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Simple Sarongs Gives Beachgoers A Towel & A Stylish Cover-Up in One

In a recent episode of Grommet live, Greg Rollett and Marcy McKenna discussed a Grommet that is perfect for beach and pool season. The Simple Sarongs, invented by Ashley Ryon, is an innovative product that combines the functionality of a towel with the style of a sarong, featuring patented buttons for easy adjustment and a perfect fit.

In this segment, Greg and Marcy explore a product designed to be worn even when wet, unlike traditional cover-ups, making it ideal for beachgoers, a Spring Break Trip, your next family cruise or to have by the pool at home.

Introducing the Simple Sarongs: A Fusion of Functionality and Style

In a recent episode of Grommet Live, hosts Greg Rollett and Marcy McKenna introduced the Simple Sarongs, an innovative product designed by Ashley Ryon. This segment delves into how the Simple Sarongs blend the practicality of a high-quality towel with the elegance of a sarong. The hosts discuss the product’s ease of use, featuring patented buttons for adjustable sizing, making it a perfect fit for anyone.

The Perfect Beach Companion: More Than Just a Cover-Up

Simple Sarongs are stylish cover-up that can be used as towels for beach, pools and vacations

The Simple Sarongs stands out for their unique functionality, especially when it comes to beach and poolside use. Unlike traditional cover-ups, these sarongs are designed to be worn even when wet, absorbing water quickly while maintaining a stylish look. This makes them ideal for transitioning from a swim to a casual restaurant visit or a stroll along the beach, as highlighted by the hosts’ personal experiences and anticipation for using the product in various sunny locales.

A Must-Have Accessory for Your Next Vacation

In the final part of the segment, the hosts emphasize the versatility and necessity of the Simple Sarongs for vacation-goers. Whether planning a trip to Cancun, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, or Hawaii, this product is seen as an essential accessory. Its affordability, coupled with a special Grommet coupon code, makes it an attractive gift or personal purchase. The hosts conclude by praising the innovation and dedication of makers like Ashley Ryon, who continue to create products that combine utility with style and comfort.

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This clip is from Grommet Live with Greg Rollett & Marcy McKenna. To see more episodes of Grommet Live and discover the best new products and gifts, click here.

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