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Self-understanding is a personal journey you are expected to make in life.

Now ask yourself these questions.

How well do I know myself?

What are my weaknesses?

What is my strength?

What are the things that get me easily distracted in life?

What am I most motivated about in life? etc

Answers to all the above questions can only be gotten on the journey of personal research on yourself because no one amounts to anything in life without knowing and understanding who they are.

Personal discovery of oneself is a must.

Undertaking the journey of discovering and understanding who you are is very important in the journey of greatness because it will allow you to experience yourself uniquely.

When you understand yourself, you are given the power to make some changes, build on your strength and identify those areas you need improvement and adjustment.

Self-awareness is an eye-opener to one’s strength and weakness.

It is almost hard to change and accept yourself if you don’t know who you are. Having a clear understanding of who you are and what you want in life will give you the ability and confidence to make changes in your life.


1. Identify what triggers your negative emotions:

We all were created with emotions and it’s a part of us. And you might have experienced negative emotions like shame, sadness, fear and anger. These emotions are mostly caused by our desires, thoughts, situations around us and the people we relate with regularly.

You should practice the art of always going back into your subconscious to find out what usually triggers the negative emotions because it will give you a better view of how to react to them.

What triggers a negative emotion within you might be what happened some years ago or what someone said to you. When you succeeded in identifying it and rectify it, it will allow you to clearly understand yourself. And when the same thing happens again, it won’t result in negative emotions because you would have been positively stronger than the event.


2. Think about the way you react to things around you:

Learn to think about the way you reacted to things around you and feel all the emotions you would have expressed during the incident without judging yourself, and allow the emotions to pass through you instead of becoming hostage to your own emotions.

As you let the emotions pass through you, consider the root cause of the emotions because it will help you decide whether to change the negative talk about yourself as a result of the emotions.

Develop a new perspective of the way you talk about yourself regardless of what anyone thinks because it will make you feel better, and will also help you develop a deep understanding of your emotions.

3. Know what makes you happy:

Understanding yourself involves knowing so many things about yourself including the things that make you happy.

When you know what makes you happy, make plans and carry out activities that will give you these happy feelings.

Also, when you know what makes you happy, it becomes easy to get yourself happy whenever you find yourself in unpleasant situations.

4. Give yourself a little space before responding to things:

When you consciously start understanding yourself, it gives you the opportunity to observe yourself deeply and carry out some changes in your character because you know exactly what’s going on within and around you.

Giving yourself a little space before responding to a matter will give you the opportunity to think and evaluate what’s before you, and then give you the opportunity to decide the right approach to take.

5. Ask friends you trust:

To understand yourself, learn to ask trusted friends some questions about who you are. If they are sincere with you, they will give you an honest reply.

People around us are seeing things we are not seeing about ourselves, and you should humble yourself to ask them questions.

Also, you can tell them to do a routine check on you whenever you want to stop a behaviour. They can be your mirror to call you to order whenever those traits are in manifestation in you.

6. Learn to meditate:

Most times, you won’t perfectly understand yourself or become aware of your emotions until you have practised the art of inner silence.

Silencing the noise within you will give you the opportunity to become conscious and aware of your emotions.

Learn to meditate to silence the noise and disturbances within you because it helps greatly in the journey of self-understanding.


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