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She Is No More Sexy Wife To You

She Is No More Sexy Wife To You
She Is No More Sexy Wife To You

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She Is No More Sexy Wife To You

I always give a thought on this article, and I feel bad seeing most men abandoning or cheating on their spouse. When I look at such men, I always ask myself these questions, are they not the one that decided to marry her? Or is their woman not a sexy again? Or is she not beautiful? ‘

But the truth is that most men who do so are nothing but a womanizer. And cheater from the beginning even before they marry their wife. Because there is no good reason enough for you to give us an excuse for cheating on your her.

I was on a bus one day travelling to a nearby town. One man was arguing that if he is to marry today, he may cheat on his wife; at first, I don’t know what to say to him. Still, I later ask him questions when he said that he would cheat on his wife. If only his wife stops maintaining her shape, that is the words that moved me to ask him what he means by that, only then he explains to me.

However, I will love her and promise to live forever with her. And I will fail that promise only if that her sexy body or appearance change. Then will I leave love aside and look for the ones who still have that body and appearance that I need.

When he said this I ask him one question. What if you don’t give her that money she needs to maintain that body, shape or appearance. Which you won’t, will you still look for a woman outside or will you always say she is not a sexy wife for you again? But he said that one is not his concern; all he knows is that her wife should always try to look good the way she is when she meets her.

sexy wife attract him more

For me, I think that he is still wrong or right somehow. The truth is that most women are the one who gives their husband a chance or the opportunity to cheat on them. If you know that you don’t have money to maintain your body. Or you think that on a long run you may not keep that body which attracts men to you including your husband then stop doing so let the man marry you later because of how you look natural and not applying that which you cannot maintain.

If you are a woman and marry to a man and you don’t care to maintain your shape or beauty for you to continue looking good just the way he meets you or even try to look more beautiful than the way he meets you, I think you are making a big mistake because if you stop doing that which attract him to you others out, there may help you do that for you and if such man is like the man mentioned above he may or will cheat on you.

So don’t think because you are married that you will stop to maintain that beauty which attracts him to you. Because if you stop you may end up losing him and in other to avoid that continue to keep that body which tempts him to you.

Then you as a man don’t expect her to know exactly what you want, sometimes it is right for you to suggest. And help her choose because she must surely be happy that you tell her what you want. As a woman that loves you he will always do that, so if she is not maintaining or doing that which attract you to her.

Try to talk to her and let her know about those activities or things that she is not doing right than just sitting and thinking that she is not sexy again. Because nobody forces you to marry her or force you to stop at the first place and friend her. Is your duty as a man to make her attractive to you. After all, she may think she is doing it right not knowing that you don’t like it. That way so at this point is your duty as a man to tell her what to do and what not to do.

Stop cheating for is not good and not the solution to the problem. Instead, you are creating more problems in your family, so for me, because your wife is not attractive to you again is not right to cheat. You need to stop it and fix your wife back the way you want her to be. If she is becoming too fat call her every morning to a jug and try to ask her to take some food that will make her look the way you want. And if you think she is not beautiful again spend that money that you give to other women out there when you must have stayed or slept with them, take that money and give to her just for her to buy clothes and maintain her body again, only then you will notice that she is genuinely a sexy wife.

If you think I am wrong then let me know or that you believe there is something more to do about it. Do let me know because I think that there are no more reasons for this. I think that many who also cheat on their woman are not just because his woman is not a sexy wife again but just that some men are a womanizer.

And due to that no matter what the wife does or the dress she wears. They will always cheat on their wife and please if you are among those women who marry such man. Don’t kill yourself trying to, but that doesn’t mean you will stop maintain yourself. I suggest you continue to endure it or divorce if you can. That is why I wrote Why looking at what people will say. Read it and know the best choice for you. so do comment for us to hear your side of talk and learn too from that as well



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