms around you and show you the true meaning of love. Good night my queen. Sleep tight, darling.
  28. I will hold you in my hands as we touch sweetly. As your lips climb the mountains towards my mouth, I will slowly and gently kiss you. You already know how much I love you and that I will never trade for you. Good evening, my queen. May God bless and keep you both.
  29. Get out of bed and walk to your window. As you look up at the sky, two brightly blinking stars will be visible. These stars are my eyes, staring at you and watching you as you sleep throughout the night. Good night my queen. Take care.
  30. Good Night, my queen. You can rest assured that the love you share will keep enemies and bad dreams away from your eyes. I wish you a wonderful night of pure bliss. Sleep tight, darling!
  31. I wish you the best night of your life. As the night falls, close your eyes and take a break. Good night my queen. God is with You!
  32. After a long day, the night is a time to unwind. We are rewarded by night with sound and sweet sleep. After a long day, the night reminds us that we can relax and enjoy all its bliss. Good night my queen; rest well.
  33. Night is the best time to relax and think about the day. You can dream about and plan for the future while setting goals to create a brighter tomorrow. You can see where you are right now and make tomorrow better. Good night, my queen. I hope you find the night filled with all the comfort and peace you seek.

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