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Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You

Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted To You

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If you’re worried about it and think your relationship has no value, STOP HERE. Since it is the case for most couples as they go on with their daily lives.

Based on our study, a therapist named Dr. Tina B. Tessina says that “…decreased attraction is quite frequent as time goes by within relationships.”

Another psychologist who was a transformational one and health, mental, and personal-development expert found that a “decrease in the attraction of sexually towards your partner is a result when your desires and expectations are not met.”

Additionally, Tina added that Dr. Tina said it’s easy to attract yourself to your partner even if you’re not in a relationship. However, as soon as you begin sharing houses, romantic times are not automatic anymore.

It’s not difficult to get into a routine when your relationship grows by sharing an area, and it’s easy to feel like everyday things don’t seem as exciting.

How do you tell whether she is sexually attracted to you, other than:

  • Simply bored of relationships.
  • Or she doesn’t respect you or respects you any longer.
  • Maybe you’ve done something wrong, for instance, lying about her?
  • Perhaps she’s just jealous of you.


  • She’d prefer to do it alone instead of having sexual relations.

There are many occasions when you’d prefer sex rather than sexual relations. However, your girlfriend keeps denials that you have sex, making the other an ongoing habit.

If you’re seeing them all the time, that’s not an issue; however, you must try to figure out the cause the reason why she’s this way most of the time.

It could indicate that she’s not attracted sexually to you anymore.

The solution is to examine your appearance.

It is always sexually attractive when men are sporting a stylish style that mirrors their relaxed behavior. So, begin looking for your hair, clothing, and even perfume. But more importantly, you should ensure you look like you are proportional.

Always take care of your skin and hygienic breath, and clothing that needs to be clean and neat.

  • She appears disengaged from you once you take physicals.

You’re trying to hold or establish physical contact with her, but she’s pulling away.

You’re trying to awaken her to what is already happening inside you. However, things don’t work out.

If she touches you, the woman isn’t touching you back. Or when she feels you, it’s highly calculated and superficial.

To avoid this issue, be able to inquire about your needs and listen to their honest answer.

You must be well and listening without becoming defensive.

Make sure she has the area she needs. Once they can do so, get her back to resolve the issue of her pulling away.

Be sure not to make any assumptions. Instead, speak freely, closing the gap between yourself and your girlfriend.

However, if you communicate defensively, it will result in nothing, but it will only increase the issue, and you’ll never get to the root of the problem.

You’re looking at day-to-day, and you feel that there is a change in your being.

You’re not sure exactly what’s the issue. However, something’s off.

The affection you share for her or with you remains the same; however, with your spouse, you’re not experiencing the same feelings.

Does it mean that she’s changed her mind? In her head? Or does she think she’ll never work, so she stopped paying attention?

It is possible that she was having fun with you; however, when it comes to anything sexual, she’s not a person to invest in.

  • She generally comments on your body.

It’s not the right way to point out imperfections in someone’s body. Still, if she criticizes your shortcomings and you disagree, it’s the most reliable indicator that she isn’t sexually attracted to you.

Remember, if she’s not having sexual relations with you, there’s a good chance that there are doubts in her mind.

You’re moving too fast, and she needs more space, so she attempts to show you signals to slow down.

Do not make sexual contact your norm since they’re just romantic murderers. To restore the romance, Let her be patient until she returns with you.

Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted To You


  • The body language of her alters when you are touching her.

Of course, she’s your girlfriend, and you’d like to show her love and love by sending her kisses and hugs.

So, are you aware that she’s not warm and welcoming whenever you try to get physical with her or go to her for a hug or kiss?

She becomes agitated when you’re near her and will try to frighten you by offering an excuse. Kisses and hugs are incredibly shallow.

To stop this from happening, pull away, stay away from physical contact for a while, and look for different ways to show love.

For example, you could make your morning a special one for her by giving her coffee or tea even if she’s asleep. She’ll certainly feel appreciated, and hopefully, the love will be reciprocated.

If she is trying to communicate with you, you should give her your full 100% attention, then put off the remote or whatever else you’re doing. By doing this, she will feel appreciated and valuable to you.

Build a romantic bond with her by explaining how stunning, amazing, and gorgeous she is. Knowing that our appearance is recognized and appreciated by someone is amazing.

A touching gesture to purchase her a present every time you go shopping by yourself is forever remembered by your loved one.

  • You are the one who is the one who initiates everything.

Everything is important. She used to kiss you with kisses and hug you; however, all of that has abruptly ended.

If you’re looking to be loved, it is necessary to inquire with her each time you need them, or even if she’s offering you something you desire, you are not at ease.

It could be that this could be happening because she’s unsure of her feelings regarding you and her plans with you.

However, give her some space and try to discern what she is trying to communicate.

The most damaging thing that could end a relationship completely is making your partner choose quickly when they want to distance themselves.

