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Signs She Doesn’t Like You

Signs She Doesn't Like You
Signs She Doesn’t Like You

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Sometimes men make the mistake of loving and falling for the wrong woman. It’s not good because if you are with a girl who likes you, there are many things you will see in the girl’s character towards you, and you will agree for sure that she likes you so if you want to know about the signs that you can see in a woman and you will know that she likes you. Then relax, for that is precisely what I will explain in this article. I will try my best to explain things so you can easily understand them. “Signs She Doesn’t Like You.”

Signs She Doesn’t Like You

  • She will not have your time. Any girl that sincerely loves you with her whole heart will always make out time for you. She will give you all her attention. It is not a must that you will even be her man before she makes time for you as long as she loves and cares about you. She will always make out time to be with you.
  • She talks to you, anyhow. YES, you can notice this character quickly from a woman who does not love you, especially if she is the type that talks to people anyhow. Not all girls will do this, especially a girl who comes from a decent family and has good character. She does not like you or like to have anything to do with you but will try not to insult you. So please take note that not all girls do this.
  • She loves your money more than you. It is true that girls love money or dating a rich guy. But if the girl likes you, she will not constantly ask you for money. Any girl that loves you will even help you spend less. She will never allow you to make unnecessary expenses. But if you meet that one who only loves your money, the way you will spend money, you will never live to finish the story.
  • She calls or visits only when she needs your help. Suppose you notice that she is the type that only calls or visits you when she needs your help or needs something from you. It is a sign that will tell you that she never cared about you, but she is only there with you; she believes that you will always help her out in terms of need.
  • She won’t have a long conversation with you. How long does she stay in conversation with you matters a lot if she doesn’t relax and feel comfortable discussing with you? It shows that she doesn’t like you at all. Don’t be deceived by her voice or beauty because nothing good will come from her unless she starts loving you.
  • She is not troubled when you need help. One thing about girls is this. If she loves you, she will always be troubled or disturbed when you are in trouble or need help. So what I want you to understand today is that if she is never disturbed about your problems, it is better to leave her because she does not love you.
  • She acts anyhow without considering your feelings. This is a fact. If she never considers you before taking action, you should know that she does not love you. A girl who loves you will respect your feelings and think twice about hurting you before taking action or decision.
  • She is not proud of you. Girls are always proud of their men. No matter what happens, she will always try to defend her man and talk about him with his people and friends. So if she is not proud of you that way, it means she does not love you.
  • She never bothers to know more about you. Has she ever tried to ask you questions or try to know more about you? Is she always eager to meet your friends and family? If your answer to this is NO, she never loved you. Any girl that loves you will always try to know more about you and your friends.
  • She keeps you away from her friends. Has she introduced you to her friends? Is she proud of you in front of her friends? If she is free and happy calling you in front of her friends or talking about you with her friends. It is a good sign for you to know that she loves you. For her to be free, proud, and boldly talk about you with her friends shows she loves you.
  • She deprives you of knowing more about her. If you are dating a girl yet you don’t know anything about her. My brother, she does not love you. Because if she does, she will not hide anything about herself from you.
  • She misses appointments,and dates or comes late always. Ladies love dates and always love to spend time together with their love. But if she still fails to meet up with the date and appointments between the two of you. Or miss it always and give you one reason or the other; it shows she doesn’t care about you.

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“Signs She Doesn’t Like You.”


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