Another reason could be that you’re honest with women or cannot stop flirting with them. This leads to a lack of confidence in yourself, and she’s reluctant to commit to the relationship.

Additionally, she’ll pull back if you’re speeding too much to soothe her. She’ll attempt to distance you when you’re gripping too tight.

  • She has told you that her sexual feelings have changed.

Maybe she was trying to tell you that she’s no longer sexually attracted to you, but you’ve not paid attention to what she is looking for.

If that’s the case, you should go back to find out what you’ve not noticed and what’s causing her to lose her sexual interest in the first place could reveal.

According to research conducted recently, women desire intimacy following sex much more frequently than males; perhaps you’re not paying attention when you have a sexual encounter. Try to figure this out.

Sexual activity is a decision made by both parties to enjoy pleasure or displeasure; however, when she feels negative following a sex session, it’s extremely common, according to Heitor Barcellos. Give her time to come to return to yours.

Perhaps she is unhappy about having sex due to being concerned about her image, which affects mostly females. So try to soothe her with the love she desires after having sexual activity.

Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted To You


  • She’s changing into a princess of the pillow.

Couples undergo different stages of their sexual relationship. It’s normal.

First, they are prone to intense sexual attraction, but there are dry periods following a long-lasting relationship.

However, the sex has changed, which means she’s not as active as she was previously. This gives you the impression that you’re that person who can do everything, but she’s nothing more than the sleeping princess.

Maybe she’s uninterested in knowing that she’s not attracted to you sexually. This is worth considering.

Speak to your partner openly about this issue, give her the space she needs, and tell her the truth about how she felt as a girl she had sexual relations with her and what she’s not getting or is the reason she is pulling away.


Does communicating with your partner essential for a healthy and happy relationship?

Yes, it is the most important element, especially if you’re in a lengthy relationship and the glimmer of being newly married has begun to fade.

A person who isn’t interested will seek to avoid the subject entirely because declaring that they’re not interested in harsh and blunt.

The most common reason for all this is that maybe you cannot get along with her. Signs that she’s trying to friend-zone you aren’t answering your phone and making excuses not to answer your messages.


Do you think ignoring her sexual desires could help her get back?

However, sometimes, it’s better to avoid her for you and her. She’ll be interested and might attempt to play with you.

It is possible to ignore something that can ignite the anger and feelings that have diminished over time. She’ll try to figure out the reason you avoid her.


My girlfriend loves me but is not sexually attracted to me

  • If she really loves you but not sexually attracted to you then you need to help her.
  • Find out things that turns her on as she sees a man and be doing it.
  • Some girl got attracted to a man because of her fragance.
  • So you need to start doing thing that will get her attracted to you if you really loves her too.
  • Apply sexual and lovers game.
  • Make the relationship more fun.
  • Remember it may take small time but do this thing and she will graddualt develop it.

Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted To You

Signs your girlfriend is sexually attracted to you

It doesn’t necessarily mean she is interested just because she looked at you. It is easy to misinterpret gazes.

How she looks back at you is a good indicator of a woman’s sexual interest. If she is flirty, she’ll likely keep long eye contact. This means that she may stare for a bit longer than usual.

She may be shy or avoid eye contact completely due to her shyness. No matter what type of woman you’re dealing with, it doesn’t matter what gender she is. If she’s sexually attracted, her way of looking at you will be casual.

  • She is always close to you.

It is only natural to want to be close to the person we sexually desire. You may notice her sitting next to you a lot. You will notice her leaning into your space and finding a way.

If she is not in the right place but squishes next to you, that’s a sign. Sitting next will allow her to have a conversation, get to know you, and ultimately seduce you. You have to realize that she won’t be interested in you if you don’t want to. 

  • You can see her staring at you or glancing at your face.

If you catch a woman looking at you, likely, she is sexually attracted. You may feel she is watching you, even though you don’t know.

Women are deliberate. If she does think of you this way, she will likely place herself at an angle so she can both look at and see you. This is a subtle but powerful way to tell.

  • She loves to play with her hair.

This is a way to show off her feminine qualities and a nervous trick. It is normal for her to fix her hair from time to time. If you notice her playing with her hair as she talks, she is likely trying to seduce.

Hair is a sign of femininity for women and something most women care about as part of their sex appeal. If she is sexually attracted to you, she will use her hair as a seduction tool. 

  • She laughs at all your jokes.

Although you may not be a comedian, she still finds what you have to say funny. You can tell if a woman is attracted sexually by paying attention to her reaction to your jokes.

Women love men who make them laugh. But your jokes are probably not that funny. What makes her laugh? It’s because she loves you. She will laugh if she enjoys your company.

Here’s the deal. If a woman doesn’t feel attracted to you, she won’t touch you. It’s as simple as that. If she touches you with her hands or hair, laughs at you, or tries to hug and touch you, it’s a sign she wants to be closer to you.

This is her way of working her magic and seducing you. 

Although it sounds a bit too dramatic, it is true. People are drawn to people who mirror their actions. Perhaps you notice that the other person does the same when you take a sip of your coffee.

Note that mirroring can significantly impact your ability.

  • She fidgets or appears awkward.

You might also notice that she may start fidgeting when you are conversing. You may also notice that she is more comfortable talking to you than with others. If she is shy, this can happen. Shy women tend to think too much and not be present when interacting with their sexual interests.

You can rest assured that this is a sign that she is interested in you sexually.

Even if it’s the smallest things, if a woman goes above and beyond to compliment her sexual interest, even if it means she risks appearing attracted to them, then she most likely is attracted.

When she compliments you, it is an expression of her attraction and a chance to observe how you respond. Do you want to compliment her? Are you going to dismiss her compliments? Do you accept the compliment and flirt with her? Your response will determine if you should push the issue further or not.

  • She is observant of very small changes.

It’s a great way for women to know if you are interested in them. If the compliment is about something you have done that has made you feel better, you can be certain that she is paying attention.

Most people will not notice small changes in your clothes, hairstyle, or cologne. If she notices, she is likely sexually interested in you.

Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn't Sexually Attracted To You

How to become more sexually attracted to your girlfriend


How can you assess your partner’s attractiveness to you? This process should also include you. Attraction is not just about skin deep. There is companionship and emotional and intellectual compatibility. To feel attracted to your partner more, you need to look at them as an entire person and take into consideration all the positive aspects that will enhance the quality of your relationship.

  • Face Your Fears, Recognize them

It’s nearly impossible to have positive feelings for your partner when you are surrounded by anxiety. Before the relationship can resume as it was before, you need to find your inner balance. Find ways to manage your stress levels and maintain balance in your daily life. This will allow positive emotions to flow back into your relationship and allow you to reconnect with your partner. You should address the problem at the source, not transfer it to your relationship. Although this is the easiest way to go, it can cause lasting damage to your relationship.

We project our negative feelings about ourselves onto others when we aren’t happy with ourselves. Acceptance of ourselves is key to being more open-minded and accepting of others. You can take ownership of what you don’t like and work on making it better. Self-development is essential. It gives us meaning and promotes contentment with ourselves and others. Self-love can encourage positive regard and create an environment that makes us more attracted to our partners.

  • Remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place

Was it your first attraction to your partner? Their kindness? Did they make your day more fun? We can get complacent as we age and become more focused on the negatives and irritations than on what we love and appreciate about our partner. Monotony is a natural tendency, and we all have to do the same things every day, such as paying bills or doing housework. You will feel more attracted if you make an effort to find the things you love in your partner.

  • Enhance the mental and emotional connection

To attract more people, communicate! The physical connection between us is enhanced when we feel emotionally and mentally connected. Being close to and associated with someone in your life is a great gift. Spend quality time with your partner and discuss the essential things, not the chores. Keep in touch and get to know one another. This will increase your chances of maintaining attraction.

  • Examine for any health issues that may be under the surface

Certain health conditions can impact libido. A lack of libido can be caused by anxiety and exhaustion. Our sex drive can be affected by drugs, alcohol, hormonal problems, depression, and growing older. If you have been experiencing a lack of libido for more than three months, it is time to see your GP. This will help determine if any health issues need to be addressed.

  • Practice gratitude – Cognitive behavioral modification

Keep a list of the things that you love about your partner. You can start to tell your partner about the things you admire about them. My clients often leave post-it notes to each other, where they tell their partner three things that they appreciate. This could be as simple as a cup of coffee or tea or appreciation for thoughtfulness and patience. It is a sign of a partner who feels valued and respected by us that we feel more attracted.

  • Do You and Your Partner Share a Passion for Thrill Seeking?

Arthur Aron conducted a classic experiment where he gave couples a list that was either “pleasant” or “exciting,” and they were asked to choose from various activities. Each couple was given 90 minutes to spend each week doing one of the activities. The couples who participated in the “exciting” activities had greater satisfaction with their relationships than those who did the “pleasant” or more enjoyable activities.

Both surprise and excitement can be powerful forces. We tend to notice and pay attention when something is new. When the relationship delivers strong positive emotions, we are less likely to take it for granted. Sometimes, uncertainty can enhance the enjoyment of positive events and make us more attracted to our partners. A series of Harvard and University of Virginia research showed that people experience longer bursts of joy when they receive unexpected acts of kindness but remain unsure about their origins. Go ice skating together, try something new, and reintroduce passion, connection, and love.

  • Learn each other’s “Love Languages.”

Gary Chapman says five languages love. These languages include acts of service, quality time, gifts, words, affirmations, and physical touch. There are many ways we feel loved. Some people love to receive compliments, and others prefer to spend quality time with their partners. These five love languages are important, and incorporating them into your relationship will increase intimacy and make you more attractive to one another.


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